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Conrad Murray to Visit Michael Jackson

5/29/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray will visit Michael Jackson on or around the first anniversary of the singer's death.

Dr. Murray As 'Inspirational' as Michael Jackson

Sources connected with the doctor tell us Murray is torn up by Jackson's death and the anniversary is an important milestone. 

And we've learned Dr. Murray has visited the Forest Lawn mausoleum where Jackson is entombed a number of times.  "He goes there a lot," we're told.  Murray avoids attention by going either early in the morning or during off-hours.


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#20 If a drunk driver kills someone even though he didn't mean it don't you think it would be cruel for him to go to the gravesite. I had a boyfriend killed by a drunk driver and if that creep had showed up at his grave I would have lost it and thrown him in a hole in the graveyard.

1579 days ago


If Murray is "torn up" then he should admit his guilt and take his punishment. TMZ, what are your "sources"? Someone named Sevcik who works in Murray's attorneys's office? And what is it for, another photoshoot? If he shows up when MJ fans and family are present, that would be beyond the pale. He has no business being there. Come on doc, admit your guilt and get out of our lives.

1579 days ago

Lee lee    

Mark,this is one of the many remarks you left on other boards..believe me when I say I have many from you much the same. Perhaps you are a different Mark...But you earlier comments would lead me to believe that you are one in the same. So, FYI I am not 12 years old, but your obsession with Michaels foreskin, would believe me to think that you are. So just to refresh your memory...... read below...from the TMZ story about Jason coming out saying he was Michaels Lover. Check the post dates!! And my remark to you then. NOT YOU???? Sorry if thats the case.
250. . I can imagine that guy ejaculating semen into MJ's rectum. I can see Jason licking the fecal matter from under MJ's filthy, stinking foreskin.

Posted at 7:37 AM on May 6, 2010 by Mark


Oh Mark
Still daydreaming??? You like to just sit back and imagine this sort of thing?? WOW!( mental Much? )
You still haven't called Dr Murray about your foreskin problems???
Mark, we can't help you here. You need to be treated by a Doctor.

Posted at 1:56 PM on May 6, 2010 by Lee lee

1579 days ago


So Randy Jackson is permitting this kind of BS to happen over and over??? WTF RANDY? KEEP THIS BASTARD AWAY FROM MIKE!

1578 days ago

The Netherlands    

Murray is a murderer!

And now i want to kill him...

Michael love you baby!

1578 days ago


que todos los adictos tienen que morir, apopulção muchas disminuirá porque la mayoría de los artistas y músicos se viven en algunas drogas, y sabemos muy bien, TMZ tiene que parar a los abogados de CORAND MURRAY.
michael fans en todo el mundo la justicia pedidindo.
todo el mundo conoce y ama.

1578 days ago


TMZ corand Murray a pagar mientras hace su defensa?, slapstick, slapstick
michael fans en todo el mundo la justicia pedidindo.
todo el mundo conoce y ama.

1578 days ago


OK, what I dont understand is if the mausoleum that Michael Jackson is in is so exclusive, and the security is so tight that only family is permitted in, why is it that the man on trial for murdering him is allowed to be in there?

Posted at 7:37 AM on May 29, 2010 by Ann-G
He's NOT allowed to be in there, Ann. He sits outside!! Anyone can visit FL. Murray hasn't been convicted - they can't keep him from going to the cemetery and sitting outside the mausoleum. Anybody can do that.

1578 days ago


Not so sure it was a good idea to make this public knowledge. I'm just sayin.......

1578 days ago


More desperate publicity stunts on Conrad's pathetic punk ass. Yeah, let him go hang with Spencer instead...he a fraud. Screw him.

1578 days ago


Michael Jackson thinks you are all being silly!
Leave his friend Conrad Murray alone!!

1578 days ago


Murry schould not be allowed to visit Michael he KILLED him.And others
who helped him to do it AEG.SONY and all the leeches around him who make
money of MJ. They all have Michaels blood on the hands!!!!!

1578 days ago


So he really doesn't want to be seen there but still announces his visits? This man is all PR all the time.

1578 days ago


He doesn't deserve to "see" MJ. He should feel torn up...he murdered MJ. Plain and simple. Too many drugs that day...and knowing the combination of such drugs could/would be lethal in retrospect...and on top of it all....TOOO much Propofol to finally end it. You're going to jail get ready! and quit the publicity stunts...we don't buy them!


1578 days ago
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