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Lindsay Lohan Must Check in Nightly

5/27/2010 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan will be making a nightly call to her probation officer -- to find out whether she'll have to take a drug test the next day.

Lindsay was right on time today for her meeting with a new probation officer, a female. Sources tell TMZ Lindsay and the officer went through the prescription drugs Lindsay can take, without SCRAM repercussions  -- which include Adderall and Ambien.

We're told the officer went over protocol with Lindsay -- which requires her to make a nightly phone call to the probation office.   During that call, Lindsay will be informed whether she will have to go to the probation office the next day and submit to a drug test.

All in all, we're told the meeting "went well."

After the probation meeting, Lindsay took a trip over to Fred Segal for some retail therapy.


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You people do not realize that everyone on probabation that must submit to random drug testing go through the process of having to call a phone number each evening between certain hours, usually a 4 hour time frame, to find out if their number has randomly come up for testing. Since most drugs take 3-14 to 30 days to get our of your system, and there is no way to get around it (regardless of the head shops special cleanse formulas that don't work)

1520 days ago


OMG this is killing you guys. I remember when Lindsay was ordered to do drug testing, Harvey was beside himself with glee. They were so sure she would test positive for cocaine. Now you all are trying to make a big deal about prescriptions she is taking.

1520 days ago


i agree and i can't believe how much everything is being scrutinized, the tea, the prescription drugs. If she is getting tested randomly a minimum of once a week there is no way she could get the drugs out of her system. I honestly think Lindsay can make it till July 6th she has too much to lose if she slips up.

1520 days ago


I am going to randomly select one of the 50 states, but it will be a state that starts with the letter "L"

1520 days ago


so she can continue taking the two drugs she is addicted too ok????

1520 days ago


You paparazzi are annoying starker freaks.

1520 days ago


Hi Lindsay, I am Barb, your probation officer. You have been ordered to undergo random drug testing.

Accordingly, I have randomly selected your test dates to be: May 31, June 3, June 11, June 28, and July 1. If those dates wont work for you, just give me a call and I will let you know what other dates I will pick. I look forward to working with you.

1520 days ago


Wow, now some of you are actually questioning the judge for allowing Lindsay to continue taking lawfully prescribed medication that was prescribed to her by a licensed physician? lol, what planet do you folks live on where judges intervene in the doctor/patient relationship like that? Judges have no business second guessing what medications a physician is prescribing their patient.

1520 days ago


#90 - thank you Dr. Conrad Murray for your input.

1520 days ago


@TeamLindsay #72
I was told that the contractor came up with the wheel idea. The colors allegedly designate the risk level of a given probationer. The higher the risk the higher the number of that color on the wheel.
Lindsay is going to pass all the tests and the ankle thing, complete the alcohol course which is the end of her probation, and then be jailed at the july hearing. She is being treated unfairly and I hope she does not get slammed by the judge.

1520 days ago


To all of you that are constantly regurgitating how much of a drug addict she is, yet you don't know her and most likely don't know anyone that knows her or have not met her or have come in contact with her anywhere, she'll either fail a drug test or not. I really don't care about the SCRAM thing because she was allowed to drink. I think the SCRAM is to keep her in LA, she loves to travel and it was a way the judge could keep her from leaving LA until July 6. I think it helps Lindsay as she won't fly off somewhere and miss a class one week and/or miss her next court appearance. Now, I don't know that much about drug or alcohol withdrawals, but I would think that a heavy drug or alcohol user would be hiding out and possibly in a doctor's or withdrawal professional's care and display some sort of visible withdrawal symptoms. It's been only 3 1/2 days but Lindsay does not appear in any way to be going through withdrawals. It is possible that Lindsay isn't a big drug addict. It's possible she behaves strangely based on a lack of taking mood stabilizing medications, misuse of adderall or ambien and their side effects, lack of sleep, some sort of emotional behavioral issue that is chemical (if she has ADD or ADHD her brain scans are different than someone that does not have these conditions). I also think her not getting over Samantha Ronson and seeing she lives in the same building and town triggers Lindsay into several episodes of irrational behavior. She may at times drink a moderate amount of alcohol mixed with prescriptions from time to time (dangerous). Unlike DOherty or Winehouse, Lohan has NOT had any recent ODs resulting in trips to the hospital. Right now, evidence is pointing to Lindsay NOT being a chronic drug user, but it is very early in the testing. I think the tea, notions of fooling the SCRAM and complaints about the phone calls before the day of testing is utter foolishness from haters and people who have their mind made up about her and can't deal with facts that may prove their premise wrong.

1520 days ago


TMZ, look do any of you on staff have children? Think about it, you continuously report, dog on, and for failure of a better work , you guys are up, on, over, around, everywhere with this girl. Why dont you lay off man, let her have some time alone(without your presence). If she's gonna fail so be it. But if you continue to stalk this girl and she ends up dead, I will make sure that you were involved in her demise. You guys are in it for the fun of it. Maybe you should take a look. You just might be wrong.AND NOW BACK TO REALITY~~~~ TMZ sucks

1520 days ago


please answer me this...are the stores that freaking stupid they let her buy on credit...she (been reported) has no money. Guess good for her not so much them.

1520 days ago


Random testing is suppose to be "Surprise Lindsay, we have to
test you today!" And then her response would sound something like,
"Oh crap I can't make it in, I lost my passport. No wait, that was
my last excuse. Um, wait...sorry I think someone may have drugged me. Maybe those fans that 'invited' me into their room to take a picture. What? I've used that excuse too?"
You all get the picture, right?

1520 days ago


oh! she wore nice gown really she looked seductive in that gown.

1520 days ago
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