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Lindsay Lohan -- I Want to Glam My SCRAM

5/28/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wants to use her SCRAM bracelet to make a fashion statement -- with a little help from Chanel ... problem is, the move would be a serious risk to her freedom.


In a midnight Twitter session, Lohan wrote, "can CHANEL please help me out by getting me some stickers to put on my scram bracelet so that i can at least wear a chic dress?! maybe!?"

But TMZ has learned there could be serious consequences if she glams it up -- the people at SCRAM have told us that the person wearing the device is not allowed to alter it in any way.

If LiLo does mess with the SCRAM, we're told she may have to pay for it -- and we're not just talkin' cash.

If SCRAM determines that she altered the device, Judge Marsha Revel could decide Lindsay violated her bail condition and then throw her butt in jail.

So the big question -- is fashion worth the risk? 


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52. Spot: And she violated her probation (or her punishment if you will)... Why is that okay again ?

1610 days ago


@70 Hmmm: I don't see where she's a cash cow for TMZ, I don't know about anyone else here, but I never have to pay to read their crap so it's all good... Entertainment for the masses, and free as well LOL

1610 days ago


How stupid,she must have to much time on her hands.

1610 days ago


77Nicole: You guys must be real stupid if you think a trip to the morgue is being punished. She had 7 FLIPPIN MONTHS to complete 13 "weekly" alcohol classes. She couldn't even manage that, and we all know it's not b/c her "work" was keepin her from them. So tell me how in the hell not completing her probation means she should just be let go... Next time she gets drunk I hope she gets in her car and runs down all you idiots in denial, then your families can cry about the lack of justice...

1610 days ago


Go for it, LindZ! I'd love to see the beaver in jail sooner than later!

1610 days ago


All I know is that if she were MY daughter, her stupid a$$ would have been in class EVERY week if I had to drag her by her nasty extensions.. Adult or not, someone needs to take this little girl by the scruff of her neck and shake some sense into her... She had it all and is pissing it away... It's disgusting that someone who worked so hard for so much is letting it all go b/c she can't give up the party lifestyle... I dont' care how much britney spears acted out, she was NEVER this bad...

1610 days ago


Well if anyone needed proof that TMZ and Lindsay haters lack a sense of humor. Just look at how serious they make this sound... and all of the idiotic responses it's gotten.

Please get over it. And pull that big stick out of your ass while your at it, it was just a humorous tweet.

1610 days ago


I think she was kidding people..jesus christ settle down!

1610 days ago


So wait a second....she's got a script for AMBIEN to help her sleep?

Maybe if she TRIED going to sleep at a normal hour, you know, when it's DARK OUTSIDE, instead of THE NEXT FREAKING MORNING, she wouldn't need the dagg script.

1610 days ago


@ KellyR
I didn't say she should just be let go i said that it was crazy she isn't allowed to drink any alcohol until the hearing. She hasn't driven at all since that regrettable night when she engaged in the car chase. She literally missed 3 classes and i don't think that is a good enough reason to warrant a SCRAM bracelet but there was justification for the random drug testing.

1610 days ago


Don’t take is so seriously, this is not the first time she had done it.

1610 days ago


It appears most of you are suffering from Kate Gosselin Syndrome (KGS). As painful as it is i'm afraid the only known cure is to pull the stick out.

1610 days ago



1609 days ago


@ Spot 27
I agree it's like she gets the DUIs but seeks treatment and was fortunate enough to get a good plea deal.
However when she misses like 3 classes she isn't allowed to consume any alcohol for at least 7 weeks its crazy

1609 days ago


@KellyR you are right! Her mother should be the one doing that! She isnt acting like a mother and she sure as hell isnt earning her 20% as her "business" manager. Either one would have told her to quit partying so much and focus more on work. Its not even like she needed to quit all togeather just not all night every night. Dina is a poor excuse for a mother.

1609 days ago
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