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Lindsay Lohan Went Out Drinking ... Water

5/26/2010 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was back at her old watering hole last night -- the Chateau Marmont in L.A. -- where the SCRAM'd starlet reportedly knocked back a few cold ones ... as in glasses of water.

Lohan was spotted at the Chateau shortly after she dyed her hair back to sober blond, knocking back water and hanging out with friends.

Two days down, 42 to go til her next court hearing.


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I think that unless you have given her a breathalyzer or a UA, then you are all making comments about her that you can't prove. And also for you idiots out there that are so keen on making a comment about her prescriptions - 1/2 of America is on the same damn meds. Seriously, stop trying to make something out of nothing. I am so tired of reading about her and her non-issues. If there really was a problem then the judge wouldn't be able to just slap a scram on her. Her attorney would have requested a doctor to monitor her. You guys really are idiots. Stop analyzing her speck, when I'm sure that 99.9% of you have a plank your peering around to look at her.

1580 days ago


Looks like she's pouring her heart out to her girlfriend. Girlfriend looks like she's so bored she could hang herself.

1580 days ago


LOL what a loser, has to drink water at a bar while her friends drink up, if she was smart she wouldn't be in this situation in the first place, dumb ass

1580 days ago

Sharon Osbourne    

Lindsay Lohan has FRIENDS? I thought she just had a posse of drug dealers, & shyster attorneys.

1580 days ago


Would it kill her to stay home once in awhile?

1580 days ago


I see TMZ has managed to brainwash everyone into believing Chateau Marmont is a bar/nightclub with their constant Lindsay coverage. Well it's not. It's an elite Hollywood hotel and restaurant that dates to the 1930's and has been the retreat of Hollywood celebs ever since it opened. It has 63 suites, cottages and bungalows. Their is also "Bar Marmont" which is down the street from the Chateau Marmont.

So she went to the Chateau Marmont restaurant to eat with friends, Big deal. I guess you people want her to not go to any classy restaurants, because they serve alcohol too. Get over it, she didn't go out to a bar or nightclub. It's a first class restaurant at an elite hotel.

1580 days ago


I think it's so fantastic that so many of you know for a FACT the prescription drugs she's taking. You must all be best buddies with Michael Lohan - ya know, the DB she and her siblings don't talk to. All this speculation from a bunch of ppl who have the luxury of not being 23 and having lived the life she has. I'd give up all the "celebrity" bullcr*p if it kept a db like M. Lohan away. HE hounds her, makes up stories, invades her home! Makes "secret tapes" of emotional, private conversations and then shares them with the public.

Yeah, it is time for her to grow up. But give her a break. She's not hurting you personally.

1580 days ago


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1580 days ago


The judge is going to put her in jail at the end of the 40-something days for parole violaton, if not sooner. Also, the judge will review any medical doctors scripts. Rehab is a waste of time for her. She is out on bail for two DWIs with high-speed reckless driving. She is a threat to society and belongs in jail for at least 6 mos. That is what would happend to everyday people. Celebs should be punished more, nor less than everyone else.

1580 days ago

Enough Already    

If this lost soul had any respect for herself, she would lay low and out of sight for awhile. The fact that she dyed her hair and is out and about just proves that she's a media seeking ho and is eating it up like candy. The sad part of it all is that fact that we're allowing for it to happen by following her every move. She is so classless and such a hasbeen at the ripe old age of 24!!! Lindsay, take a good long look in the mirror and then stay out of sight for everyone's sake, OK?????

1580 days ago


Honestly I do not see any friends in this picture. If you really look the chair she is facing and looking at seems to have a small head popping up past the back of the chair. The people around are sitting at different tables. So, is she alone?

1580 days ago


Those fans of Lindsay's are remembering her back when she was a very talented child/young adult star. I'm sure she'll have a few stragglers left if she manages to stay alive.

That said, Lindsay is not that darling person ANYMORE. She's not producing quality in her acting career or in her life choices and she's certainly no one's role model. I mean, Linda Lovelace, C'mon! Gone is all that potential. She's now a 23 year old has-been!

1580 days ago


78 Mari Did you read the book about Linda Lovelace? I did. It's about the sexploitation of women and isn't a smut book. If done right this could be a blockbuster for Lindsay.

1580 days ago


Okay she has been in a better place but she isn't doing that bad some of her songs leaked and they were awesome. Also her last proper movie "Labor Pains" was funny and good.
There's no disputing that on Monday she looked bad but on July 6th she will look better 1 way or another.

1580 days ago


And in a related matter, all of the shrubbery in West Hollywood are blooming once again.

1580 days ago
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