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Lindsay Lohan Went Out Drinking ... Water

5/26/2010 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was back at her old watering hole last night -- the Chateau Marmont in L.A. -- where the SCRAM'd starlet reportedly knocked back a few cold ones ... as in glasses of water.

Lohan was spotted at the Chateau shortly after she dyed her hair back to sober blond, knocking back water and hanging out with friends.

Two days down, 42 to go til her next court hearing.


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anniefannie- Get a life! If it ends up being hard on her, she is to blame. I don't see the need for stupid judgemental people like you to tell her what you think she needs! If she messes up- it's on her, what do you care? Even if she stayed home her entire probation...people like you- with no lives of their own, would still find crap to say about her! I'm done.

1576 days ago


Celebrities and people who get rich too soon live in a different world that the average person cannot understand. They can become isolated from society and die earlier. Lindsay is still very young. Nobody can force her to give up alcohol and drugs until she's ready. If she makes it through till July 6th she'll only go on a super binge afterwards.

1576 days ago


Oh yes. Please do, hang out in bars/clubs during your sobriety period. That'll totally keep the temptation at bay. Moron.

1576 days ago


48 Wow, pretty harsh comment to someone who wasn't even posting to you... I think annie made a valid point. If you aren't supposed to drink and are in a bar, you may be setting yourself up for failure... And nothing in her post was judgmental, just concerned...

1576 days ago


This is something amazing. She seems to be changing.

1576 days ago


To anonymous's cruel response to me: her work with the poor in India...a lifelong dream of hers. READ ABOUT IT.

1576 days ago


Lindsay may go WHEREVER she likes, and noone in the public is going to do ANYTHING about it. If she complies with her probation, none of YOU will have ANYTHING to say. No one is going to do anything but whine and moan about "oh, she doesn't deserve thiiiis, or thhhaaat" or NO, no bar for you missy. Well guess what, for the third time now on TMZ, she is an adult, and has the right to do whatever she pleases. If she fulfills the court requirements, again, no one can say a valid negative thing about her with regards to the hate already spewed on this site. Please stop the HATEFUL comments, the mockery, the suspision, the rumors. Lindsay is a free woman, and I hope she has some friends she may confide in, and that she is not harassed wherever she goes. Take care Lindsay, pretend they are not even there! Don't stoop to their ignorant level.

1576 days ago


TMZ...sigh. TMZ. You used to be my go-to for celebrity gossip on the daily; but this weeks-long obsession with Lindsay Lohan's every single move is, frankly, boring. And weird. Mostly weird, if I think about it more. Which I don't really want to do - TMZ, I am BEGGING you to bring back diversity to your "News"; there are SO MANY celebrities who are DOING things as the weather coaxes them out of hibernation. Should we be subject to multiple daily doses of "Lilo drinking water! OMG!"; "LiLo has a different hair color! OMG!"; "LiLo blinked! OMG!", I think I'll stab myself in the eyeball. Or just not check your site anymore.

At the end of the day, it's just too much. We are LiLo'd out. Should you continue this over-saturation of Lindsay Lohan, I can only assume it's because you have some creepy obsession, or maybe a creepy vendetta. Either way, you're straight creepin. And not even the good kind. Or maybe you just don't have the balls to be interesting anymore?

Please, please don't make me rely solely on Gawker for my wit-fix. Please bring back some semblance of entertainment to your site. You can't ride the LiLo train forever. And if it takes too long, I probably won't be back. But maybe you won't miss me anyway.

1576 days ago


Her hanging out at a bar right now makes absolutely no sense.
She may over estimate her will power.
If you're on a diet you don't bake chocolate chip cookies because you want something to do.

1576 days ago


Jesus give this girl a ****ing break. You guys live to watch her fail, let her do the right thing because it seems like so far she is...

1576 days ago


Yeah Right.. glasses of water. She needs these to wash down her pills. Lindsay just OD already. We're getting tired of hearing about you.

1576 days ago


I would a bunch she does not fully comply, but I would also guess she will buy her way out of it.
his is going to end tragically people, she doesn't want help and we all know you can't help anyone who deoesn't want it. As a matter of fact she will over do it if forced.
Plus she has legal METH and downers to suffice for now.
So blind are the courts, but probably best they are.

1576 days ago

joe mac    

It's Vodka! Don't let her fool you she is gonna violate her terms you will see.

1576 days ago


Looks like she's pouring her heart out to her girlfriend. Girlfriend looks so bored she could hang herself.

1576 days ago


@ Nayib, I do not see Harvey Levin forcing Lindsay to go out and drink till she falls down. That entire family are medi-ho's.
Has anyone considered Lindsay having split personality? Dark hair bad Lindsay, blond hair good Lindsay?

1576 days ago
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