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Charlie Sheen

May Serve Jail Time

in Plea Deal

5/28/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's lawyers and prosecutors have reached an agreement on four different options for resolving his domestic violence case ... and one involves serious jail time -- and now it's all up to Charlie to choose one.


Multiple sources connected with the case tell us ... these are the options the D.A. in Aspen and Charlie's lawyers have hammered out.

OPTION 1:  Charlie will plead guilty to a misdemeanor and serve 30 days in Aspen jail.  Charlie could enter the plea as early as June 7 in Aspen and would then immediately begin serving his time.  With good behavior, that time could be whittled down to 17 days.  After he serves his sentence, the case would be over.  Charlie would not be placed on probation.

OPTION 2:  Charlie would plead guilty to a misdemeanor and receive no jail time, but would be placed on 2 years probation.  We're told Charlie's people worry that the actor might slip up and the judge could then throw the book at him and Charlie would end up in jail for a much longer period than 30 days.

OPTION 3:  Charlie would receive a "deferred prosecution" -- meaning the case would not go forward but Charlie would agree to various conditions -- including not breaking the law.  After a certain period of time -- if Charlie complies with the conditions -- the matter would be expunged from his record.

OPTION 4:  Go to trial and fight it.  Charlie, we're told, is upset at the Tito Ortiz case ... where the UFC star did not even get prosecuted for allegedly doing a lot worse than Charlie allegedly did.

We're told Charlie has not decided which option he will take.  It's all in his hands.


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Option#1 all day long.... The odds of Charlies screwing up again are too great to go forward with #'s 2 & 3. And if he really is ticked about the Tito thing (which I'm doubting), he's smart enough to know that he's in Colorado - not sissy arse Cali....

Get it over with... Go #1.

1573 days ago


@Pete #28, He's got options because he can afford to hire a high power defense attorney. It's because he's wealthy plain and simple. It has nothing to do with his being a Hollywood star.

1573 days ago


Shouldn't Mrs. Sheen be prosectuted for providing false information to the cops.. or was that the porn star? Geeze.. I get them confused, they are all alike and have all casually slept with each other at one point or another.

1573 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Deferred prosecution? Is that legalese for "slap on the wrist"?

1573 days ago


This case is so stupid. His wife was pissy drunk at 8 am on Christmas morning. Charlie was not drunk and the cops believed a falling down drunk woman & put "HIM" in jail. She later sobered up and recanted her accusations but he's still facing jail time. On top of that, he gets a multiple choice punishment option.

Hey Colorado State, still working on that JonBenet Ramsay case? How's that coming along?

If this were a normal Joe and Judy Blow couple, the cops would have thrown the wife in the tank until she sobered up or just ignored her. Why is Colorado wasting taxpayers money? I'm thinking somebody's up for re-election & is milking it for publicity?

1573 days ago


Any option will work

1573 days ago


#31 - Marilyn, Damn you for providing the Aspen Jail photo gallery!!

Trying to keep this quiet - gymnasium & inmate kitchen w/micro & refrig?

Hell - Charlie, I'll drive up on weekends - We'll do DVDs & micro popcorn & soda. Maybe 5 on 5 hoops? Get in a quick 9 holes on Sunday afternoon & then order in gourmet?

Maybe you'll want to extend your stay? and become a well-behaved Aspen resident.

1573 days ago


@viper1st #39, And here i was being a smartass when i said he should do the time then flip off the Aspen DA by quiping to the paps "it was nothin', they call that punishment in Aspen? Please, i've been in worse motels".

lol, I was right. The only way it could get better is if they allow conjugal visits with hookers.

1573 days ago


wait. didn't he just shave his head? he's go to stop with that awful weave!

1573 days ago


Note to Charlie - two more illegal acts while in Colorado:

#1) Flipping Off (display of the middle finger)in public.

#2) Conjugal Rights (sexual intercourse) while incarcerated in municipal jail.

Deal breakers.

1573 days ago


"...and one involves serious jail time"

The max he might serve is 17 days. You honestly call that "serious jail time"? Really?
I'd consider 17 years, or even 17 months as serious jail time. Seventeen days is something you serve at a nice, quiet safe facility -- it's not even prison. Just ask Paris Hilton...

1573 days ago


I remember Charlie when they did the People's Choice Awards back in 2009. If the dude wasn't drunk or stoned, I'd be surprised. Man, he needs to clean up his act. He has his moments where he's funny, but enough off-the-camera crap gets a bit old.

1573 days ago


What a joke! If the SOB committed a crime he should not have any options.

1573 days ago


He's upset about Tito Ortiz not being prosecuted? Why cant this jerk just fase responsibility for his actions and pay for what he did. Personally I now have no use for this guy.

1573 days ago

tom terrific    

This case is being pushed against Charlie Sheen because of his political views involving 9/11.

The authorities do not give a rat's ass who Charlie Sheen assaulted or battered.

1573 days ago
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