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'American Idol' Finale -- What the Hell Happened?!

5/27/2010 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" brought out the big guns for their season finale last night -- with some huge stars, shocking moments ...and the return of William Hung!

Check out the photo recap and reminisce on all the highlights!


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neither of these two sluts    

I am totally convinced that this shows time is up.....This years show has got to be the worse of the worse of what they call talent....the show has lost all the excitement it generated in the first two me there are only three people outta all those that have talent..kelly, chris and carrie.......most will go in the way of Sanjaya....singing at barn raisings and bar mitvahs.....

1575 days ago


Some of you are clueless! They practically handed it to Crystal from the beginning of the season. I mean really, look at the final songs they gave each of them. Lee gets U2's Beautiful Day, great song, but it doesn't have the potential to be a show stopper. Then they have Lee sing with CHICAGO, really? Crystal screwed herself by always needing to have the last word. She was up against one of the most humble contestants ever and she came off arrogant. The fact that Lee won tells me that they DIDN'T fix the results. Go on Dial Idol and you will see they had Lee winning by a landslide. Go back to the beginnig of the show last night and listen to the crowd when each contestant is announced, it was obvious that there were far more Lee fans, than Crystal fans. Neither of them were great on Tuesday!

1575 days ago


yep....what happened!! i thought talent would win out, shows what the kids know. note to crystal....get it while you can...jj

1575 days ago


I thought Paula's speech was weird and uncomfortable.....

1575 days ago


I agree that Paula made her segment awkward. Just shows why they did not want to redo her contract.

1575 days ago


Hall and Oats hahahahahahahaha, congrats to the producers for finding the rock these 2 were under. That was horrible, they were bad back in the day,now there just embarising.It was funny though and good to see Paula hasn't changed, still living in her own little world what kind of perscriptions is she on wow

1575 days ago


AI hasn't produced a real music star in a few eyars, and neither contestant will change that. They're all has-beens before their first albums come out, and it's been that way for a while.

AI has lost it's relevancy. Simon is right to bail out on this show.

1575 days ago


You are so right "either of these two sluts"...only ONLY stars to ever come out of idol were Kelly, Carrie, Chris but I will add Jennifer Hudson to that list too.

Boxersox will out sale Lee by AT LEAST 2 to 1 if not 3 to 1...just like Daughtry did Hicks.

Won't be watching anymore after 2 years of the stupidest picks I've ever seen and no more Simon.

To Janet Jackson, if I were you, I wouldn't have been caught dead in what you had on with your FAT A@#!!! Wasn't that disgusting?!!!

1575 days ago


I have boycotted watching AI since the year Chris Daughtry was voted off 4th to the end and just happened to catch one of Crystal B.'s perfomances one night and thought, now this chick has got IT so I watched this season because Crystal is the first AI candidate since Chris Daughtry that WILL be a BIG STAR.
But one thing I can say for AI, they never let me down when it comes to disappointment...and without Simon now too, predict the show falls badly next year and Mommasox will outsale Lee at least 2 to 1...Crystal just like Daughtry will be the star of her class! (It would truly be better if the judges picked the winner...for the huge majority of the fans, it is just a popularity contest, it isn't about the best singer at all.

1575 days ago


I am sooo happy Lee won. He was consistant throughout the whole show,if you wanted janis joplin type songs than you voted for crystal who only did good in the last finale and of course last night. If she would have showed these performances throughout she probably would have been the winner. American voters you did good as you always do and do not let a few people tell you different. Good luck Lee, you deserve being American Idol and I love your songs and will buy them. A Canadian fan!

1575 days ago


PS - Brett Michaels was cool. He is a good guy. Enjoyed Alannis Morrisette, Alice and Chicago and I think Joe ****er still has it even at his age and as bad as he looked, he can still sing!

Hall and Oates and Janet Jackson were sad, very sad...

1575 days ago


So....What the hell happened?

1575 days ago


To AB: considering Chris Daughtry is the 3rd highest selling idol contestant just behind Clarkson and Underwood (AND NOT TAYLOR HICKS) I would say the more than a few people didn't agree with the fans choice that year and wait until Lee and Crystal make thier freshman cds and you'll see more than a few fans again showing who is the better singer. Fans choice sucks more than they get it right. I'm not saying Lee isn't good, he just isn't unique or great.

PS- And Bowersox was great more than just the finale

1575 days ago


What's wrong TMZ? My password or email address is not wrong. I've been posting for over a year......

1575 days ago


TMZ has gone to the pile of my blogs to read. They never get info right. Their pictures are horrible and distorted. They seem to have stupid contests for big boobs and long legs that are pointless. Grow up TMZ. What the Hell Happened (to TMZ??)?!

1575 days ago
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