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Jesse James' Sister -- The Abuse Was Real

5/27/2010 10:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' sister is backing Jesse's claims that he was abused as a child -- and she also blames their father for the incident in which Jesse suffered a broken arm.


Julie James England (above with Jesse on her wedding day) tells TMZ her father Larry -- who denied the abuse allegations Jesse made on "Nightline" -- was "very abusive to my mom and us when we were growing up."

Jesse James
Jesse claims he went to rehab not just for sex addiction, but anger management, and childhood abuse issues as well. In the interview Jesse went on to claim his father beat him and broke his arm when he was seven.

As for his broken arm -- Julie says Larry forced 7-year-old Jesse to jump over a fence to retrieve a lost ball from a neighbor's yard one night.

She claims her father was screaming at Jesse the whole time and that, as a result, Jesse ended up falling off the fence and breaking his arm.

Despite all that's happened, Julie says she's proud of her brother because she feels Jesse's finally "on the mend."

Paulina Rubio -- Bikini Romp for Two

Just weeks after announcing her pregnancy, 38-year-old Latin pop star Paulina Rubio showed off her bumpin' bod yesterday -- rockin' a teeny tiny bikini on the southern shores of Spain.

No word on when the baby is due -- but she's already one hot mamacita!

'American Idol' Finale -- What the Hell Happened?!

"American Idol" brought out the big guns for their season finale last night -- with some huge stars, shocking moments ...and the return of William Hung!

  Check out the photo recap and reminisce on all the highlights!

Hugh Jackman & Family -- Razor Sharp

Along with his gorgeous wife Deborra-Lee and adorable daughter Ava, Hollywood hunk Hugh Jackman rode around Manhattan on their Razor scooters on Wednesday.

The family that skoots together stays together.

Wanna Pick a Celebrity Belly ?!

Summer time is here -- which means it's time for the stars to flash more flesh -- but can you guess which celebs are the proud owners of these taut tummies?

Whose Perfect Pumps?

Can you guess which New York glam girl made a statement in these electric blue lace-up heels?

Lindsay Lohan -- Sobriety Down to a Tea

Lindsay Lohan was drinking heavily during her 10-hour blondification treatment yesterday in a West Hollywood salon -- and we're told her beverage of choice was some weird, fizzy Chinese tea.

Sources tell TMZ, Lindsay was pounding Kombucha -- a fermented tea that claims several health benefits -- while she got her hair did yesterday at Andy Lecompte Salon in WeHo.
And this is interesting ... due to the fermentation, the tea contains a trace amount of alcohol -- less than 0.5%.

We're told she emerged ten hours later -- and all she could talk about while she was there was some mystery actor she met at Cannes ... with whom she's allegedly obsessed.

So far, the SCRAM alarm remains silent.

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke to the guy behind Kombucha tea, GT Dave, who claims the product can help people kick habits of alcohol, coffee and junk food by "restoring healthy balance to the body." So there.


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Here's a thought: Shut up, Jesse. You're way out of your depth.

1611 days ago

J.P. Craig    

Who freaking cares? We have two wars going on, a huge catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, unemployment around 10% nationwide, and an immigration issue on the verge of explosion, and we're supposed to care about these spoiled rich celebrities? Pa-Leeeeze!

1611 days ago


By the way have you seen that |eaked backstage video from the Idol? I've found it yesterday - It's full of explicit moments, for example you can watch almost ńūde Crystal Bowersox! I've seen it here:

1611 days ago


Of course Jesse's dad is gonna say that he wasn't abusive! Duh.
And I don't belive that, in the Nightline interview, jesse said that his dad "beat" him. Rather he said that his dad was verbally and emotionally abusive.
Kudos for the sister stepping up and telling the truth!

1611 days ago


Of course Jesse's dad is gonna say that he wasn't abusive! Duh.
And I don't belive that, in the Nightline interview, jesse said that his dad "beat" him. Rather he said that his dad was verbally and emotionally abusive.
Kudos for the sister stepping up and telling the truth!

1611 days ago


Having been abused myself and knowing the lifelong ramifications of the effects, I'm glad Jesse is acknowledging and working on his issues. I'm sorry it took him breaking Sandra's heart to start the healing process, but maybe they'll be able to heal their relationship in the end as a result. If not, at least Jesse is taking steps to heal himself and he will become a better person as a result.

1611 days ago


Who gives a ****...lots of people grew up in bad situations that dont commit crimes or adultry...I think james is like most men with a bad case of lust...a lot of men cheat that come form good homes and guys and preachers. Own up to it James and move on and dont make BS excuses or blame your dad for everything.

1611 days ago


Who cares about Jesse? Who cares about Jesse? Who cares about Jesse? What has he done for humanity? Stop giving him such media attention.

1611 days ago


Jesse admit about parental abuse when he was very young. Why does he tell everyone today? He should have gotten help a long time ago. Abuse has nothing to do with committed adultery. He is adult to know better. He should not marry at first place if he has weakness in ladies.

1611 days ago

iwas abused2    

Sandra give Jesse another shot. I understand his demon. I was abused too; and I had several affairs seeking comfort. I went thru counseling and I am now a better person, Jesse seems so sincere, can you not find it in your heart to give him another shot?

1611 days ago


What the hell do this have to do with adultery? We're suppose to feel bad for him? Dude seriously if this the best excuse you have for not keeping it in your pants then you need counseling.

1611 days ago


Awww booo whooo wahhh wahhh wahhh Jesse get a backbone & some balls & man up & stop looking for a scape goat for your behavior because he wasn't thinking about the abuse when he was screwing around!

1611 days ago


I have no Respect Fer Jesse James When you have the best of Everthing and Git caught GO figure Tears dont work Looser Slime Dog Go to your ladies now fer support Sandra is a Princess as far as Sex theraphy thats a Bunch of CRAP when you git caught PAY The Prise

1611 days ago


You have two boys with the same father (who is an alchoholic), the one boy grows up to be an alchoholic and the other doesn't touch the stuff. When asked why they turned out the way they did, both responded, "well, can you blame me?" Jesse grew up with an abusive father, that is no exuse for him to be what his father was in any way shape or form!!! He has been a rich celebrity now for over ten years. He has no one to blame but himself for his choices. period!

1611 days ago


I and many others have experienced bad childhood situations. To use those situations as a crutch for the rest of your life, and for an excuse to hurt other people is NOT alright. You have to learn what is suppose to be learned from your experiences. Use that knowledge to move forward. To purposely dwell on the negetive and make yourself unhappy and useless is just being LAZY. Man up and move on.

1611 days ago
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