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Bret Michaels Returns Against Doctor's Orders

5/28/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels will return to the stage tonight, much to the delight of his fans worldwide -- but we've learned his doctor is not crazy about the comeback plan.

Bret Michaels
Fresh off his triumphant "Celebrity Apprentice" win and "American Idol" performance, Michaels is set to perform tonight at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, MS. Sources close to Michaels tell us he had a check-up yesterday and everything was fine.

We're told Bret's doctor is not in favor of Michaels performing tonight, noting he's not "100%."  But the doctor realizes handcuffing Bret is not an option.

Nevertheless, precautions will be in place tonight.  We're told, "Bret will be slower on stage ... not a lot of dancing and will take it easy" on stage. There will also be "medical personnel" in the house ... just in case.  And, we're told, the AC will be cranked up.

If you plan on attending tonight's show, be sure to pack your extra warm bandana.


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Hey may want to take it easy. Has he not heard about Gary Coleman's condition. Brett needs to get his soul right and stop playing around catering to this world which can do nothing for his soul when it seperates from his body.

1617 days ago


I think this whole health thing was nothing more than BS from square 1 (the phony appendicitis crap right up to "the hole in his heart" malarkey) HOW LOW CAN YOU GO??

1617 days ago

Did tiger sleep with this one also?    

this brett michael guy is disgusting he's a has-been who is a media whore,fake ass boy! He is not a man, a man would'nt do this stuff!

1617 days ago

floppy watson    

he could end up on life support like gary coleman if he is not careful.

1617 days ago


Why is Bret doing this? Because he lie people, LIE!
Look Gary Coleman, are you expecting him to get up and go work tomorrow? NOPE, he just have a brain hemorrage.
Bret is in need, that's way he's doing all this pathetic publicity.

1617 days ago


Yep, youre right, he is one big faker. All these drs that are world renowned that have been treating him, announcing his condition on the air and explaining it, they would all just give up their credibility from a lifetime of work just to make some rocker in his 40s have a better image! Do you know how stupid some of you idiots really sound?

1617 days ago


I think he is taking a huge risk... if that thing should blow it will not matter how many doctors are in the house. My prayers are with you!

1617 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    

I agree with Jessica..I don't think he was faking at all..and it's his choice to return to doing whatever he wants to do, u can post negative remarks all day long, it's ultimately his choice and he will do what he wants. If he thought there was a chance he would be taken from his kids, I really don't believe he would go back on stage just yet. I wouldn't push for him to be on stage this soon but I also won't post negative comments about him,either. There's not doubt in my mind he is a great father, I think he just wants to get back to his way of life and feel alive again..maybe it's like when you're sick and know u should take one extra day to stay home and rest but push yourself to go to work because you're sick of sitting at home..If he's not going to be jumping around and as active on the stage as before then maybe this is ok for now. I hope he is ok and nothing happens..regardless of what you think of him doing this so soon it doesn't make it ok to post hateful things or think he was "faking" sure..I'd love to see these haters say those things to his face! anyone can be big, bad and anonymous behind the computer..his one older kid can still log on and read your hateful words! watch what you are saying and have some compassion and respect!

1617 days ago


Bret obviously isn't taking this seriously and for all the talk about loving his kids so much, he seems to not give a **** if he lives to see them grow older. There is a difference between a rockstar attitude and a stupid uncaring rockstar attitude. Fans can bitch all they want about cancelled gigs but he should be thinking of his health first and his family, definitely not pleasing the fans first.

1617 days ago


Bret probably feels like he will have to get out there at sometime. His doctor didnt say it was dangerous, they said he was not 100%. I take that to mean he hasn't gotten all of his mobility back. Not that it is dangerous.

Besides, his doctor who appeared on Oprah last week, said they don't know what caused the problem. They also can't predict if he will ever get another one. So, what do you do, just wait for another to hit you? I think Bret's action are reasonable under the cir***stances.

He does have to make a living and I don't know if they pay them to be on celebrity apprentice. Doesn't all that money go to their charity and not to the celeb?

1617 days ago


sure things are good now but what if something happens too bret while performing then what. Bret should really stay off the road until he's 100 percent healthy as for poison have they ever considered finding a permanent fill in or replacement for bret beats taking precautions for bret

1617 days ago


He's doing it for publicity. He's not that great of a musician. The only song he seems to know is Every rose has a thorn. He seems to want to get as much gigs that he can get before all the drama fades. Take it easy guy. You have 2 little girls that need you and its not going to do them any good if something worse happens to you. Good luck to you!

1617 days ago


why don't you stay home and be a FATHER!!? I didn't even know he had a daughter til your story about how scared she was of losing him. he really needs to get his priorities straight.

1617 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    

To the idiot that said Bret is faking and is in need..U r truly an idiot! What exactly is he in need of?? Money? Publicity? He has more money than God and he certainly doesn't need the publicity! Check your facts before you post your hateful crap.The world knew who he was before this happened and anyone that thinks he did this for more money or publicity is just an imbicle..nothing better to do than hate on someone u don't even know. Karma will get ur azzez and 10x worse than the hate u put out towards someone who was touch and go, laying in a hospital bed not knowing if they were going to survive another night. If you were at that hospital, you would know this was not faked, publicity stunt or whatever other idiotic, armchair theory that has been thrown out there. You would be ashamed and embarrassed for thinking that..if you're even capable of that, jack azz.

1617 days ago


I'm going to feel really bad for his daughter when the dumbass overdoes it and hemorrhages to death. Really bad. What a fool...

1617 days ago
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