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5/27/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's 36-year-old supermodel Kate Moss.

She hasn't gone two-pieces yet.


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first off yall are not right....2nd quit hatin,Kate's the best, DUH, i admire that she's normal, exquisite, always normal, but always fresh, angel face, and of course super fat :)

1607 days ago

JoAnna V    

Eck, I threw up a little in my mouth. I guess karma came back and got her, she looks nasty!

1607 days ago


I guessed Roberto Cavalli.

1607 days ago

My New Name    

Melanie took the words right out of my mouth.

Clearly she has had some type of abdominal surgery - perhaps a C-Section - because I have, too, and that is EXACTLY what the line across the pubic area looks like. Doctors hide them there, but if you have even a little bit of extra flesh in your abdominal area that is what it looks like. The incision/scar area stays tight and the additional skin/flab folds over.

Also, Melanie was right about the loss of muscle tone there from a Section. I am not saying Kate has definitely had one, I am just saying when you DO have one, the doctors are cutting right through your abdominal muscle and it is HARD to get that tone back. Not impossible - but extremely hard.

Anyway, that would explain the shape. As for why she has the little bit of extra "tummy mass" there, I don't know. But, she is still slim by America's standards. Just walk down any street and you can see that clearly.

1607 days ago



1607 days ago


Kate Moss has made some pretty mean-spirited comments about women who dare to be larger than size zero...and she took pleasure in bragging about her body. So this pic seems really ironic, and I'm sure pretty sobering for Kate. I bet she's looking at it and is absolutely mortified.

1607 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

I'm with Lisa. Kate Moss has been pretty snide in the past on weight issues.

If you really look, she isn't huge. She just doesn't have an ounce of toned muscle on her. That indicates, to an extent, that she probably didn't stay thin through healthy diet and exercise.

1607 days ago


what everyone has failed to mention is that she is now healthily off the crack diet. you know, the one where your nutrients are traded for white blow up your snow. she is now nice and fat off real food.

1607 days ago


that's just downright disgusting. I thought it was Joan Rivers. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth

1607 days ago


Actually the best part of the picture is the name stamped on the tube. I am surprised TMZ did not even comment on it....."NO ISSUES". LOL...

1607 days ago


I know the trend today is to be skinny, but I think she's really sexy with a little belly on.
Just my two cents worth.

1607 days ago


Time to go to a one-piece!

1607 days ago


Lots a white women sagg at an early age if they don't lift weights because they do not have lots of natural muscles. That's why they get so many tucks and other things done. I'm 44 with two kids and look better than this.

1607 days ago

Jen l    

She had a baby--she had a c-section--she's also all hunched over, it's not a big deal. It's actually refreshing to see that she is human and has some evidence of being a mom.

1607 days ago


What a surprise to see it's "little" Kate Moss, at least it makes me feel better about myself, thanks Kate!

1607 days ago
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