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Lindsay Lohan Must Check in Nightly

5/27/2010 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan will be making a nightly call to her probation officer -- to find out whether she'll have to take a drug test the next day.

Lindsay was right on time today for her meeting with a new probation officer, a female. Sources tell TMZ Lindsay and the officer went through the prescription drugs Lindsay can take, without SCRAM repercussions  -- which include Adderall and Ambien.

We're told the officer went over protocol with Lindsay -- which requires her to make a nightly phone call to the probation office.   During that call, Lindsay will be informed whether she will have to go to the probation office the next day and submit to a drug test.

All in all, we're told the meeting "went well."

After the probation meeting, Lindsay took a trip over to Fred Segal for some retail therapy.


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How the heck is THAT random? She calls and ASKS if she has a test the next day? Not that it matters, I smoke pot and have passed several tests with synthetic urine and as they already mentioned, her worst problems are her prescribed meds!!! Adderall? OMG!

1577 days ago


It's seems like she has a smile on her face when ever she's wearing this SCRAM ankle devise. When she's not, she seems to always have a frown. There has to be some truth to her drinking.
She's also talking up on Twitter her love of everything, that isn't booze, like water and tea's. It's a new world when your awake for it. Perhaps this should be permanent for all DUI's etc.. Life long.

1577 days ago


59. Don't know if it is true but was told that in Florida your assigned a color based on factors. They spin a wheel and whatever color comes up all the people assigned that color are tested. When you call the number the recorded message tells the color of the next day.

Posted at 2:42 PM on May 27, 2010 by Spot

Wow. That's pretty far out. Whoever came up with that color wheel spinning scheme must have been stoned themselves...

1577 days ago


The SCRAM only monitors for alcohol, reports the ac***ulated data via modem once or twice a day (no alarm going off, sorry TMZ, the wearer just has to come close enough to the modem at specific times). Blocking the device is tampering and will be reported by the device - there's a problem sometimes with false positives for tampering. So don't worry, Lindsay can't just stick some saran wrap under it....

You have to tell people sometime when to come in for a random drug test, and the night before isn't a big deal since the tested drugs stay in your system at least 24 hours. They might have options for people about the notification time, depending on what makes it easier for them to schedule the test. Or they might stagger the notifications just because of staff time required. Maybe they want her to call the probation officer nightly for a bit of an informal sobriety check... maybe the officer can decide to do the test the next day on the spot if she seems high.

She does already seem to be looking better, so maybe just getting her off alcohol will help her out even while continuing the prescription drugs (which probably shouldn't be mixed with alcohol anyway). If she does use cocaine - I think the random drug testing would stop that, also. Hopefully she's not physically addicted to anything she's been using that is now off limits (not everybody is addicted even if they are chronic users). If she's addicted to the prescription drugs - that's a different problem.

Is it my imagination that LA seems to have an unusually high percentage of people with ADHD? These celebs all seem to be on Adderall... Or is it just easy to fake it for a compliant pet psychiatrist? When was Lindsay diagnosed?

1577 days ago

kooky and balls lover    

You people who are saying her drug testing isn't random are stupid as hell. It is random. She may have to go back to back.

She doesn't know when it will be. They do that for everyone because people have JOBS and need ton know if they have to go in or not. They can make arrangements to go before, after work or during lunch.

Leave this girl alone!

1577 days ago


There is lots of ADHD amongst the so-called Stars because they tend to run in "over-drive" and they are very selfish people.

1577 days ago


@Spot, In the the south FL counties i'm familiar with court ordered random drug testing is contracted out to a private firm and is paid for by the probationer ($$ to sign up and $$ for each drug test). They have you call a phone number each day to check in. If they are testing the next day your told you need to report for random drug testing tomorrow -TOMORROWS DATE- between the hours of -BEGIN TIME- and -END TIME-. Maybe they give out color codes in other counties but it's the same principle. If they are testing a LOT of people i suppose they may assign them to color pools of no more then XX people (the amount they can test in one day) and do it that way.

I don't know about the spinning a wheel to choose the color though? The only way i could see that working is if it's weekly testing and the wheel has 7 colors on it. Each day they spin it they would need to remove that days color from the wheel (or respin if it lands on a "used" color until a new on comes up). That way each one of the 7 colors would come up once and randomly during 7 days time, and everyone would get tested.

1577 days ago


So, let me get this right... she calls in and her probation officer will give her permission to have her drugs that night or tell her she should wait tell the following night? Nice. really nice. WHOs money is paying that probation officer? Mine, yours, hers?

1577 days ago


If she's in financial trouble how can she afford all this shopping and partying?

1577 days ago


Maybe her dad is crazy. If she was really hooked on pills she would be in terrible W.D. If addrell amd ambien is all she takes what the hell is wrong with that. I could see it if it was opiads or something, but addrell give me a break. People need to leave her alone

1577 days ago


Four of you will be chosen at random...

But just to give you all advance notice, John, you will be chosen first. Mary, you will be chosen second. Sally, you will be chosen third. And Eric, you will be chosen fourth.

1577 days ago


WHY is she wearing a sweater and a winter cap in May in Los Angeles? Time warp? She thinks she flew in to Switzerland instead of LA? Now I'm confused and keep wanting to put out my Christmas tree and hang garland...what day is it???? How long was I asleep????

1577 days ago


She will know the night before? That makes no sense. She can plan her partying no problem. Here in my part of CO, you call that morning and have a 4 hour window to get there. That way, it is harder to cheat the system.

1577 days ago


Why is she always smiling? She's in trouble with the law, she looks like an old hag, her mother is bonkers, as is her father, her career is in the toilet. So what's to smile about! Some of these people should show some remorse - I might respect them more.

1577 days ago


Wow, most of you who are bitching have no idea what you are talking about. Like Grammy...

"64. Any time you can call in ahead to see if you will be tested the next day is not my idea of "random". When are the legal experts going to get a backbone and treat her like any other common drug and alcohol abuser? This is beyone ridiculous!"

Sorry to burst your bubble honey but Lindsay is being treated just like everyone else who is subjected to court ordered random drug testing. I mean really, what do you expect them to do? Randomly call you up and tell you that you have to report for a drug test right away or else? That's not how it works. The court knows that people can't drop everything and rush off to get drug tested ASAP on short notice.

The reality is most people have jobs. If they get up and walk off the job to go get drug tested without notice they'll likely get fired. Also a lot of people who rely on public transportation to get around. Where I live it takes between 2 and 2.5 hours to get to the local testing clinic by bus, and that's if you rush straight out the door as soon as you know your going to be tested.

Requiring testees to call into an automated message system daily to find out if they will be tested the next day is simple and it works. It puts the burden on the testee to make contact and comply (not the probation dept or drug testing firm which eliminates excuses for missing the call or not getting it), it allows people to schedule the time they need to get tested without getting fired from their job or missing the call up on short notice, and it provides plenty of time to detect any drugs that were consumed in the last 24~48 hours. Get over it people. It's the norm.

1577 days ago
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