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Heidi Montag Calls It Quits with Spencer Pratt

5/29/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag has separated from husband Spencer Pratt, TMZ has learned.

Heidi's rep tells TMZ, "Heidi is looking to move out due to all the fake bad press that Spencer controls.  She's tired of it and is looking for a place and wants to focus on her acting career."

We're told Heidi -- pictured above with Spencer in Malibu last Friday -- is looking for a new place to live ... in Malibu.

As TMZ first reported, Heidi and Spencer called the police on Heidi's mom a few weeks back ...  so there's been plenty of turmoil.

A source close to Heidi and Spencer tells TMZ the tension in the relationship has been building for a while now ... "It wasn't just a sudden thing."

Now it makes sense ... On Tuesday, Heidi tweeted, "I am not Heidi Pratt, I am Heidi Montag."

UPDATE: Spencer's sister, Stephanie Pratt, tells TMZ, "I hope whether this statement is true or not that they are both happy in whatever life decisions they make."


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Your all just a butch of jelious bitches! She looks ***** great. Big ***** tits. Great bod, blond hair. Just what we all want you fat cow.

Every man

1610 days ago


Both of them seem so whacked out. I wonder how many pain meds Heidi takes and I bet Spencer is also taking them. They both seem really delusional to the real world. Guess the singing career didn't pan out. We all knew that though! All I see is porno for Heidi.

1610 days ago


This is all Spencer's idea to upstage Gary Coleman's death on all the entertainment shows tonight.

1610 days ago


Can anyone say Dorothy Stratten? Lots of similarities here... When he said he doesn't "allow" her to watch tv, be on the computer but only read and "pet puppies" I actually got a little nervous for her and I can't stand the plastic barbie doll. I hope she gets protection from that freak of a husband. He gives me the total creeps...always has.

1610 days ago


God I hope she does a porno!!! Could we be that lucky???

1610 days ago


If this is true, this is the first intelligent thing she has done in quite some time. Maybe she is on the path to reclaiming some of her self esteem. The only way that would occur is if she got rid of the milstone around her neck, ie Spencer.

He is nothing more than a manipulative, imperious,arrogant tyrant. Heidi can do WAY better than that ugly, feckless piece of s.h.i.t.

Here's to hoping it is true. Heidi, you deserve better!

1610 days ago


good. those two should be separated far from each other.

1610 days ago


Yeah sorry dont buy it for a second! Publicity stunt!

1610 days ago


GOOD FOR HER!!!! I hope she stays strong. In a year she will look back on her marriage and will be so horrified about her life with King Idiot!

1610 days ago


James: Hey Spencer is that you man?

1610 days ago


First off, Spencer needs to stop trying to look like a rugged Brad Pitt...he has no acting abilities, he does nothing for a job...he's just a lazy bum who got handed a silver spoon all his life. Heidi, well if she just got all of this work done to her so she could look great and get more "jobs" then WTH is she doing eating ice cream??? Oh,and really if they are SO talented "stars" then why aren't they on a primetime show on a major network that everyone watches instead of some stupid "reality" show that no one believes what goes on. about getting a real damn job and start giving back to society instead of wasting space,money and air!

1610 days ago


IF this is true, it's the most sane thing she has done in......oh.....let's see.....ever!!!

1610 days ago


Who is that blond with Brad Pitt?

What the hell, did he get his clothes from Goodwill? Or an Army-Navy surplus store?

"Fake bad press", now that's an excuse.

1610 days ago


since every single thing they do is for publicity, this might be too...I simply cannot stand either one of them, but he is far more disturbing and disgusting than she is..,..I hope she comes to her senses and leaves her face and body alone. Yes Spencer is an idiot loozer and insane, but you Heidi are no rocket insecurities make you mui ugly. Lets hope she goes to college, makes something of herself, and learns to live without relying on her looks...and actually find that she has a brain...I doubt she ever will but one can always dream!!

1610 days ago


i would like to know what drugs heidi is smokin when she looks down at that thing eating her out with those whiskers...i wanna get highhh bitches!!<--kush .. heroin... what you got heidi??? call me, sincerely spencers father.

1610 days ago
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