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Lindsay Lohan Must Check in Nightly

5/27/2010 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan will be making a nightly call to her probation officer -- to find out whether she'll have to take a drug test the next day.

Lindsay was right on time today for her meeting with a new probation officer, a female. Sources tell TMZ Lindsay and the officer went through the prescription drugs Lindsay can take, without SCRAM repercussions  -- which include Adderall and Ambien.

We're told the officer went over protocol with Lindsay -- which requires her to make a nightly phone call to the probation office.   During that call, Lindsay will be informed whether she will have to go to the probation office the next day and submit to a drug test.

All in all, we're told the meeting "went well."

After the probation meeting, Lindsay took a trip over to Fred Segal for some retail therapy.


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Cocaine can be detected 2-5 days in urine or blood and up to 90 days in hair.

Alcohol can be detected up to 24 hours in urine and blood and up to 90 days in hair. She is, of course, wearing a SCRAM bracelet but I wonder if she is using Saran Wrap in between it and her leg some nights. We'll see. She is so intent on non-compliance.

Lindsay has had her hair processed TWICE in the last week. Once last Sunday when she dyed it black again and then yesterday when they bleached it all out and gave her new extensions. This attention to her hair was no accident.....

She is a cocaine addict and an alcoholic. She also has a severe addiction to Adderall and Ambien but because she has a prescription, it looks okay on those two scripts.

1589 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Lindsey Death Watch 20 10

1589 days ago


@professor obvious your comment is right on the button my friend. How about we send Lindsay to Malaysia for a public caning!!!LMAO

1589 days ago


Cleansers do not work period. She looks great, hang tough girl! Prove all these *** holes wrong.

1589 days ago


I'm getting to the point I don't care about her anymore. Just sick of the epic arrogance and her continuing on this path of self destruction.

1589 days ago


At 0:17 Lindsay's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley stated "I'm so proud of you" as Lindsay walked up the steps.

Proud that she showed up on time? Proud that she wasn't hung-over? Proud that she played with fire the night before and hasn't set off alarms yet?

When i show up for any appointment's anywhere, my spouse, family, friends, attorney, never tell me they are "Proud of me!" ... just saying.

1589 days ago


I predict the bracelet will sound off before the weekend is over....

1589 days ago


I don't know who TMZ's "sources" are but a SCRAM only detects alcohol not drugs. If the probation officer talked to Lindsay about the Adderall and Ambien it would be regarding the random drug tests not the SCRAM. Odd that TMZ's expert "sources" don't know something as elementary as that.

1589 days ago


i don't care what drug you take, the fastest it will completely leave your system is a minimum of 3 days.
being notified the night before sporadically is random.

1589 days ago


LOL a phone call the night before kind of takes away from the whole random drug testing thing.

1589 days ago


Adderall AND REDBULL plus the possibility of cocaine use??? We know she has no common sense, but her prescribing Doctor should be aware of this! She probably should go get her heart checked out for enlargement etc.

1589 days ago


Although it does take more than a night to get drugs out of your system so it is some what random. I just think it would be better if she had to check in each morning to see if she needs to take a drud test THAT day.

1589 days ago


Ok, to the person saying she is putting saran wrap between her leg and the bracelet---this would constitute "tampering with the device" and would be noted in the next reading downloaded. Tampering is considered a violation. I'm very suprised she chose to have her hair dyed, as there is alcohol in the solution and could POSSIBLY cause a positive reading violation. They tell you ANY products containing even traces of alcohol are NOT allowed, specifically so that people can't blame the product on a reading violation.

1589 days ago


Did she watch the soaps today?

1589 days ago


She is still getting a break. Usually drug tests are random. She gets to call in that night to find out if she has to take one. CRAZY Well I hope she appreciates the treatment she is receiving. Just because you entertain people on the news doesn't make you above the law.

1589 days ago
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