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Lady Gaga -- Gimme, Gimme More

5/30/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's reigning pop princess Lady Gaga at a concert in England on Thursday (left) -- and reassembled pop star Britney Spears during her infamous failed MTV Awards "performance" in 2007(right).

Both of them have gone two-pieces.

We're just sayin'.


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Who cares    

Both these women are Madonna wanna be's and that so sad. First because Madonna wasn't that great, Brittney's career...well she has a lot to work on yet and Lady Gaga has always been a copy of Madonna, Elton, and Bowie if you ask me so no originality there. Also Lady Gaga's songs are pah pah pah, or rah rah rah or lah lah lah....really a two year could write crap like that. Where is the originality or at least the talent?????

1575 days ago


Clothing optional, huh?

1574 days ago

Marcus André    

Christina Aguilera used first!

1574 days ago

Alan Nahum    

Não tem nada haver! Amo Britney e sei que ela é melhor que a Gaga. e ponto.

1574 days ago


Lady Gaga is trash and over rated. She can't perform with a crap and what is original about her. Nothing! She can't even appear in a interview without 3 inches of makeup because she is not all good looking. This is why the outlandish costumes are used to cover up the no talent lacking originality that she so desperatley needs.

1574 days ago


"Here's reigning pop princess Lady Gaga" WTF? Are you out of your freakin' mind? Britney is the princess of pop, you dumb-ass.

1574 days ago


Britney sure isn't a princess anymore. She isn't even better yet. Gaga has the record sales. Other than that fact, they all look like trailer trash.

1574 days ago

david williams    

i'd bang britney but not gaga dude looks like a lady

1574 days ago


Lady Gaga is copying Britney Sparibs ? wtf ?????
Have you ever saw a Britney show ??? I paid almost a 100$ to see her 2 yrs ago and it was the worst show I have ever saw in my entire life (and I have seen ALOT) !!!! I wanted to get a refund !!! she lypsynched all her songs without exception, was unable to dance and in the middle of the show, had a Virgin ''promotion'' big ad coming down from the ceiling !!!! who the hell does that in the middle of a show ??????????????

Now , you are telling us that SHE was copied by Lady Gaga ? have you ever saw Britney show off has much as creativity as Gaga ? give me one example ! you'll search for a long time.... have you ever saw Britney wear ONE dress as original as those of Gaga's ????

For yrs, Hollywood believed Britney would be the next Madonna....and for yrs Brit showed us the total opposite. She has NO VOICE whatsoever, can't dance (I saw it myself during her show), has no energy and she is very lazy in concert. I am not attacking the person itself but the characteristics of the artist itself.

So pleaaaaaase do not compare Gaga and Spears. 2 completely different artists and Gaga is by far much more original and creative than Spears.

You Americans, have always been critical to those who are original, creative and DIFFERENT and do not look like the girl next door. Britney is your little princess, looks like one and you'll always put her on a pedestal. Not to mention people who comment on the ''TAN'' someone can have...WTF ?????????? what is the relation between a tan and being a good artist ????? who cares if Brit is tanned ? she's lame and still want a refund !!!

Gaga is liked and disliked just as Madonna has and always been in her career. But in the end, who will be the most remembered worldwidly ?

1573 days ago


Madonna + Cyndi Lauper + Britney Spears + Christina Aguilera + Pink + Goldfrapp + Gwen Stefani + Debbie Harry + Dale Bozzio + Debbie Harry + Kyle Minogue + Grace Jones + Marilyn Manson + e=mc 2

= LADY GAGA! And there ladies and gentleman is your mathematical equation of your "original" pop slut!

1563 days ago


Um Britney is the princess of pop (should be queen) Get your facts straight TMZ.

1515 days ago


lolz i like how when britney did this performance, everybody was all like "zomg she's so fat & loks terrible" but lady gaga next to her side0by-side, is waay worse looking xD and that's a "good-looking" gaga pic? xD that's terrible lolz, brit looks better here, and better most of the time, and I don't like either of em ;P

1451 days ago
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