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Bruce Beresford-Redman Custody -- His Story

5/27/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got a copy of the documents filed in the Bruce Beresford-Redman custody case ... and as we first reported, Bruce's parents have filed to terminate their guardianship which would clear the way for him to regain custody of his children.

Bruce Beresford-Redman Custody
Bruce submitted a declaration which says, "While I was in Mexico following Monica's death, I am now back in the United States ... As Camila's and Alec's biological parent, it is my desire to immediately resume my  full custodial and parental responsibility ... and I am capable and fit to do so."

Bruce then says he supports his parents move to terminate the guardianship.

In the papers, Bruce cites a therapist who says it would not be in his children's best interests to attend their mother's memorial service this coming Sunday  -- which is being organized by Monica's sisters, who are at odds with Bruce.  He says, "It would be healthier for the children to participate in a small, quiet and private memorial for their mother."

And there's a big fight because Bruce wants to change the visitation rights of Monica's sisters -- from this Sunday to Saturday.  The reason -- Bruce fears the sisters will take the kids to Monica's memorial on Sunday.

As for the guardianship, Monica's sisters are saying they don't want the judge to ramrod a change just yet ... they want the judge to wait and see if Bruce is arrested for Monica's murder.


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pink floyd    


1577 days ago


Oh my gosh this guy is so guilty. I still want to know how he got back here wihthout his passport? Did he just use his liscense and drive accross? Did he fly?
Come on TMZ get on this will you please. This guy will never return to MX if he is smart, but I hope he does.
The question is will he get away with this murder?

Oh yeah, ladies, please stop threatening guys when you all are breaking up with taking the kids or ruining them financially. Just do it, don't say it.
It is an absolute time of insanity for a guy if he really did not want a divorce. We will over react and even act criminally becasue we can't reason at all in this condition.
I never agreed with what OJ did, but I understood it.

1577 days ago


This man shouldn't have custody of these children yet. He's still under suspicion for Monica's murder. If he is this okay with the fact that she's been murdered and then stuck in a sewer in Mexico, what might he do to these kids? NO! They should be with her sisters.

1577 days ago


How in the world did he get back into the US ?? Something is very wrong here !! NO NO, he should not get the kids !!!!

1577 days ago


Wow, he sure has been showing deep remorse over his wive's death! Not, to mention lying to the kids about how their mother died, along with trying to keep them as far as possible from the victim's siblings. This POS has Murderer written all over him. As much as he tries to hide the truth from his kids, they will one day grow up and will have to face the facts.

1577 days ago


why does he act like those kids are his property? the kids belong to themselves and every child has two families, the mothers side and the fathers side, you cannot deny them knowing and being with their families.
and lying to children is a crime, they are going to be hurt badly twice, first from knowing they were told lies about their mothers death and then from the real hidden truth that she was murdered.
if he is innocent he would do good by bringing his murdered wifes sisters into his and his childrens everyday life, and quit the lies

1577 days ago


Bruces lover kowalski the troll is back with a new name ArizonanPatriot. LMAO. You ladies watchout.he is MAD as a hatter about what yall saying about his lover boi. LOLLOLOLOLOLO @ the as****

1577 days ago


The Mexicans arrested Dog the Bounty Hunter & his crew, but they let a very possible murderer loose. Bruce took a Life Insurance on his wife, what does that tell you !!!

1577 days ago


Since the Arizon Patriot was there and all and knows what happened. He should testify in court as a witness for the defene.

1577 days ago


A Life Insurance, Defensive wounds, Her Family says she would never leave the kids behind, Cheating on his wife, People heard arguing, Wife is found Dead,Come on people, He is Guilty !!!

1577 days ago


ArizionPatriot.... You are really pushing the issue of the Mexican Mob... But all of us know that he is most likely the one who did it !! Your the Blind One !!

1577 days ago


ArizonPatriot is a little emotional people give him a break. When he heard his *** bottom boi was going to get arrested he huffed and puffed so hard he shot a wad in his panties.
Seriously this retard is so freaking entertaining to watch hiding behind his computer trying to prove a point by posting on TMZ. ROFLMAO!!

1577 days ago


Monica's sister has had the hots for Bruce for years. She probably killed her sister so she could have Bruce.

1577 days ago

what a beautiful day     

I thought I read somewhere that this loser took out a few insurance policies before his wife's murder.

I hope he gets life. What a dirtbag.............

1577 days ago


ArizonanPatriot - you are a sick puppy! Or perhaps Bruce's father? Maybe Bruce himself?
You ignore all of the facts except the delusion in your own brain and your conspiracy theories. You are a racist and a bigot who is trying to divert the conversation to politics. What this story is about is a man who murdered his wife and the mother of his children and stuck her in a sewer.
No matter how much you talk about Washington and our "Kenyan" president - your term not mine - it doesn't change the story so get a life and get over yourself.

1577 days ago
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