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'Celebrity Rehab' Targets Another Star

5/27/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the people behind "Celebrity Rehab" are closing in on another cast member for the show -- former "Laguna Beach" star Jason Wahler.


Wahler certainly has the prerequisites for the show -- he's been arrested several times in alcohol-related incidents .. like this, this, this, this, and this.

We're told no deal has been signed yet -- but the two sides are getting very close to an agreement.

As TMZ first reported, the VH1 show starring Dr. Drew Pinsky has already locked up Tila Tequila -- but they're still scrambling to fill the rest of the cast.


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Hey, Drew... why not just use cardboard cutouts of real celebrity addicts? You can carry them around and talk to them and put them in bed... you can even mail them if you want... could just go away you desperate attention vampire... get there a TV Doctor rehab show anywhere?

1609 days ago

Just Sayin    

I don't think it'll be worth watching!! These people have done NOTHING.

1609 days ago


Dr. Drew - forget-a-bout-it! The Celebs have too much money to show the world they're compulsive, spoiled, drug-addicted douche-baigs!

Make this show PORNSTAR REHAB and you will never need to scramble for clients again. They are equally as addicted - but much more in need of the 20-100 grand you pay these clowns to do 30 days on your show.

1609 days ago


It makes me sick that Dr. Drew cares nothing about helping these people. It's all about the "success of the show", and who is most interesting to exploit! I would never watch this. Tila T is doing it for the money, and she deserves to be exploited. She does it to herself, and it's embarassing. Let people volunteer to invite people into their private hell. Honestly. I never heard of such bad taste for an idea for a tv show. Go back to loveline, Dr. Drew. You're a hack and butt into people's business whom you don't even know. Hook up with Dr. Phil! I'll bet between you two, you've got plenty of your own skeletons in the closet.

1609 days ago


i used to think dr drew was legit...he is becoming a whore now....this guy never a star and never good at anything....who is he?

1609 days ago


They should invite Lindsay Lohan to participate.

1609 days ago


please Dr. Drew, round up Linsay, Jesse, Poor Shifty (im sure hes back on the pipe), Mccready just OD'd she needs to come back and im sure these are just a few who really need it..I wish I could say all the drugs I use to do was because my dad whooped me or because I had a rough life...Fact is everyone had choices and you cant blame bad choices on your parents and it def doesnt give you the right to be a loser so "WAKE UP HOLLYWOOD" OR THERE WILL BE MANY MORE FUNERALS...

1609 days ago


If he's on the show, shouldn't they be required to change the name to "not really celebrity rehab"

1609 days ago


Ewww, he is NOT a star..

1609 days ago

Throwback kid    

Take the word celebrity out of the title and replace it with LOSER. That's all this show is-LOSER REHAB!

1609 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    

to meh...where did u read this about Leif? Do u believe everything u read?

1608 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    

to meh...I dont' believe that for a second about Leif..come on!

1608 days ago


1608 days ago


What's up? People if we ALL or just One of us STOP'S watching these Stupid Wanna-Be Celebrities on these Reality Shows or supposed Celebrity Show's, they then would get CANCELED!!! And the BIG USELESS BUCKS $$$$$$ they all make and whine about, hint hint; KATE GOSSALIN (a typical reality star liar for sympathy and wanting you ALL, or US ALL to feel sorry for her and her hidden 12 bank accounts or more...DUH!!!) Oh and AS AMERICA AND THE WORLD SUFFERS and struggles for money and food, I think NOT, only takes ONE to STOP watching reality Shows, they keep track everynight of what we are ALL are watching, lets ALL STOP!!!! (trust me she has LOTS of Money, and $7,ooo.oo dollar hair extentions,KATE? plus more STUFF, every week and other stuff everyother week and other stuff every week?) Oh ya people, she is like just published her 3rd BOOK!, You all did not buy it when she said less then 5 months ago she was broke!? She is GOOD, and continue's to play all of US!!! STOP watching, buying, and whatever THIS liar is ON!! Hey I could tell you more too piss you OFF!!! Anyway her and Jon had college careers, they never knew of this, they were gonna go back to work. Him as a Computer NERD and her as a Nurse! They were NOT sure of Fame and Fortune!! Or did they??? They thought they prob. have to go back to work, but Kate kept pushing for Fame and Fortune, and they are BORING! And I heard that Kate released the news about her NEW set of 6 and her last set of twins to the MEDIA, see she LEAKED IT!! $$$$$$ and also Octo-mom did too$$$$$ And there last home was WAY WAY Big enough, as we all suffer in this economy!!! But now they have a huge NEW BIGGER Home and yard and ECT...., look it up, plus her demands from dancing with the stars plus her NEW TLC SHOWS!! (remember she demanded a build in dance studio in her BRAND NEW HOME, given and built and paid for Dancing with the Stars plus her MONEY$$$$$ and travel and ect...(has anyone else ever demanded this?), she is NOT a STAR!!! To WATCH her SHOWS and buy her books or MAGS she's in is STUPID, STOP IT, you are NOT just ONE...WE are a lot of people sick and tired who also may have birthed a lot of or NO KIDS!!!! STOP, she is playing us and so are the rest of them)!!!! Remember she led the WAY for OCTO-MOM!!!!!! GROSS!! P.s OCTO-MOM must also go away, Yuk she's soooo UGLY, and those kids Must go up for adoption and people Stop helping that Ugly want to be, and never EVER will be-Angelina Jolie or HA HA a LOOK ALIKE of Angelina JOLIE (she is trying, with ALL that Creepy Plastic Surgery), with more of our MONEY and more CON $$$$$$$$, and looks like a Scary weird waxy wanna be look alike of poor Angelina, Angie no way do you look like that!, LIKE YOU SAID, OOOHH CREEPY!!!!!! Be nice to Angelina! GROSS!!! Let them take these kids away!!! Stop it!!! Stop the bull **** FAME GAME!!! PLEASE!!! And STOP this free RIDE and FREE TUMMY TUCK'S and HA HA HA BODYGUARDS??? Hey you two and others are NOT that Special!!! STOP GIVING THESE PEOPLE ATTENTION!!!

1607 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    

TO MEH...Noooooooo!!! what the hell??? I just read the article from the link u this madame for real? oh man...say it's not true...

1604 days ago
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