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Platinum Rapper On Board for 'Celebrity Rehab'

5/30/2010 4:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Celebrity Rehab is all set to add another star to its cast -- "Bone Thugs-N-Harmony" rapper Bizzy Bone.

We're told Bizzy - real name Byron McCane -- wants to seek treatment for an addiction to marijuana and alcohol.

As we've previously reported, the producers behind the VH1reality show starring Dr. Drew have been on a mission to lock down a cast -- and fast ... or else the show could be in danger.

If the show survives -- Bizzy could join Tila Tequila and Jason Wahler inside the rehab facility.


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Bizzy Bone is from the group Bone Thugs~N~Harmony. The multi platinum award winning group who brought us "Tha Crossroads" in 1995. Bone Thugs have always been very spiritual and are always growing stronger in that department every day. They can rap and sing so it's safe to say they have talent. No Lil' Wayne auto-tune stuff here. I highly doubt that he is going in for weed, more alcohol than anything. TMZ likes to run their mouths. Cartoon name, What about you "Mista Celebrity"? More power to Bizzy for seeking help. Jah Bless!!

1544 days ago


@Mike, I think you can be psychologically or emotionally 'addicted' to anything in the sense that if you don't get it you get irritable but I don't think one can get physically addicted and that those drugs are the ones hardest to kick easily. I do hope marijuana is legalized even though I don't smoke, and it would and should be held to the same legal rules that booze is, so no driving under the influence, no smoking in public, no selling to someone under 18yrs old ect. I do think it would lower crime on many levels from dealing all the way down to those who might stay home and smoke as opposed to going out to a bar...never met someone high who was aggressive,..met more than a few very aggressive drunks however. If we are going to list drugs on a scale of 1-10 Pot is about a one... way below even many common over the counter drugs and cigarettes actually.

1544 days ago


Come on people. Bizzy might not be an A-list celebrity, but he and his group have won Grammys. That's more of an accomplishment than most of you. Why don't you do a little bit of reserch before you dispute someone's fame.

1544 days ago


how old are u ppl were u old enough to know music in the 90s this guy is apart of one of the best hip hop groups of all time i agree with the other celebs being nobodys

1544 days ago


whahoo bizzy bone on rehab, finally get to see you on t.v. ,still waiting on that bone thugs series "Living ~N~ Harmony" though...duces

1544 days ago


YOU don't have to be familiar with him....nor do you have to care about HIS situation that HE is seeking a remedy for....but FYI, just because YOU haven't heard of someone, doesn't mean they're a nobody....he is a member of a mega-platinum group that has sold upwards of 35 MILLION, evidently SOMEBODY knows who he is...and i wish him a full recovery....btw, ANYTHING can become an addiction/obsession....grow up.

1544 days ago


WoW, I can't believe Bizzy might be on the show. He is a great talent. I hope the show helps him like it has some others that went on the show.

1544 days ago


How the hell are you addicted to weed?

What a *ucking sell out...

I have lost total respect for Bizzy....

1544 days ago


its just an obvious ploy for has been losers to get their name out their once again .. and add me to the list of being addicted to weed LMAO... <--smoke everyday bitches...

1544 days ago


You see third rate porn actress's on this show along with a singer from a group that had a one hit wonder butterfly and you say nothing.
But someone who actually has sold albums and you throw a fit because the only rap artist name you know of is lil wayne.

1544 days ago


Smoke weed everyday for 4-5 yrs straight and then try to stop and then you can tell me it's not an addiction. This **** is ruining my life and i can't stop so i feel Bizzy's pain. And i'd be willing to bet that 100% of the ppl here who don't know who Bizzy is are white and probably don't have any Black friends. Only nerdy white ppl say **** like, "who the hell is that??? Bizzy WHAT?? OH MY WORD!!"

1544 days ago


ummm how can you people not know who bizzy bone is?!?!? Bone Thugs N Harmony (which he's a member of) have sold over 50 million records. Do you guys not remember Crossroads? its the best selling single of all time (of all genres not just rap)

1544 days ago


He's white?

