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Bret Michaels Returns Against Doctor's Orders

5/28/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels will return to the stage tonight, much to the delight of his fans worldwide -- but we've learned his doctor is not crazy about the comeback plan.

Bret Michaels
Fresh off his triumphant "Celebrity Apprentice" win and "American Idol" performance, Michaels is set to perform tonight at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, MS. Sources close to Michaels tell us he had a check-up yesterday and everything was fine.

We're told Bret's doctor is not in favor of Michaels performing tonight, noting he's not "100%."  But the doctor realizes handcuffing Bret is not an option.

Nevertheless, precautions will be in place tonight.  We're told, "Bret will be slower on stage ... not a lot of dancing and will take it easy" on stage. There will also be "medical personnel" in the house ... just in case.  And, we're told, the AC will be cranked up.

If you plan on attending tonight's show, be sure to pack your extra warm bandana.


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Bret are you nuts ? You have been near death and have a very serious condition. I am not a doctor, but do not think this is a wise decision. You talk so much about the love of your children. PLEASE think about them !!!! You are a wonderful performer and when I saw you in the 80's it was GREAT. You were so good on Idol, but maybe you were pushing it then. You are going to do what you want. PLEASE think about taking it easy, if for nothing else your children. LOVE YA !!!

1606 days ago


-Type 2 diabetes mellitus can be controlled with diet and exercise. Stop doing that and blood glucose levels start to increase again.
-Gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) goes away after delivery, so technically this type CAN be reversed.
-Type 1 diabetes, which is the type Bret has, is diagnosed in childhood and can NOT be reversed. These people are insulin dependent for the rest of their life.
Just a little diabetes information to correct your statement. People need to know the TRUTH about diseases, not false comments.

1606 days ago


Hey Beth!
Yeah, I understand what you're saying too. Its just the way people like us are, never said we weren't crazy! (=
I WAS single when I was playing so I didn't have that on me back then. I can't really say what Bret's thinking since I never had that aspect to consider. You're very right, his comments regarding everything have changed a lot since his first hospitalization. After the appy, then after the brain bleed he seems content to be at home with family and live life with sort of a "new outlook". Then post-recovery its a whole new way of thinking again. You know what, it seems to me as if he thought he may end up with a lot more severe residuals than he did. Knowing how serious the situation was maybe he felt he would never be ABLE to get onstage again. !!??? Then once he realized he was going to make a full recovery, .......
Idk...just my thinking??
Don't you love coming back to work and finding that pt who was circling the brain when you left bright and responsive. Just starts my day off with a bang!!!!!!!
Yeah, rehab is structured the way it is for a reason. As I mentioned, I've been in Rehab for awhile and know Bret should be following his dr's orders as well. Doubling up on his daily therapy probably won't get him anything but an increase in pain he's having. Another ???, ya know. You get pt's like him and you just want to pull your hair out because they're so stubborn! But then you just have to admire them for having that will and drive to do it.
Agreed, he should be taking better care of himself. I guess they said he was running around onstage last night as if nothing ever happened. And I have to kind of agree with him as can't spend the rest of your life walking on eggshells and waiting for the other shoe to drop. (=

1606 days ago


Enough already. If you just had a brain hemmorage and a slight stroke wouldnt you take it easy. He is eating up this free publicity and using his sickness as a ploy to draw in the money. Damn, what a idiot. And he only won celebrity apprentice because of his brain always exploding. Holly should of won because she won the most money for her charity. Donald Trump is a idiot too. Can stand him.

1606 days ago


Yeah Beth, I know what your saying but, why keep going? You claim your a RN that has all this medical education under your belt, but you havent matured yet? Idk, when I was in high school the only thing I was really learning at the age of 14 -16 thats has anything to do with medicine was biology. So, you cant really call her an idiot. Also, what she said wasnt even that bad of a sentence to a point where it affects someones life. If anything it would make them calm down if thats the case. I understand what your saying but, your sounding more arrogant then sure. I agree with Rachel about the girl, your being really ignorant to that girl. So you and your followers can stop now. Who cyberbullies a teen? How old are you 12? So leave it alone, it no longer matters if you said your point.

1606 days ago


Hey Beth, your pathetic to write an whole damn near essay about how shes wrong. Yeah, your right you should stop reading these comments. You get too involved and its kinda sad, so go away. Thanks doll. P.S, no one gives a damn about your ****ing job, so go AWAY and the only person that agrees with you is a druggie, so, your not really getting much support on trying to cyber bully a teen. Lmao, your funny. Actually keep going, This is really entertaining.

1606 days ago


Love you Brett! I don't think you're a faker - you sure rocked Biloxi Friday night - I was there rockin with you! I think you are just thankful to be here..made it through the valley to the other side - been there - and know its like feeling a peace and a joy no one understands...a natural high..take care of yourself!

1606 days ago


Liz, Please, I wrote a post that stated the thruth. Read it again, you probably can't even understand it. You don't even know how to spell. AND I wasn't cyberbullying a teen...she should not be on this board making stuff up if she is a teenager and wants to give medical advice. I didn't know how old she is and I don't care. You say you don't care about my career? That must mean you don't have one and couldn't do what I do and have done if your life depended on it. You might care more about RN's when you or someone you love is sick in the hospital. Probably not, you have no respect for people who help save people's lives everyday. That makes YOU pathetic, not me. And you think this is funny? Bret is ignoring docs orders, how is that funny? He could die. Hopefully he is and will be OK though. And I can write a book on here if I feel like it, so shut it already.

1605 days ago


Beth, you cant call a teen an idiot. I just dont like how in every damn sentence you state im a RN. Dont get it twisted sweety, I just graduated with a bachelors degree in computer science. And I said, YOU are funny, not Bret Michaels. She also was not challenging the board, idk where the hell you got that from but, she isnt. And you dont have respect for people because your dogging a teen. Your more pathetic. I have no respect for arrogant people. You never said once about his condition, just your job. Cmon, wheres the facts that you claim you stated? I do NOT see them. I dont care about your arrogance not RN's (plural you are just 1 person), Im pretty sure your boss isnt bragging about his damn job so, why should you? You are stating no medical facts, just your job position, its real lame. I can tell you I'm a computer technician in every sentence but, never tell you how to reimage a computer and that makes me look pathetic, which is why you look pathetic. Im pretty sure your better than that.

1605 days ago


if you all seriously dont know what your talking about, which clearly you dont, then you just need to shut the hell up!! Bret WAS NOT faking it!!! did you see the pictures from where he WAS IN THE HOSPITAL from the brain hemmorage?? I mean seriously they even showed the catscan picture of his brain. stop acting like a bunch of 2 yr olds fighting over a stupid hot wheel. I agree with Elizabeth if she's an RN I think she knows what the hell she is talking about. But anyway its kinda dumb that people say that bret is a faker when clearly he isnt. ALL THE BRET HATERS just need to get over themselves and realize they are wrong but first they have to stop telling themselves that they are right and no one else is. And second they NEED TO GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR ASSES!

1603 days ago


Bret is NOT selfish. He's doing what it takes to get better and thats all he needs to do right now. HEll, he could have been dead. But no all you all whine about is how he is a faker and how selfish he is. and im pretty sure he doesnt have a death wish. And how is he a drama queen?? maybe your the drama queen for talking trash about him and acting like a 2 yr old would!!! GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!!! REALLY??? JUST BACK OFF OF BRET!!! HE"S NOT FAKING AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THAT..........ESPECIALLY THE BRET HATERS!!!!!!!! I LOVE BRET!!!!!

1603 days ago
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