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Charlie Sheen

May Serve Jail Time

in Plea Deal

5/28/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's lawyers and prosecutors have reached an agreement on four different options for resolving his domestic violence case ... and one involves serious jail time -- and now it's all up to Charlie to choose one.


Multiple sources connected with the case tell us ... these are the options the D.A. in Aspen and Charlie's lawyers have hammered out.

OPTION 1:  Charlie will plead guilty to a misdemeanor and serve 30 days in Aspen jail.  Charlie could enter the plea as early as June 7 in Aspen and would then immediately begin serving his time.  With good behavior, that time could be whittled down to 17 days.  After he serves his sentence, the case would be over.  Charlie would not be placed on probation.

OPTION 2:  Charlie would plead guilty to a misdemeanor and receive no jail time, but would be placed on 2 years probation.  We're told Charlie's people worry that the actor might slip up and the judge could then throw the book at him and Charlie would end up in jail for a much longer period than 30 days.

OPTION 3:  Charlie would receive a "deferred prosecution" -- meaning the case would not go forward but Charlie would agree to various conditions -- including not breaking the law.  After a certain period of time -- if Charlie complies with the conditions -- the matter would be expunged from his record.

OPTION 4:  Go to trial and fight it.  Charlie, we're told, is upset at the Tito Ortiz case ... where the UFC star did not even get prosecuted for allegedly doing a lot worse than Charlie allegedly did.

We're told Charlie has not decided which option he will take.  It's all in his hands.


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Sure helps to have a very high-priced lawyer. You get OPTIONS after being arrested!

1609 days ago


Take option number one, Charlie!! Probation is worse than jail!

1609 days ago


Tom take your politics and whine somewhere else.

1609 days ago


If it was possible for him to stay out of trouble, I'd go with deferred prosecution. However, I don't see him being able to pull that off, so get it over with and take the jail time.

1609 days ago


Charlie Sheen isn't nearly as a big a douche-bag as some other celebrities. Check out this Hollywood scandal that just popped up. Here's the link:

1608 days ago

tom terrific    

Hey Bryan,

I'm not whining about politics. I'm giving my opinion that CS is being prosecuted because of his outspoken views regarding 9/11.

The authorities do not care at all if CS beats up women.

1608 days ago

tom terrific    

Hey Bryan,

I'm not whining about politics, I'm just offering my opinion which is that CS is actually being prosecuted because of his political views regarding 9/11.

The authorities don't care at all if CS beats women up.

1608 days ago


#49 Gabriella - you nailed it. You're right. Totally right.

1608 days ago



1608 days ago


SERIOUSLY? Jail in Aspen dude!

1608 days ago


He should take # 1 - not to get it done and over with, but to man-up and admit that he made mistakes. A couple weeks of jail time should return his ego from the stratosphere, and give him the incentive to polish up his act

1608 days ago


I hope somebody MURDERS his ugly ass. He deserves it! I would be absolutely elated to turn on my computer one morning, and see the TMZ headline, "Charlie Sheen Found Murdered in Prison." Then the article would go on to detail how he was stabbed 47 times, and bled out all over the prison floor. Wouldn't that be great?

I'm turning 34 in a couple of weeks, perhaps somebody can give me a early birthday present. I want to read about Charlie's death. That's the only way I see him expiating for his sins.

1608 days ago

Pound Sand    

Option 5: Swim 5,000+ feet below the surface of the water, join Heidi and Spencer and plug the damn hole with your body! Then you would be of some use!

1608 days ago


Doing time in the Pitkin County Jail is like a stay at the Hyatt. If he had ANY sense, he'd choose that and be done with it.

But, who ever said Sheen had any sense?

1608 days ago


Wow! I am proud to say I don't know what jail time is like. And I am damn sure I wouldn't want ANY of you people on my jury if I had to go to trial. See there's a little thing in this country called due process, and Charly Sheen,just like anyone else is innocent until proven guilty. I will admit that he has more options because he can afford it,but most of you have already passed jugment on him and thats just plain scarry. So just go back to watching American Idol or whoever is being voted off the island or what ever it is you do with your pitiful little lives. See you at Wallmart you'll be the moron taking up the whole ile with your cart and your fat cheeseburger ass.

1608 days ago
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