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Slipknot 911 -- 'Hypodermic Needle Next to His Bed'

5/26/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The hotel employee who discovered the body of Slipknot bassist Paul Gray on Monday told the 911 operator he noticed a hypodermic needle and a bottle of pills in the musician's hotel room when he found the body.

** warning -- the audio contains graphic content **


In the 911 call, obtained by TMZ, the employee -- a maintenance worker at the Iowa hotel -- tells the operator that he suspects Paul died of a "drug overdose" and that it appeared that Paul had been in the room for "a while."

The employee also told the 911 operator that Paul's mother had called the hotel earlier in the day because she couldn't get a hold of her son.

Cops are still investigating Paul's death. Officials have stated that the death doesn't appear to be the result of foul play.


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R.I.P **** up heavan for us please

1613 days ago


Good thing he was already dead, because with that 911 operator he didnt stand a chance if he was clinging to life. The guy sounded like he was sleeping when the call came in.

1613 days ago


911 calls are a matter of public record. If someone is willing to pay the processing fee (usually less than $50) they can get the call recording.

No doubt the dispatcher was a little inept. However, this dispatching agency is one of the most advanced centers in the state of Iowa. It processess 911 calls for the western suburbs of Des Moines, which is for the most part, a very effluent population.

For all the monday morning quarter backers out there...

If a 911 call is received via cell phone, only the number and cell servive provider come up on the dispatcher's screen. The location of the emergency has to be verified and reverified. It took almost 20 seconds for the caller to make mention that he had a deceased person. If you listen carefully, at 1:25, you can hear a set of dual tones in the background. That is another dispatcher paging an ambulance crew to the call. So medics were on their way while the caller was still on-line. The caller made it clear he was not interested in making any physical contact with the decedent, so it would make it impossible for the dispatcher to answer many of the questions the Emergency Medical Dispatching software prompts him to ask. The software can provide instructions on how to perform CPR, but if the guy won't even check to see if he's cold and stiff, he sure isn't going to bother starting with CPR.

Did he sound incredibly professional? Not so much, but he did do his job, and the right people got there quickly.

1613 days ago


note to self : never stay in room 431 at the marriott in Iowa. R.I.P Paul

1613 days ago


what a loser

1613 days ago


I think everyone needs to stop speculating and just wait for the entire truth to come out. If it was a drug OD, then the toxicology tests will answer that question once and for all. From everything that I have heard, he was a great person and he will be missed by all of his family and friends and band mates. R.I.P Paul

1613 days ago


what the heck!!! i agree that 911 operator is clueless!~ shouldn't he find out wheather the victim has a pulse>??? i seriously had an elevated blood pressure just listening to the call... lord help my family if they need emergency assistance in iowa. i understand they are trained to remain calm but come on encourage someone to atleast see if the patient is maybe breathing or has a faint pulse something....this is sad no matter what the cause. rip

1613 days ago

911 bum    

Listen to the caller give the address. Twice he said Johnston - Urbandale. If you're not local pull out your maps. Johnston is a suburb and Urbandale is a diffrent suburb. They are roughly 10 - 15 miles apart or more. They are dispatched by DIFFRENT 911 centers. If this call had been in Johnston the operator would have had to send it to Polk Co to dispatch Johnston's units which would have been closer. The operator was trying to figure out what city it was in by asking the question again and trying to get a phone number to figure it out. He was trying to find a solution to a problem. Can't send help if you aren't sure where the problem is and the caller sure wasn't helping! Then the operator followed the questions he was suppose to ask. It's not like the caller sound any more urgent about it than the operator. The caller sounded just about as annoyed!

1613 days ago

wtf? tmz is shit    

cops and the autopsy proved that there was no ****ing foul play, why post this bull**** fake ass 911 phone call. tmz has nothing better to do then post stupid ****. he was a great bassist and song writer. leave it at that.

1613 days ago


I think both the 911 operator and the hotel worker both sounded pretty damn slow. And for those of you talking sh*t, get a life. Nobody deserves to die. He was an amazing musician and my heart goes out to his bandmates, his wife, and his unborn child. R.I.P. Paul!

1613 days ago


TMZ your a pile of ****. All you do is play of other peoples sorrows. Your like a cheap whore with the news you report. I wanted to also say **** all of you, and **** everyone that helped make this article. You *******s have no emotions what so ever. A great person passed and you decide it's okay to post this ****. If there is a hell I hope you all get disemboweled, and then read your own stories.(or burn in the pits which ever comes first). Go ahead and try to turn this around I'll save the comment myself. If this comment seems to harsh, here my apology and one other thing **** You and have a great day.

1613 days ago


@ Rob J and chicken227

I feel very sorry for you guys because not only are you making yourselves look like complete dumb asses by taking about something you know nothing about except what you read off from this website that's news reporting is only as good as the National Inquirer which we all know gets its stories by throwing news paper into a blender and printing what ever it spits out, you have also shown your complete lack of anything close to human emotion, just proving that you both must lonely bastards that have nothing better to do that harp on other people, because really that is the only time you feel okay with the jackass you are is when you have succeeded in making someone who is better than you could ever be feel bad about themselves. But get this when it comes to anything involving Slipknot or the Maggots you are just biting off more that you could ever swallow, because these guys are a FAMILY which is a word you most likely know nothing about. But just to fill you in if you mess with one they are all coming after you. I personally knew very little about Paul Gray before he died, I researched him and the more I learned the sadder I became. He was a great guy with a big heart and all of you people you talk negatively about him should be slapped. This man has done so much for so many people he inspired them, he changed there lives for the better. Then is no doubt in my mind that this planet is going to be a darker place without him.

Paul thank you for everything you've done, I am truly sorry that you had to go so soon.

1613 days ago


my heartbreaking tribute to Paul :'(

1612 days ago


I really hope that they FIRE THIS 911 OPERATOR!!! what the hell was he thinking, he asked him the same questions over and over. He acted as though this wasnt an emergency at all. If someone had been choking or bleeding to death, they would of been dead by the time this 911 operator even got the address correct. This is aplorable. I feel sorry for anybody living in Iowa where this operator is working. They should really train them better.

1612 days ago


**** doesn't matter when people die of drug overdoses...have u people no sympathy. by the way ...if this is how 911 reacts to emergencies...i really wonder if they truly save ANYONE.....

1612 days ago
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