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Prosecutor Goes After Lindsay with a Vengeance

5/29/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the prosecutor in the Lindsay Lohan probation case is gunning for Lindsay in a big way ... and even plans to investigate the alcohol education program Lindsay has been attending. 


Sources tell TMZ L.A. County Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers believes the Right On program was covering for Lindsay when it claimed she was in compliance.  We're told Meyers believes the program violated its own rules by giving Lindsay passing marks. 

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay did not attend all of the courses within the proper time limits -- once every 7 days.  But we also reported that the program followed state guidelines -- which requires attendance at least once every 21 days.  The school also excused Lindsay's tardiness ... something officials said is common among students in their 20s.

But here's what is really interesting.  Meyers says after she finishes prosecuting a death penalty trial next week, she will "be focusing all of my efforts on Ms. Lohan's upcoming hearing."  Mind you ... Lindsay's probation case is a misdemeanor.

Meyers is even sending D.A. investigators out into the field to sniff out potential probation violations of one Lindsay Lohan.

So we ask ...


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I am salivating at the prospect of some justice here. This 23 year old snot has really crapped all over the justice system. Danette is like a nice breeze rolling in to push out the stench of arrogance from one Ms. Lindsay Lohan.

A great case in point is Lindsay making her desire to decorate her SCRAM bracelet with Chanel stickers today. Really? You don't get why you are wearing this device? Really!

1617 days ago


It appears that Lindsay, like so many other celebrities, is making a mockery out of the criminal justice system. Due to the high profile nature of her case, I think that it is fine that the DA is going after her. Sure, there are many other more important cases and I hope that more attention is given to them but I do think that Lindsay Lohan's case needs to be looked at more closely. Besides, I think that a substantial jail term could possibly save her life.

1617 days ago


my son had to go to these same kind of classes, he went every week, he also has to do 48 hours of commuity service, no one is letting hime off, why should they her.

1617 days ago

Peter Sc    

What a waste of the taxpayers money. Revoke her license permantly until she has conducted all the classes.
She is a good actress and her lifestyle is that the producers of her films want to see so they can sell their movies. It should not be of any concern.
What was the problem? Her driving AND drinking! Ban her from doing that forever and send a message to everyone that driving is something you are granted. It is NOT a right.

1617 days ago


Good for her for going after Lindsay and calling her on her BS. Even though it's for a misdemeanor, Lindsay's life is at stake (and so are the lives of others if she drinks and drives again). Furthermore, if they are lenient on Lindsay, the prosecutor's office will be greatly criticized and the prosecutor's job will be at stake.

Lindsay has been given numerous chances and continues to mock the judicial system with her lies and excuses. She deserves to be prosecuted fully.

1617 days ago


Who doesn't decorate their SCRAM bracelet with
Chanel stickers.

1617 days ago


Ha if the program said she was in compliance then she was in compliance hopefully the positive report goes a long way at the hearing.

Meyers says after she finishes prosecuting a death penalty trial next week, she will "be focusing all of my efforts on Ms. Lohan's upcoming hearing."

That is so messed up she is involved in a trial were someone could be given the death penalty and she's already thinking about Lindsay's case for violating probation. Obviously right now she isn't completely focused on the other case as since it was reported that Lindsay didn't attend the classes she has been giving statements regularly to the media.

1617 days ago


Justice is malleable. If you have money, if you are famous, if you have a high-priced lawyer, judges allow all kinds of leeway, even for repeat offenders. If you are an average person without fame or big bucks, relying on the public defender or whatever representation you can afford, you go to jail and lose your license. Its not only that Lindsay Lohan is a spoiled little tart, its the whole system. No wonder she thinks its all just a big joke. I don't advocate that she be treated more harshly, just that everybody should be held to the same standards. This prosecutor is looking for pubicity. I doubt justice is the number one reason for "going after" Lohan.

She obviously has an inflated sense of entitlement, of her own importance, too...think of those reports of fits she's thrown when asked to pay for her drinks at clubs or when she's been denied admittance. She expects to be comped as though she still had a career and was famous for something other than showing up in tabloid reports. The girl doesn't exist in the real world at all, and people let her think that she has some relevance by letting her get away with the crap she pulls...for now. If she doesn't make this Lovelace picture or if its garbage, she'll be done.

1617 days ago


Poor Lindsay, I hope she successfully shows them all that she is quite capable of doing it. That I can almost guarentee, because there is a good side of Lindsay that few pay attention to. Take care love.

1617 days ago


This girl has had more than enough chances and just turns her nose up at the law. It's for the little people you know. She needs to do REAL time behind bars. 180 days minimum. No more of this 82 minutes in jail on a 10 day sentence crap.

1617 days ago


Not to worry, Lindsay will have some fail ****tails before long...

1617 days ago


this is ridiculous, the prosecutor's trying to get her own 15 minutes of fame.
What a waste of tax money that could have been used other wise.
Just revoke her licence until she complies and get it over with.

1617 days ago


This is so stupid. The DA is wasting tax payers money on a misdemeanor! Go away Miss Myers and do something worthwhile with tax payers hard earned cash! This is also make a laughing stock of the legal system and Miss Myers by talking to gossip sites. Radaronline had this stupid story yesterday.

1617 days ago


California is finally putting citizens tax money to good use, that is a good story, too!!
The lady is doing her job. SHE IS A PROSECUTOR, which means "don't **** with me fellas!"

By not complying, Lindsanity thumbed her nose at the courts and the law and each and every one of us that follow the law. Bet she won't be doing much of that anymore.

This small minded, self absorbed woman needs to learn, she is no better than any other citizen and definitely not better than any other actress.

1617 days ago


Maybe they should send her after Bin Laden too. Waste of tax money. No wonder this city is broke. Really.

1617 days ago
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