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Janet Jackson -- Taking it On the Road

5/28/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Janet Jackson was so "blown away" by the positive reaction to her appearance on the "American Idol" finale that she's "seriously entertaining" a concert tour ... that could begin before the end of the year.

Janet was amazing on Wednesday's "Idol" -- performing "Again," "Nothing," and "Nasty."  We're told as of today a concert tour is now on the front burner.

Miss Jackson -- who has only toured once since 2002 (and a bulk of that tour was canceled) is also set to appear at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans on July 2.


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F@CK EACH AND EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU JERK OFF'S WHO GOT SOMETHING NEGATIVE TO SAY ABOUT JANET!! WHAT DA F@CK'S WRONG WITH YOU?? TMZ attracts all the loosers in the world. All they wanna do is spread negativity. Seek help...

For those of you dumb a$$es who are talking about Janet's dancing(LOL)...SHE WAS WEARING 7" HEELS!!! Who can possibly do HALF of what Janet did in heels that high??? ONLY the QUEEN can pull that off. Trust can talk alot of **** sitting on you a$$ WATCHING Janet, but you CAN NOT beat her in a dance-off. And she sang LIVE the whole performance. People are so jealous of the fact that Janet has a unique skill where she is able to dance and sing live at the same time. She does it all the time. Michael has the same skill. No one else can do that so they say Janet can't either. But JANET ALWAYS SINGS LIVE!!! Just face it and get over your own insecurities.


1588 days ago


Her and Jermaine have the same hair style. Melted Chic. Takes a lot of product to melt hair like that.

1588 days ago


In the words of Matt or poster #2....Hell Yeah!!!! Love me some Janet and I have not missed a show since she started with the Rhythm Nation tour...and i always manage to get front row so I'm kinda use to paying the high price to see Miss Jackson and on another note if she does go on tour would be great if Tina Landon and Shawnette heard as choreographers!! I'm just sayin.......

1588 days ago


The amount of nasty comments on this board is amazing. Instead of sitting on your ass criticizing a performer that looks and sounds amazing at 44 as she did in her 20s, why don't you try to put yourself out there have other losers sit on their ass and say nasty things about you.
So many of these "artists" come and go and only a VERY small number of them have the staying power of artists like Janet Jackson. This woman have been performing since the age of 7! while some of you were just learning how to spell she was performing in Vegas with her brothers. Give RESPECT where it is do.
Like many male artists that say MJ was their ICON, she is the ICON to many of the younger performers out there. From Britney, Christina, Lady Gaga, Beyonce... all of them would not be doing what they are doing if it wasn't for these 2 amazing talented people.
She is not skinny, but is comfortable with the way she looks. Which is what makes her sexy. I rather have her wear that skin tight thing, then all these "no originality" women artists that forgot to put some pants on....

1588 days ago


I love the hair.
I also love that she looks like a woman and not a pencil.

1588 days ago


The message boards were lit up...that was NOT Janet singing that first song.....Listen closely and tell me who you hear!! Listen to the song...who's song does that really sound like?

1588 days ago


Much as I like Janet, I won't be going to see her "live". She just doesn't seem to have it anymore. She wasn't singing live on her last 3 "live" performances and she doesn't seem to dance anymore either, just relies on her backing dancers as she walks around the stage. She should go study "This Is It" & see how it should be done. Sorry Janet...please try harder.

1588 days ago


I would pay to see Janet perform IF she still performed like she used to! I love her music, but she looked so out of place and she just can't move like she used to and she definitely looked like she was struggling with her "moves", not to mention she has way more jiggly parts than she used to.

1588 days ago


Why are people being so PC about her performance. She lip-synched the song and only turned on her microphone when she starting yelling. The difference in the sound was so obvious. Go see Britney Spears if you like Karoake. Why does Idol even allow people the option to lip synch on a singing show?

1588 days ago


This is great news!!!!! Can't wait to see her perform again.

1588 days ago


$100? That wouldn't even get you in the door at a Lady Gaga concert.

1588 days ago


lip synched on American Idol. And Paula Abdul taught her to dance.

1588 days ago


are you people crazy, why do you want to pay money to watch someone lip synch the entire time? its bs that many of the so called top female artist lip synch their whole shows! thats not talent and its not at all entertaining.

1588 days ago


Her whole outfit was laughable. That jumpsuit made her look like an old broad pretending to be young and it was totally unflattering for her shape.

You couldn't pay ME to see her in concert.

1588 days ago


She was boring and looked lazy, kept waiting for he to move not just shake her head.
At best sounded like a WEAK MJ no power in her voice at all.

1588 days ago
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