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Bret Michaels -- From Deathbed to 'Idol' Judge?

5/29/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels returned to the stage last night in Biloxi, MS where Bret dropped a huge piece of info on the crowd -- he might be taking Simon Cowell's seat on "American Idol."

Right before Bret played the classic "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," he told the crowd, "I can't say this is true yet, cause I don't know. Next year they asked me to possibly be the judge on 'American Idol.'" Very vague, but still ...

As for the rest of the show, one audience member told us, "I figured he'd be wobbly and sitting on a stool. But he was energetic, running around the stage with his guitar. It was like when I saw Poison years ago. It was a awesome show."

UPDATE: A source close to Bret tells TMZ Bret is "in the running to replace Simon" but that nothing is close to being done yet. A rep for FOX says they are not commenting on any speculation regarding Simon's replacement. Stay tuned ...


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Ryan listen up!!!!

you are the epitomy of OVER EXPOSURE!! You need to think long term if you want to stay relevant. You can't be on everything and expect for the public to tolerated seeing you for long. Do a couple of things well and keep it at that. Think about something other that the almighty dollar. Stop being so effing greedy.

1610 days ago


I am starting to believe the whole thing was a publicity stunt and shame on him if in fact that is the truth.Please explain to me how he is able to make all the shows and appearances with what he has allegedly been through the appendectomy,the brain hemorrhage,two stokes and now the whole in his heart. look at the dates people he had the hemorrhage last month with the first stroke...had a second stroke just ten day's ago...Bull Sh*t!!

1610 days ago


I don't watch AI, but Bret would be a good reason for me to start watching it! I think he would be a great judge. It's fantastic that he's doing so well, and I'm happy for him, but I am really worried about him doing too much too soon. I'm worried that one day I'm going to come on here and read that something else happened and he's gone. I pray that never happens. Music and performing is in his DNA. He is so passionate about what he does and it shows. I just hope he takes things slow. We love you Bret and want you around not only for your fans, but more importantly your girls.

1610 days ago


If Mr Bandana takes Simon's place, then that's the end of that show! Bye-bye Idol!

1610 days ago


I have nver watched American Idol before, but if Bret was a judge would start!

1610 days ago


Another stupid survey. Ryan? Ryan who?? Ryan Seacrest?? As far as I know, there has been no talk about a "Ryan" taking Simon's spot. No explanation, nothing in the story. This is why I rarely come to this website anymore.

1610 days ago


I don't care how Brett was rocking it last night, he should take it easy. He was in critical condition not too long ago. Even though he says he feels better but not 100% better, he should not play around with his health.

I know he wants to get back to rockin on the stage but my gut tells me he is not as feeling as good as he wants us to believe. Give it a rest Brett, at least for a little while.

1610 days ago

South Beach    

Brett needs to remember he's got a little girl who would probably like to have him see her graduate from high school and dial it down a notch.

1610 days ago


Ok, I am officially sick of this dude. At first I was amazed and touched by his miraculous recovery, not once but defying Dr orders with concerts on the road and numerous appearances?? Please sit down somewhere Bret and RECOVER....geeeeeeeez!

1610 days ago


I just can't figure out how he is able to do this. I don't want to say he faked any of this. I believe he had a hemorrhage, but how does a person just jump back up on stage after all he went through in the last month? Baffling.

1610 days ago

James Woods    

only the gays would want seacreat in there.

1610 days ago


Ok, now my comment on AI.
I thought Paula's leaving would be missed by me. I was wrong. I like Ellen and laughed at her corny jokes.

For the AI fans, we'll just have to wait and see.
Simon brings a different mix that the American judges don't have. Bret will be nice and not real critical. He didn't dis anyone on celeb apprentice. So.... I'm not sure about Bret.
Cuz there will never be another Simon.

1610 days ago


nobody can replace simon,i would like to see different jugdes: nobody will be as good as simon.bret would be ok but not every week

1610 days ago

anna marie    

I was actually one of the many people praying for Bret Michaels recovery. However, I now find it very odd that he has jumped from being on the "brink of death" to performances, a convenient new reality show, and hosting the Idol show!! That is a bit far fetched and now this whole entire thing looks like one big publicity stunt!!!! How sad the world has become if this is in fact the case. I know, without the acception of a Divine miracle, Bret Michaels recovery---this fast, this much progress in such a short amount of time-----IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! I've spoken to a few Doctor friends and they were completly "SHOCKED" about his present state of recovery, sting it is highly improbible, to downright miraculous. Bret Michaels owes his fans an explanation to say the least. I don't buy this at all!!!!

1610 days ago


Why would Idol even consider Bret Michaels? His reputation is beyond repair! Would it not make more sense to choose someone of the same caliber as Simon?

1610 days ago
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