1544 days ago


First off that's bizzy bone of bone thugs n harmony. If you don't know who the **** he is, then your lazy ass need to go do a research and stop acting like a ignorant nobody.

I'm glad he's seeking for help. Hopefully he'll find his problem and move on to the next step.

1544 days ago


58. He's white?

Posted at 5:03 PM on May 30, 2010 by Stephnie


He has one black parent and one white parent. So in this country that makes him black, like Michael Jackson's kids.

Bryon Anthony McCane ll (born September 12, 1976),[1] better known by his stage name Bizzy Bone, is an American rapper and a member of the Cleveland rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

[edit] Early life
In 1981, at the age of five, Bizzy was abducted by his stepfather along with his little sister and older sister. He lived in many homes, apartments, cars and motels and was unaware at first that he had been abducted. He was told his mother had died. He was eventually told this was false and was instructed not to tell anyone about his abduction. In 1983, he was living at a reservation in Oklahoma where his stepfather had dropped him off. A neighbor saw his photo at the end of the made-for-TV movie, Adam and called the police, resulting in his return to his family.[2]

Despite this, his childhood remained difficult. His mother had married another man, and Bizzy's new stepfather physically abused him and his mother.[3] Eventually, his mother divorced and put him and his sister in a foster home until she could get her life back together. Beulah Smith took care of the orphaned Bizzy Bone and gave him his first Christmas presents.[4]

In 1989, when he was thirteen, Bizzy decided to live with his sisters in Cleveland, Ohio. During this period he resorted to selling drugs in order to support his family. This came to an end when he met Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh-n-Bone who all lived on the same street. He later appeared on the FOX series America's Most Wanted (hosted by John Walsh, Adam's father) in 2002[5], where he revealed his abusive childhood and molestation. Bizzy Bone also wrote and performed a song on the show entitled "A.M.W." in which he thanks Walsh and encourages abused children to come forward.[5] This song was played towards the end in that same episode; however, an official release has not been made as of late.

[edit] Solo career
Bizzy Bone started his solo career in 1998. He is best known for his style, combining rapid fire raps and double - sometimes triple - harmony choruses. His debut, Heaven'z Movie made it obvious that on his own he felt free to explore his psyche and to go to eccentric places.[2] The critically acclaimed album received a positive reception from Bone Thug fans and made it to #3 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart[6] and has been certified Gold by the RIAA.[7]

Bizzy Bone became an underground artist and began releasing albums with little or no marketing. The Gift, released on April 7, 2001, peaked at #2 on the US Billboard Independent Albums chart.[8]

In 2002 at a Bone Thugs-n-Harmony performance in New York City, Bizzy was noticeably drunk and walked off-stage halfway through the show and was later let go from the group that night, but Bizzy claimed he had been a solo artist for years and only a guest in the group.

In 2004 Alpha and Omega was released and fans responded positively to the album, influencing Bizzy to produce his own underground limited-edition album for the internet, The Beginning and the End.[9]

On May 2, 2005, Bizzy Bone made news when he displayed unusual behavior during an appearance on Houston's KPFT radio show, "Damage Control".[10] When asked about it in an MTV interview a few months later he said, "Everybody thought I went crazy, they were questioning my motives and what was going on." [2] He also stated he felt he was being antagonized during the interview and went into defense mode. He later admitted to having a drinking problem that he was working on, and that his family had attempted to have him committed to a mental health facility.[2]

[edit] 2006 – present
2006 proved even busier with the albums Thugs Revenge, The Story, and The Midwest Cowboy.[11] Continually writing and recording, he released eleven solo albums from 2006 to 2009. Bizzy has since reunited with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and has finished recording the anticipated reunion album Uni-5: The World's Enemy. In 2010, Bizzy took part in "We Are the World 25 for Haiti".

Bizzy has since signed with Sphinx City Records, an imprint of acclaimed metal label Sumerian Records. His new album entitled "Crossroads" is set to be released in the summer of 2010. The first single is slated for a 4/20 release on iTunes.

The 25 of May 2010, he released a new single called 'Paz' with the Latin RnB singer G.No aka The Latin Bird.

1544 days ago
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