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Heidi Montag -- Spencer Held Me Hostage!

5/29/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Heidi Montag is pulling the plug on her marriage mainly because Spencer Pratt has taken away her friends and family.


TMZ broke the story yesterday that Heidi has separated from Spence.  We're told she has been complaining bitterly that Spencer is so controlling he isolated her from all her friends.

The final straw, however, was earlier this month, when Spencer called the cops on Heidi's mom when she came a callin'.

0529_jennifer_bunney_3And, Heidi is saying, she wants to break into acting but says people in Hollywood don't want to work with her because she has "a loose cannon of a husband."

We're told Heidi will be renting a Malibu beach house with Jennifer Bunney (right), one of her best friends.  As Heidi herself puts it, "I want more girl time."

Bunney tells TMZ ... "Heidi has spent so much time with Spencer and now she wants to be able to spend more time with herself and friendships." 

And Bunney says ... she and Heidi will be doing their very own reality show which begins filming in July, which will focus on their relationship struggles and ... of course ... plastic surgery.

So we ask ...


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Wow! Is it possible they implanted a brain in her when they were doing the breast implants?

1618 days ago


It's about time you came to your senses. Your first call should have been to your mother and father, to apologize for all the crap you put them through (and you did). Spenser clearly has a personality disorder and needs to be seen by a professional. He has no remorse for anything he has done and he has hurt a lot of people, often intentionally and solely for self promotion purposes. Separating a woman from family and friends is the first step in the control process.

1618 days ago


No sh*t Sherlock... They said that on television and you defended him.

1618 days ago


Question for Evan... He actually admitted to watching The Hills on TV


People say the Pratt/Montag break up is a publicity stunt. Do you think this is a way to get Lauren Conrad back for the Finale for a "Fairy Tale" ending?

Montag/Conrad friend = a friend in Hollywood's door.

1618 days ago


i see a spin off in the near future

1618 days ago

Daniel Mountain    

Unless she gets into porn I don't really care, either way.

1617 days ago



1617 days ago


its easy for Heidi to make Spencer look bad. but she needn't think all this is going to make her look good right off the bat. she's got some work to do to prove herself after all, she was ( and could be still) one of the players in all the media stunts. i remember there were a few times Spencer wasn't even around when she acted up.

1617 days ago


publicity stunt, they arent worth the air time, time to stop the insanity and ignore them. if they did something for humanity I might give them a second glance, but to pad their own pockets, nope.

1617 days ago


This is all a work so she can try to get roles. She will probably get a legal divorce but I doubt they will be seriously divorced. She put too much in the relationship already and she will look foolish for doing everything she has done for the last 10 years if she just leaves him. He forced on all those surgeries that can't be reversed and she looks like a plastic monster.

NO ONE wants plastic beauty in their films anymore. We went into an era of natural stripped away beauty and she got all those surgeries at the wrong time. Her look 5 years ago would of been good now if she had any talent but she doesn't and she looks fake so she won't get over in any capacity anymore. Good luck working at In and Out Burger in a few years you moron, maybe you'll see Spencer there as a manager.

Spencer has obviously lost his marbles and his money bc look at him. His shirt isn't buttoned right in that last article, he's wearing all these army clothes and spending all his money on army supplies he'll never use. The guy is a waste of life to begin with but he cements the fact every time he leaves the house. Why do people like these 2 live when Heath Ledger is taken away from us early.

1617 days ago


1. He is that way because he's a useless sack of crap and she is his meal ticket.

2. HOllywood won't cast her because she looks too much like a porn star and certainly isn't anything a serious director can take seriously.

1617 days ago


It was around Mother's Day, to be exact, when the cops were called on Dear Mom.

I don't believe any of this. It seems this could be another attention seeking stunt.

Nice try you two nut jobs.

1617 days ago


As if everyone didn't see this coming a mile a way.

1617 days ago


Possessive = "he held me hostage"????? Only in

1617 days ago


WAIT! Could they have possibly added some brain cells to Heidi's plastic surgery injections!!!

1617 days ago
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