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Bruce Beresford-Redman: 'I Am Innocent'

5/31/2010 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Beresford-Redman is finally speaking out through his lawyer and proclaiming his innocence as reports surface he has been charged in the murder of his wife.

The state attorney general in Mexico told the AP a judge has issued a warrant for the former "Survivor" producer's arrest. Beresford-Redman, who spent the day with his kids (see above), released this statement:

"Monica was the axis around which our whole family revolved. From her sisters and parents to my parents and of course to our children and me, she was everything to us.

"I am devastated at her loss; and I am incensed at the suggestion that I could have had anything to do with her death. I am innocent. My children have had one parent taken from them by a senseless act of violence. I implore the Mexican authorities not to take their remaining parent by a miscarriage of justice and to do what is right not just what is expedient."

His attorney, Richard Hirsch, said in part, "Mr. Beresford-Redman is innocent of this crime and is prepared to defend himself in a court of law."


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Danger baby, my only source are my friends in LA that love to eat at the restraunt. I have been following the case and I saw on the news where the Mexican attorney general said they had a great case. It's pretty hard to beat DNA.

1549 days ago


Police always assume the spouse did it... Sometimes that's correct, sometimes not. The police don't always try to find anybody else. Will have to see what the Mexican prosecutor produces as evidence. Obviously they were fighting the night of her murder, but we still don't actually know if he did it. Anyway, if he planned this - he certainly didn't plan it very well!

However, he wasn't legally obligated to stay in Mexico while uncharged, although they requested that he stay. He did stay for quite a while. I'm not sure they actually could hold his passport, since they didn't charge him until just now (2 months later). Possibly somebody misinterpreted something a Mexican official said. He had legitimate reasons (especially his children) to come back to the US and so far hasn't been "fleeing" anywhere but just staying home. So I don't think that can be held against him.

As far as his public statements - I'm sure his lawyer told him immediately to be careful, and his lawyer undoubtedly wrote the statement so it is useless for deciding his true state of mind. Although he wasn't charged initially, that was always a possibility (and would be for any spouse of a murder victim). Any good lawyer would tell a client to shut up under such cir***stances, innocent or guilty.

The US does have an extradition treaty with Mexico, but each country has to convince the other that the evidence is sufficient to warrant extradition. So Mexico will have to convince authorities in the US of that first. That's actually a good reason to head home (to the US or to Mexico, depending on the person's citizenship), so at least there is an extra layer of people who have to look at the evidence (to avoid any potential problems with local police wanting a scapegoat).

1549 days ago


Oh really you ugly loser. You planned this out. Lied about her and neighbors heard you fighting with her and someone saw you fighting with her. You only fool yourself. And this has taken a long time and has not been fast at all. I cannot stand blamers. You were defending yourself and lying about her from day one.Not one tear shed. You stole so much from so many people. Oh and remember the scratches all over him. Monica fought for her life. Scratching you and you think you can get away with this. Dna don't lie loser. All they need is one piece of dna. They got a lot more than that. Oh and cameras loser. you are the only one who beleives your lies. Your kids do not need you in their life so do not play victm.
I hope you get 10 x worse in the prison and end up in the prison toilet. rEAP WHAT YOU SOWED SUCKER. PRISONERS CANT STAND WIFE ABUSERS.

1549 days ago


What do you mean no evidence. Day one the guy lied saying his wife went shopping and he never saw her again. Someone saw him be ruff with her at the hotel the day she supposedly went shopping...She never left the hotel. Then that night they were heard fighting. He escapes Mexico when told to stay. so many facts. This guy had this planned out bigtime. He is the ugliest loser and blamer I have seen. Why this gorgeous woman ever was with him is beyond me. He deserves nothing. He took a Mother from her young children and they have proof. Cameras. Anytime someone blames others like the govt wants to expediate shows guilt not to mention all the other motives. I thought the govt. was slow to be honest. Every one knew this guy was guilty from day one cuz he started defending himself blaming her, and not one tear. Loser, loser. 4-20 years is not enough but hopefully this arrogant ******* will get all he did to Monica back 10 x greater.

1549 days ago


So... This narcisist, pathological lier, psychopath with god complex, thinks that now he can start manipulating the media too??!! O god... dont worry about a thing... he is going straight to hell!! Ha, ha, ha, ha!! He is making this case easier by the minute... and his father is helping too!! Ha, ha, ha, ha!! Actually Monica dont even need a lawyer anymore... this two psychopaths are doing a much better work than any lawyer!! They are so obvious!! Ha, ha, ha, ha!! Mexican jail!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha!!

1548 days ago


WHY was this d---bag allowed back into the USA in the 1st place. Why did the Mexican government allow him to leave Mexico? How did he get by our USA Customs? All of the evidence sounds like the ever so cheating inattentive husband killed the "axis" of her family, his family including their children, his wife. IF he did may he rot in the same type of sewer in which her body was found. This must be a nightmare for all those who truly loved the murdered woman...may they see justice served!!!

1548 days ago


Bulls*&t! no one takes out a life insurance policy after the kids are as old as his. They do it way before, and make the kids the beneficiaries via an executor who is not a family member. Guy's totally guilty.

1548 days ago


I bet his lawyer will go for mentaly disturbed... but the only problem will be the insurance... :P Oh boy... I would love to see how they will explain that!! :P

1548 days ago


Isnt the same that happen to little kid in Portugal 2 years back
the parents ran away to US and they were never convinced even the Portugal investigation found good evidence that that kid was murdered by the parents.
I think this dude will never go to Mexico again thats why he did it in Mexico so he can save his ass.

1548 days ago


what you do in mexico stays in mexico..been gone a few days so that might have already been used..if so..sorry..
what if he is innocent..I mean the water is rather bad down there...

1548 days ago


Karma is definitely right. Funny, he being represented by USA attorney. WTF is this? Does Hirsh have a law degree for Mexico?
He was in custody of consulate and a Mexican lawyer. How he is gone. Why not put a ankle bracelet on this joke of a man. I also met Monica and know firsthand how relationships w/ Brazilian women are. He just flipped. too many witnesses, too much to survive. LOL. 4 years. No, under the cir***stances and how you ran you will get 10 to 20 for sure. Then you get out in 2025 and your kids read how you killed their Mom. You r done OJ #2, and so is your Hollywood life.

1548 days ago


So, why don't you simply say you're innocent, and miss your wife, instead of all the other verbiage? Sorta unbelievable...

1548 days ago


This screams OJ!!! But darn can't play the race card. Heat of passion murder. Yelling, screaming, physcial squeezed her neck too long. He was in Mexico before her probably offered a kid $1,000 to find a place to hide her body. Where were the kids when all this fighting and yelling was going on? I knew he flew them back to US before he reported her missing. This sounds familiar to that case when canadian reality show actor who murdered that blonde model threw her in the dumpster after fighting in that San Diego hotel. (Jealousy) He fled to Canada and hung himself. Saved tax payers money.

1548 days ago

fortune teller    

I call...Bull ****!

1548 days ago


This guy is so full of ****. He knew that by doing this in Mexico he had a chance of getting away with it. How could he do this to those innocent children? They will no longer have their mother to tuck them in at night because of this monster. I you wanted out of the marriage to be with your lover you should of divorced her and left the children their mother. YOU ARE AN ANIMAL AND YOU DESERVE THE WORST.

1548 days ago
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