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Lindsay Lohan -- Sobriety Down to a Tea

5/26/2010 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was drinking heavily during her 10-hour blondification treatment yesterday in a West Hollywood salon -- and we're told her beverage of choice was some weird, fizzy Chinese tea.

Sources tell TMZ, Lindsay was pounding Kombucha -- a fermented tea that claims several health benefits -- while she got her hair did yesterday at Andy Lecompte Salon in WeHo.
And this is interesting ... due to the fermentation, the tea contains a trace amount of alcohol -- less than 0.5%.

We're told she emerged ten hours later -- and all she could talk about while she was there was some mystery actor she met at Cannes ... with whom she's allegedly obsessed.

So far, the SCRAM alarm remains silent.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke to the guy behind Kombucha tea, GT Dave, who claims the product can help people kick habits of alcohol, coffee and junk food by "restoring healthy balance to the body." So there.


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Even a duck can pour out the drink in these bottles and put liquor in. Just send her to jail and quit giving her all this attention.

1548 days ago


@Jill, thanks yeah I forgot to include in my comments that it hasn't been proven to detoxify. At this point Linds will do anything to get out of the jam she's in. I mean dying your hair and drinking tons of this tea, it sounds sketchy at best. Reminds me when Britney cut off all her hair during her crazy days, because Kfed allegedly would recommend to the court to test her hair.

1548 days ago


I love Kombucha! It's not weird it's good for you.

1548 days ago


Dude, Kombucha gives you a buzz!!!!
Especially ALCOHOLICS!
The bf is an ex alcoholic, and doesn't drink. When He has a kombucha he gets buzzed!
So Linsanity drinking that all day equals intoxicated!

1548 days ago


Drink too much tea and you have to go (rhyme with tea).

1548 days ago


Kombucha: from Wikipedia:
The culture contains a symbiosis of Acetobacter (acetic acid bacteria) and one or more yeasts, mostly .

The culture itself looks somewhat like a large pancake, and though often called a mushroom, a mother of vinegar or by the acronym SCOBY (for "Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast"), it is scientifically classified as a zoogleal mat. It takes on the shape of its container, but varies in thickness depending on how long it has been allowed to develop and the acidity of the tea medium during the development period.[citation needed] The culture is leathery and non-elastic, similar to a thick calamari.

The yeast component of kombucha may contain any of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Brettanomyces bruxellensis, Candida stellata, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Torulaspora delbrueckii, and Zygosaccharomyces bailii, or another domesticated strain. Alcohol production by the yeast(s) contributes to the production of acetic acid by the bacteria. Alcohol concentration also plays a role in triggering cellulose production by the bacterial symbionts.[citation needed]

The bacterial component of a kombucha culture usually consists of several species, but will almost always contain Gluconacetobacter xylinum (formerly Acetobacter xylinum), which ferments the alcohols produced by the yeast(s) into acetic acid. This lowers the acidity while limiting the alcoholic content of kombucha. G. xylinum is responsible for most or all of the physical structure of a kombucha mother, and has been shown to produce microbial cellulose of an unusually high quality[1]. This is likely due to artificial selection by brewers over time, selecting for firmer and more robust cultures.

The acidity and mild alcoholic element of kombucha resists contamination by most airborne molds or bacterial spores. As a result, kombucha is relatively easy to maintain as a culture outside of sterile conditions. The bacteria and yeasts in kombucha may also produce antimicrobial defense molecules. G. diazotrophicus, a bacterium related to G. xylinum, is known produce an antimicrobial known as a bacteriocin[2].

1548 days ago


For the home brewer, there is no way to know the quantities of each of the components unless a sample is sent to a laboratory. Finished kombucha may contain some of the following components, depending on the source and diversity of the culture:

Acetic acid, which is mildly antibacterial
Butyric acid
Gluconic acid
Lactic acid
Malic acid
Oxalic acid
Usnic acid
Ethyl alcohol, normally less than 0.5%, but may contain 1.0% or more, depending on anaerobic brewing time and the proportions of bacteria and yeast[7]

1548 days ago


What's the Vegas line on her staying sober?

1548 days ago


Does it really matter about the alcohol? She is still allowed her "prescriptions". What does she need Adderal and Ambien for anyway? She still gets to be stoned...

1548 days ago


Actually I find it funny she's drinking that specific brand of tea.In the so called "Pass A Piss Test Communuity" alot of people recommend that tea to help pass a drug test,because it does something to neautralize the acids,or something...Google that brand of tea,and add the words "pass a piss test"..or pass drug test etc..

She's drinking that tea to flush her system out,or to alter a piss test result.

TMZ should look into that tea...and rewrite the article so it fits accordingly.

1548 days ago


Im willing to bet she has a wizzantor...DNA test the pee and her... LOLZ...

1548 days ago


"While she got her hair did"......are you serious TMZ? My three year old grandchild uses better grammar.

1548 days ago


Fermented tea, just watch for her to start taking cooking classes and hitting up the bottles of vanilla extract for a quick discreet buzz :)

1548 days ago


Interesting that she can get her hair processed and drink this tea, go to establishments that serve alcohol. My daughter wore a SCRAM for 6 months due to her first DUI and was not allowed to get her hair processed...could not eat anything that had a hint of alcohol in the ingredients, no mouthwash, could not use certain skin care products...there was a 2 page list of what she could not use, have or be around. We even had to send in the ingredients of her liquid vitamins to Colorado to get them pre approved prior to use. My granddaughter sprayed Bath and Body after bath spray and it set the equipment off and we had to go get a blood alcohol test run!

1548 days ago


I thought the court order said NO ALCOHOL. (0.5% is alcohol) Hey Harvey isn't this a violation of her bail?

1548 days ago
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