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Lindsay Lohan -- SCRAM Model With a Cause

5/31/2010 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan flashed what everyone wants to see -- her SCRAM ankle bracelet.

Lindsay posed on a couch this weekend with her court-appointed accessory in full view.

We're told Lindsay organized the shoot and sale of the pics through a photo agency.  She says proceeds from the photos will be donated to an "undisclosed charity for alcohol education treatment."

Other than her own, we assume.


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I thought when she didn't go to jail and basically got off with just the ankle jewelry and laughed and looked bored at the legal system the talk about her would dry up. She's getting the last laugh and people are getting bored with TMZ. If gossip sites don't drop her they will fade away. Is this nobody really worth it TMZ?

1574 days ago


The sad thing is she looks great when she's forced not to drink. Here face looks fresh and she has life back in her eyes.

Too bad she can't stay out of the clubs, off the alcohol, and focus on her career. She is a good actress who is just throwing (or has thrown) away a promising career.

1574 days ago


I vote she host a SNL episode in their new season. She hit rock bottom (well, it's relative - she is a celeb), she is trying, so now is her chance to be a positive example for her fans.

1574 days ago


-yall all ahh bunchh off loww liifess.talkk abutt peoplee.youu quyss look whatt peoplee doo wronqq.butt youu quyss dontt look att whatt yuu doo wronqq.qoo gett ahh liife forr oncee.

1574 days ago


I think "ashley" may be Lindsay posting after a triple set of "Ambien & Adderall" speedballs. LOL
You go girl! It's all somebody else's fault!

1574 days ago


First saw it I thought oh attention whore, then I thought is that her ankle? but after reading the pics went to charity I thought ok nice save. but, the Lindsay Lohan charity would be just as good. She needs all the money she can get. just to get a plane ticket back to LA was hella expensive. I like the hair color now and the new tanned blushed make up. the good girl in the zone look.

1574 days ago

Stupid People    

you people are pathetic. she staged the shoot so the slim balls at TMZ wouldn't make money off of her. TMZ is is the just as despicable as her behavior. They wouldn't have a business if they weren't crawling on the ground trying to get up in everyone else's. Maybe someone should hire an investigator to dig into Harvey Levin's personal business and see what kinda dirt we get. He probably ****s children. Low life s*** bag.

1574 days ago


I don't get it. A photo shoot for a celeb wearing a scram? Trying to normalize/glamorize wearing one? If I were involved in running an alcohol education organization, I'd stay far far away from that kind of crap.

1574 days ago


SCRAM ankle bracelets make me horney.

1573 days ago


Really sad that she has fallen so far. Even sadder that she continues to have a smirk on her face like a teenager who thinks they are getting away with something.

1573 days ago


Everything is a joke to her,she needs to take it seriously.

1573 days ago


This young, talented and beautiful young lady is headed for the grave if someone does not intervene quickly. This judge has the opportunity to do just that. Help this girl for she is clearly in trouble and calling for help by her actions. Lindsey will argue she had no problem but, only one with a problem ends up in this predicament. denial will cause you to lie and make up ridiculous responses thay only sound plausible to the drug addict.
The addict will take crazy chances to satisfy the addiction (i.e. drinking while using the ankle monitor and chalk it up to the air caused the monitor to go off, nothing that I did". This girl has ben given enough chances to get it together. Now it is time to save her from herself. I know I am going through the same issues wity my 27 year old son, the oxycontin epidemic. I have tried everything I can but, nothing is working I will not see my child die before his time to this national problem that has no respect of person. The next step is commitment from yhe court and it can be done even if he is 27 years old/ her parents can do the same. if they care at all and are not just seeking publicity and money for their individual stories. It is time to S### or get off the pot. I wish DR. Drew would offer my son rehab but, he is not a celebrity. Make room for daddy DR Drew and accept some non-celebrates into that program!!! I am at if anyone out there wants to help this poor,loving mother of middle-class who loves and wants to save her child from death. Because we middle class people do not have the material resources to seek out a DR Drew. Call me DR. Drew, I am waiting to hear from you, soon/

1565 days ago


How does Lindsay take a bath with her ankle bracelet on?

1557 days ago

mimi stern    

Talk about privledged treatment from the justice system. Any other citizen would be doing time. She has more excuses than
any other liar!

1536 days ago
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