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'Survivor' Producer in L.A. -- Silent But Deadly?

5/26/2010 9:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Survivor" producer Bruce Beresford-Redman walked the streets of Beverly Hills yesterday -- where he was slammed with questions about his wife's murder.

Bruce Beresford-Redman
He wouldn't comment on anything -- including whether he was attending or even invited to Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman's memorial.  He also wouldn't say who he thinks killed his wife.

Bruce is still considered a "person of interest" in the case.


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Poogles are the new hot dog breed. They area cross between a poodle and a beagle. They are playful and don't shed much.

1613 days ago


he done did it.

1613 days ago



1613 days ago


Hope someday your kids know who and what their father is... No matter what you think you've gotten away with, karma is a b*tch...

1613 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Yes, Karma is a b*tch, and so are you Kelly. Do you know something no-one else does?

1613 days ago


Goog for him for walking around and spending time with his kids "innocent till proven guilty!" Besides the victims sister's are so annoying, hope they don't raise those kids!

1613 days ago


STOP making this ugly a$$ moron a celebrity. Let the law deal with him the cir***stantial evidence is mounting agains this coward. His day will come. The idiots who say 'innocent until proven guilty' should read about the case before making comments here
If he does get away (with loads of money)..he should consider getting a nose job ASAP. He called himself a POS in his emails to his lover. I totally agree with him on that

1613 days ago


Cheryl O: What parent with any sense would tell a child: "Mommy was bludgeoned to death and dumped in sewer."? You obviously or is it hopefully? don't have children.

1613 days ago


He is one sick man!!! His entitlement is gross, but then his Mommy and Daddy probably always told little Lord Perfect nothing was his fault. His Mommy had no right to tell the kids about a made up story about their mothers death.
This all should of been run by a qualified childhood grief counselor.
Poor kids!!!

1613 days ago



1613 days ago


Hey Allen, maybe you are unfamiliar with what these posts are for... They are for people to express their opinion and just because you don't agree with mine, no need to get ugly about it... Here's my opinion on something else, that was a d'bag post...

1613 days ago


To all paps!
Please keep harassing this turd until he snaps again on camera. He's probably snapped before he killed his wife and probably will again.
I have a good idea for a reality show that he can star in - call it Murderer! or Getting away With Murder. Please paps -- tell him everyone thinks he's a wife murderer, ask him mean things, anything! -- make fun of him. He will snap again. They always do. OJ did many times after he killed Nicole. His ego couldn't handle it.
And to all the people coming to his defense? You are either his associates who work with him or people who want to work on one of his crummy shows or something like that.
If you had any intelligence and read the facts from the beginning then you would be able to see why everyone else thinks this wife cheating liar is also a murderer.

1613 days ago


Let's call in the FBI to investigate Monica's death

1613 days ago


This guy is soooooooooo frickin guilty it's a joke!! And why the hell is it taking so long to arrest him??? WTF???? They need to send him off to hell for the rest of his life!!!!!! Frickin loser...walking around the streets free!!!!!!!!

1613 days ago


Well lets see to the morons who think he is innocent for one who and why would someone want to kill her in Mexico? Was she raped? NO! Robbed? NO! Also if he didn't do it he sure as hell doesn't look upset that his wife was brutally murdered while they were on a so called vacation! Oh and to top it all off he had a mistress! Oh yeah I see no reason what so all that he could have possibly done it! *note the sarcasm for the slow ones*

He is gross and you can tell his arrogance just by the smug look on his face. He thinks he has gotten away with murder but look at OJ. Things have a way of sorting themselves out and it IS called karma and he will get his. Of course the dumb bimbo tells him he looks great. Hey retard maybe you can start dating him and when he gets tired of you and cheats and gets caught YOU TOO can be murdered by him.

1613 days ago
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