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'Survivor' Fan Favorite -- Immunity in Battery Case

5/31/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_russel_hantz_EX_getty"Survivor" fan favorite Russell Hantz -- who just won $100k on the show -- just scored a major legal victory ... he's officially off the hook for allegedly attacking someone at a street festival last month.

TMZ has learned the District Attorney in Lafayette, LA has decided not to file criminal charges against the reality star -- and we're told the decision was made at "the victim's request."

As TMZ first reported, Hantz was thrown in jail for allegedly shoving" someone to the floor at the festival.


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Russell is a little overbearing twit, with little man complex.
Wasn't it a woman he allegedly shoved to the floor at the festival.

1607 days ago


#15 - Puffy:

Russell did both seasons before the the finale of his first of two appearances so he had nothing to go on for changing his game up.

1607 days ago


This guy looks like a hairy frog.

1607 days ago


I guess it is ok to have a raging drunk on the show. That man is drunk most of the time, just look at his bloodshot eyes!! Lousy example he sets for his kids, off and on the show.

1607 days ago


This man is definitely a mean-spirited bully who feels he is owed everything. Anyone remember when he didn't get to go on the trip with his wife like the women did with their loved ones? He whispered tohis wife that the winner who chose who would be going would pay for not choosing him. He is egotistic and maniacal that I was hoping throughout both Survivor shows he was on that he would be voted out. He was NOT deserving of the money he got both times. He is definitely a jerk.

1607 days ago


Russell represents all human ugliness rolled into one package. He is just hideous. Makes my skin crawl...

1607 days ago


This guy looks like a deranged lunatic. I wouldn't trust him farther than I can throw him, and that's not far LOL.

I wonder how much he paid off the "victim" in this case. Inquiring minds what to know....

1607 days ago


Does anyone else see the Charles Manson look in his eyes? What a stupid little man. If you can call him a man.

1607 days ago


What is wrong with u girls? Russell is by far the best player to ever play this game. If he is so mean, then why did america vote for him not once, but twice as the Survivor player of the season? And just like a previous comment said, he played everyone like a fiddle. Both times he played the jury was mad he outwiited, outlasted, and definantly outplayed them, so they voted for the person who didn't screw them over the most in the end.

When I actually think about it, Russell reminds me alot like outspoken guys like Eminem and Bill O'reilly. U either love them or u hate them, there is no in between.

1607 days ago


He was a low-life piece of trash on the show, looks like he's the same in real life. He a little short bully.

1607 days ago


#8 and #26 If Russell was the greatest player Survivor has ever seen then how can you explain that he DIDN'T win twice! Part of winning Survivor is making it to the end, and the other part is having people on the jury who don't hate your guts for putting them there. His game was way too aggressive.

1607 days ago

James Woods    

I thought "victims" couldn't have a say in charges like this once they were brought to the attention of law enforcement. Makes it very easy for a "victim" to be bribed or threatened out of wanting prosecution.

I guess this is just how it works for celebrities. Or people that made it to TV anyhow.

1607 days ago


has anyone asked russell what he would do with the oil spill because hes in the oil biz

1607 days ago


this guy is such a troll, short bald troll

1607 days ago


Russell is flat out awesome.

He is, by far, the best Survivor player ever.

He is the "Babe Ruth" of Survivor.

I never watched the show until he came on, then it was worth watching.

The only reason he didn't win was because of shallow minded people who were unable to get past their own bruised egos and respect play that bordered on pure genius.

KEEP ON ROCKIN' RUSSELL! YOU TOTALLY KICK @$$ BUDDY!!! :-D What I don't get is why the HLEL SOMEONE in Hollywood hasn't snatched him up already! He's incredible!

P.S. (((THANK YOU))) TMZ for the Russell update!

Us true Russell Hantz fans appreciate that. Keep up the good work!

1607 days ago
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