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'American Idol' Finale -- What the Hell Happened?!

5/27/2010 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" brought out the big guns for their season finale last night -- with some huge stars, shocking moments ...and the return of William Hung!

Check out the photo recap and reminisce on all the highlights!


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People if your favorite didnt win u dont have to go around and shout that it was fixed. Lee did really great and Im happy for him to win. I would be happy either way - because both of them were wonderful. And obviously it was really close - just 2 %.. I personally voted for Lee aswell as did a lot of people around US... You dont have to worry.. Crystal wont get lost. As a runner up she will have more creative freedom to make her cd so i think its even better for her! And you haters: go get a life!!!

1578 days ago


The question what the hell happened, the better of the two won you idiot. Crystal just had to much attitude and the way she dressed, her hair, her teeth and tongue. Who wants to look at that even if she were the best singer out there she would be the reason she didn't win. The whole show could have been an hour long. Didn't need to watch all the other singing, Kara trying to do her thing which is such a turn off and Ellen, she had no business on that show. The ratings were down because Ellen did a terrible job, Kara always trying for all the attention, Randy serves no purpose and most of all the talent was terrible.

1578 days ago


Janet Jackson's performance was so bad. She looked and sounded terrible. I was embarrassed for her!

And good for Lee. The right contestant won!

1578 days ago


Can i get a job at TMZ as a proof reader? I'm well qualified - I will be finishing 8th grade next month.

1578 days ago


With regard to chartman's comment: Please see an earlier post I made. His/her comment bears out exactly what I said.

1578 days ago


What was up with Ellen didn't look like she wanted to be there at was long and boring. This season was terrible couldn't watch most of it..I still love the Bee Gees

1578 days ago


Change the vote rules to one per phone used to call in. Idol will lose revenue but we want see what happened last night.It only takes having enough constant dialers to win the thing not total amount of fans. Just how do they keep track of those calls? Where are the data stats for the calls? Can America see those? American Idol, give us a no bull answer

1578 days ago


While I have never been a fan of Poison or Bret Michaels as a performer, during the last copuple months I have grown to respect and in some ways admire the man.

To those folks insulting and second guessing Bret's appearance I just chaulk it up to taking cheap shots when none of us know all the details. He has dealt with type 1 diabetes for years and having dealt with it myself since age 12 (40 YEARS) I understand striking a balance between caution and "living" you life and IMO he deserves the benefit of the doubt. If during all these years he has controlled his disease like it appears he has, then who are we to second guess his judgement?

1578 days ago


THe fix was in!!! Drudge had Lee as the winner the day before the final with a higher percentage of the vote. Crystal was so much better. She will have a huge career without the pathetic help from A.I. She actually had talent. Who cares that Simon is leaving? He was an arrogant bore!

1578 days ago

you gotta be chitlin' me    

If I was Simon, I'd be openly excited to be away from this crap. First, who was that dude screaming at Simon? Next, Lee is OK but vanilla. Crystal will far and away be a better performer ala Chris vs. Adam! Other than a Ford commercial, has anyone seen Chris do anything outside of Idol. Next, Paula, really???? Take a public speaking course. How about the 80's reunion talent? Hall and Oates, Crocker,Alice Cooper? You have got to be kiddin'! Finally, such a lack of class way to treat Ricky Minor! Fuller should be ashamed of himself and everybody associated with that piece d'crap last night including Seacrest!

1578 days ago


lee is ok but crystal is a lot better---that was just odd she didn't win

1578 days ago


i agree kara is so annoying---she is too young and stupid to judge anyone, it feels off because she just doesn't have the experience and hasn't paid any dues that i know of. sounds like a dumb valley girl, no brains and can be bitchy-smarmy--

1578 days ago


why did janet jackson have a fake butt ? i couldn't concentrate on the performance because it was just awful to see that. she either stuffed a pillow down her pants or had a giant fake butt implant or something, and it just looked like hell

1578 days ago


IT WAS SO HYSTERICAL WHEN THAT GAY GUY WENT OFF LIKE A ROCKET AT SIMON. HYSTERICAL. I know what happened. He'd been dissed by Simon in the past and was getting back at him. It was just a glorious live TV moment. The guy was SO gay, did you see the way he fought for the microphone and scared that girl ?! He was SO pissed and I loved it. It is just refreshing to see some random weird **** happening in this uptight world. Only too bad he didn't go after Seacrest, who IS the real jerk on that show.

1578 days ago


And nobody invited Clay Aiken? Not only did he sell a ton of records, but he did voice-over work, for AI. I know that Simon hated him, from Day 1, but not to have him there? Really rude.

1578 days ago
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