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Lindsay Lohan -- I Want to Glam My SCRAM

5/28/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wants to use her SCRAM bracelet to make a fashion statement -- with a little help from Chanel ... problem is, the move would be a serious risk to her freedom.


In a midnight Twitter session, Lohan wrote, "can CHANEL please help me out by getting me some stickers to put on my scram bracelet so that i can at least wear a chic dress?! maybe!?"

But TMZ has learned there could be serious consequences if she glams it up -- the people at SCRAM have told us that the person wearing the device is not allowed to alter it in any way.

If LiLo does mess with the SCRAM, we're told she may have to pay for it -- and we're not just talkin' cash.

If SCRAM determines that she altered the device, Judge Marsha Revel could decide Lindsay violated her bail condition and then throw her butt in jail.

So the big question -- is fashion worth the risk? 


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Irish Pubes    

Wow, #28 is an utter moron. Judging by your name, I assume you have the IQ of a dog. That ship has sailed? What an idiot...she committed a crime and didn't pay for it and because it's been three years she should be forgiven? You can't be older than 9.

1547 days ago


@MBFH #40
She is going to be jailed in July anyway so why put up with the bracelet or testing. If she has the whole 42 days clean you and everyone else on here is still going to call her an alcoholic and drug user. There is not one shred of proof that she is or has abused drugs or has an alcohol problem. By proof I men anything that could stand the test of evidence.
The worst case is that she gets 180 days which becomes 90 days in jail. The judge is going to have to specifically order the sheriff to keep her longer than 18 days because she is a non-violent misdemeanor offender and will be release after serving 10 percent, 18 days. Yes, the judge could do a Paris Hilton on her and make her do the entire 90 days but that means that about 180 violent criminals or drug dealers get out of jail to make room to keep her.

1547 days ago


Yeah, Lindsey, you're a moron. Get over yourself, seriously, nothing you do is going to detract from that thing you have on and quite honestly it's your own damn fault. If you didn't go out drinking and partying every night, you wouldn't have this damn problem.
So wear it and get clean, seriously, or you're going to wind up killing yourself and OD'ing on something.

1547 days ago


I wish tampering caused a shock that rendered the user unconscious for 5 minutes.

1547 days ago


Why is she so determined to prove that she has no respect for this process? She really doesn't get how to manange her image for a sucessful career does she?

1547 days ago



She comitted a crime and did not pay for it? She was convicted and put on probation so please explain how she did not pay for it. As far as who is a moron, your handle speaks volumes about your intellegence

1547 days ago

Irish Pubes    

So Spot, when you're put on probation that means you've paid for it? Without completing the terms of your probation and violating the terms as well? Awesome. I'd like some of the crack you're snorting, sir.

1547 days ago


Clearly the real purpose of having to wear a SCRAM has completely escaped this girl. It's not serious to her -- she wants to DECORATE IT. For Pete's sake.

1547 days ago


@SPot there was proof she has been useing! There was 30 minutes of proof that her lawyer and her didnt want read aloud in the court, so they finally agreed to stop pressing the issue about the scram!

1547 days ago

Irish Pubes    

Don't try to talk sense to Spot, pammie. He's not very bright.

1547 days ago


I am thinking chanel would be horrified to have there brand associated with the situation at all... Must suck to have grown up commodity watched by so many judgemental people. No wonder Ms. Lohan and Ms. Spears are unbalanced. You don't have to be smart to be talented after all.

1547 days ago


#10 you're an idiot. Yeah she just had 2 DUIs, was caught with drugs, didn't complete her required classes, showed up late to court, missed a court date....but she didn't do anything wrong.

Reality check, Lindsay isn't that same "omg superkool gurl" you became a fan of in Mean Girls. If you were truly a fan, you'd want her to face her problems and get help. Obviously you're just one of the many clueless enablers helping to dig her grave....literally.

1547 days ago


Seriously shes an idiot...when she gets busted for tampering with it and sent back to court i can picture her saying "But it was fugly and i HAVE to go out" plus no amount of chanel stickers are gonna make the mess that is Lindsay Lohan look hot...stick the ranga in rehab or jail already!

1547 days ago


I read that twitter last night pretty sure she was this really all you have to write about?? omg get over she got a dui we get it!

1547 days ago

She's a Loser    

I doubt Channel would want to be associated with this tramp or a SCRAM

1547 days ago
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