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Lindsay Lohan -- Sobriety Down to a Tea

5/26/2010 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was drinking heavily during her 10-hour blondification treatment yesterday in a West Hollywood salon -- and we're told her beverage of choice was some weird, fizzy Chinese tea.

Sources tell TMZ, Lindsay was pounding Kombucha -- a fermented tea that claims several health benefits -- while she got her hair did yesterday at Andy Lecompte Salon in WeHo.
And this is interesting ... due to the fermentation, the tea contains a trace amount of alcohol -- less than 0.5%.

We're told she emerged ten hours later -- and all she could talk about while she was there was some mystery actor she met at Cannes ... with whom she's allegedly obsessed.

So far, the SCRAM alarm remains silent.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke to the guy behind Kombucha tea, GT Dave, who claims the product can help people kick habits of alcohol, coffee and junk food by "restoring healthy balance to the body." So there.


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LaToya Jackson    

She's look'en OLD !!! Lindsey Death Watch 20 10

1610 days ago


All cameras are on HER.. so she takes a job advertising teas and gets paid for it as drinking soft drinks is great advertising when all the cameras are on her. So.. she cleans up for 45 days till next court date and gets paid from a tea company for it.

1610 days ago


She looks great. I for one, wish her the best :) I wish she had more people in her life that are strong & supportive & a few less buzzards circling the wagon.

1610 days ago


That **** is dangerous to drink, I remember I bought KOmbucha tea at a health store a long time ago and it tasted nasty and I vomited for three hours straight and had sharp pains in my stomach. It is basically filled with bacteria and acid. YUCK!!!

1610 days ago

Knockers De Clown    

She looks like she's 100 years old.. What a nasty nasty mess.. Death watch 2010

1610 days ago

Michael Knight    

What happened to her going to her alcohol education classes EVERY DAY like her lawyer said she wanted to do? Oh that must have been right after she lied about having to go to TX to film a movie.

As for perscriptions well Anna Nicole and Michael Jackson had perscriptions for all the stuff they were on too.

1610 days ago

Timothy Lee    

She is probly drinking this special tea to FLUSH ALL THE DRUGS OUT OF HER SYSTEM IN TIME.

1610 days ago


Nice try. She's drinking it because it contains a trace amount of alcohol and she can claim false positives when she's really spiking it with vodka.

1610 days ago


You can do it Lindsay! Just tell yourself, drugs and alcohol doesn't live here anymore.

1610 days ago

Dina Lohan    

She is trying to flush out all the cocaine in time for her test

1610 days ago


Where did she get her hair done TMZ? please ask her next time!
Looks great. Wonder if that tea is any good?

1610 days ago


i said yesterday that she looks very old, just think she will be putting that all back into place, (she needs a face left already,) see what smoking, drinking, drugs do to you, go away lindsay lohole

1610 days ago


My god. What's next? First it's tea, next it's a wine cooler. And, let's all thank Dina Lohan for the Lindsay update.

1610 days ago


Who CARES!!? I was supposed to be comment #4, but my laptop shut down so to speak. Lindsay is an adult, she can do and drink whatever she chooses to. She is already complying with probation, and once she is through, neither the haters, nor TMZ, nor the courts will have anything further to say. I am a complete stranger, I do not know Lindsay personally, but I know many people with such alleged "problems." Lindsay needs love and support from everyone, not hate, suspiscion, and allegations. Most of the haters probably have no lives anyway. They don't know about the good work Lindsay has done for children in India, a lifelong dream. They don't keep open perhaps the possiblity that Lindsay can make more movies, and that many children still look up to her anyway, at least those who know about her. Please just offer support, stop the hateful commentary, and start helping Lindsay in the ways we all know are best, which is support and encouragement for her work, and her very personal issues. Thank you.

1610 days ago


Who CARES!!? Lindsay does not have to listen to TMZ anyway, you keep following her, maybe she will do something about it. She can have whatever she wants, she is an adult, and she has already been "punished" quite enough, I think, from both the haters, TMZ, AND the courts. Leave her alone, please, please just show her some support.

1610 days ago
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