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Peter Fonda: I Was 'Blessed' to Know Dennis Hopper

5/29/2010 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper's close friend and "Easy Rider" co-star, gave TMZ this statement on Hopper's passing:

"Dennis introduced me to the world of Pop Art and 'lost' films. We rode the highways of America and changed the way movies were made in Hollywood. I was blessed by his passion and friendship."

Hopper passed away today at the age of 74.


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Rest In Peace Mr. Hopper

1573 days ago


You're a 51-years-old idiot and, evidently, quite proud of it. I'm 20 years younger than you are, and still regard Mr. Hopper as one heck of an actor. He always played a great villain (nobody with any memory can forget his performance in "Speed") and his scene opposite Christopher Walken in "True Romance" is just freakin' epic.
So basically don't put forward your own ignorance on the man's career in a pathetic attempt to diminish it. A great thespian died today; respect this.

Posted at 3:41 PM on May 29, 2010 by MightyMad


OK - call me names. But the movies you named could hardly be called classics. So, go have a beer, chill and get off my axx.

I wished him Godspeed, and condolences to his family. It wasn't like I was wearing a garlic necklace practicing voodoo. Get over yourself already.

1573 days ago


Like he said at his recent Hollywood Star installation---"I'm just a farm kid from Dodge City, Kansas, Hollywood was my College"...he also was a near genius in IQ, an avid and knowledgeable art collector and a world class photographer whose photos commanded world class prices. He was a drug addict, alcoholic and claims to have been once Instiutonalied. Peter Fonda said he was also Facist like to work with on the making of Easy Rider, and they were not friends afterwards. He led a full and complete life---thats for sure. So glad the last almost third of it was lived straight and sober. GodSpeed Dennis Hopper to your next Destination.

1573 days ago


God Speed Dennis!

1573 days ago


Ridin in a better place for sure !!! will truly miss you Dennis !!!

1573 days ago


Blue Velvet?

1573 days ago

He's Crap    

To beachy--read up on Dennis, then enjoy his performance in "Rebel Without A Cause" -- which was made around the time you were born. This guy had his rough patches but there's more to him than your dismissive comment would indicate. Truly an artist for his times.......

1572 days ago

Jennifer Yogi'sdaughter    

Dennis Hopper was awesome..... He was unique and TRUE.... RIP my friend. I remember showing Easy Rider to my friends back in 1991. It was my Dad's favorite movie. He told me to watch it. I did and repeatedly took it out of his closet without my parent's knowing. We all loved it!!! Oh yeah, to the DUDE who said Hopper was a pot head who had two good films, you have no all of the other newer films....He was a talented director also. He was not mainstream...HE WAS DENNIS!!!!! I appreciate that!

1569 days ago

Jennifer Yogi'sdaughter    

Oh yeah! Here is an awesome Dennis Hopper flick that nobody has mentioned.....I think it came out in 1991 or so....FLASHBACK....go watch it! You will have a blast!!!!

1569 days ago

phillip buotte    

I remember seeing Dennis Hopper in "Rebel Without A Cause" "Giant"
"The Sons of Katie Elder" There were many guest shots on various T V SHows. Then he became a good Director. Did you forget "Speed" ?
Sure he was a drinker and a tocker. So, how many people were not. He was a human being who overcame his addictions. He died clean and sober. Have you sobered up yet (51 year old dummy)It sounds as if you're older then you are too bad.

1569 days ago
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