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Bruce Beresford-Redman Makes Custody Move

5/28/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Beresford-Redman's lawyer, his parents, and the sister of his slain wife Monica, are all in court arguing over who should have custody of Bruce's two kids.

Bruce's parents have asked the judge to remove them as guardians of the kids ... which then clears the way for Bruce to regain custody. But the sisters are objecting because they don't think "someone suspected of killing their mother should be in charge of the kids."

UPDATE: Bruce's mother tells TMZ she wasn't invited to the memorial on Sunday and that she only knows of the memorial "because of the media."

UPDATE: The judge has ordered that the children are to not attend the memorial service for Monica that is being thrown by the sisters on Sunday -- or any other memorial service.

UPDATE:  Now here's a twist.  The lawyer for Bruce's parents is concerned ... if his clients withdraw their guardianship petition Bruce might not get custody.  So the lawyer just said Bruce's parents would not withdraw their guardianship over the kids.  The judge, slyly, said "I don't think they get to hedge their bets."

UPDATE: The judge just said he's willing to remove Bruce's parents as guardian and will hear arguments from the sisters about appointing a new guardian.

UPDATE: The lawyer for Bruce's parents told the judge the guardianship papers were filed because there was "no parent available" to take care of the kids -- Bruce was detained in Mexico. Now Bruce is back.


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Innocent until proven guilty. Sure Jay Springer. Think of the kids. We are thinking of the kids. Why should the kids be with this guy?
The Attorney General in Cancun recommended to the Judge Beresford-Redman be charged with first degree homicide. They waited a long time to take that action - until they got the forensic evidence. There was a a hell of a lot of other "cir***stantial" evidence prior to that. Motive, means and opportunity.
Someone on another comment nailed this guy in my opinion - a sociopath with money and international connections. His arrogance is appalling. Monica's sisters need help dealing with this guy. Monica needed help too but sadly she didn't get it.

1617 days ago


I read a comment on another website that nails it for me. This guy is a sociopath with money and international connections. Monica's family needs help to go up against this murderer.

1617 days ago


Dear TMZ - One does not "throw" a memorial service. It isn't a party. Have some respect for the poor murdered woman tossed in a sewer why don't ya.

1617 days ago


This is the type of cir***stances where people sometimes take the law into their own hands. You think these Brazilian girls don't know anybody who can help? Don't believe that for one minute; they don't know anyone in our justice system who can help. Ever been to Brazil? - I guarantee they have some Brazilian friends who could exact some revenge. I have no idea what is going to happen, but the possibilities are interesting.

1617 days ago


@mike: you are right. Don't really know the implications of ordering some kind of revenge on US soil. What we all probably can be sure of is that if this guy ever leaves US Soil, he will be a target for some kind of revenge. He will have to be the Survivor... how about that irony?
@Jay Singer: yes, Innocent until proven guilty. His leaving Mexico where he was asked to stay - and entering the US without a passport kind of shows alot, doesn't it? Nothing to hide? Why not cooperate?

1616 days ago


Another comment, mr Jay Springer. Sorry, Singer.
You talk about the US Constitution. Unfortunately, if you kill somebody anywhere else in the world, you can't hide behind the flag and the Constitution. He will have to abide to Mexican law in this case. Had he killed his wife (theoretically) in the Philippines, it would be the Philippine law. Just because you are a US citizen doesn't make you above the local law in any other jurisdictions. Not the Mexican, not the Philippine, or anyone else. These laws are not more flawed than US law. Maybe the people working in the system are corrupt, but that could only work to Mr Beresford-Redman's favor. And maybe, just maybe, did he choose one of these places to do this just because of the corruption level. And maybe, just maybe, he was caught by somebody that wouldn't be corrupt. Ever thought about that?

1616 days ago

john smith    

Tudo Bem Brasil! Brasil always wins

1616 days ago


Arrest the son of a b*tch and please think of the kids. They belong in a safe loving home with her family. Look at what the gradparents raised a son who kills the mother of his own children. Time will reveal the truth. THINK PEOPLE!!!!!!

1614 days ago
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