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Megan Fox -- Hot, Wet, Bikini

5/31/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The new "Transformers" movie must not have any bikini scenes in it -- 'cause certainly Megan Fox would have knocked those out of the park.

After being fired/turning down the next "Transformers" flick, Megan hit up the beaches of Maui yesterday with BF/SOB Brian Austin Green.



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I'm a huge Megan Fox fan and I think she originally, didn't want to leave Transformers 3 I didn't want her to myself. Michael Bay doesn't know what it means to respect women and he lost something angelic and sweet who was one of his finest and hottest actress representatives. I personally, love my Meggie Fox and she looks good in Maui, Hawaii having fun in the South Pacific with bf Brian Austin Green. Brian be a good dad as best as you can and take care of Megan Fox I wish I was her boyfriend I love Megan Denise Fox so much.

Posted at 5:04 AM on Jun 1, 2010 by Chris Kevin

stalker alert!!!!stalker alert!!!!!

1608 days ago


Everything is superb except the ugly tatoos.

1608 days ago


Yawn- next.....

1608 days ago


Not a single one of you really thing she's ugly. You want her and she wouldn't want you. That's just how it is, and this is your way of coping.

How's that working out for ya?

1608 days ago


She's just another skinny girl. I don't see the 'WOW' factor.

1608 days ago


Sorry guys - she is average looking. Just go to ANY beach in Southern California on a hot summer day and you will see hundreds, maybe thousands of girls who look BETTER than she does. Pretty face, yes, but how sad that her tatas are fake and they are barely a B-cup. Yikes.

I have two daughters in their twenties and both my girls and a few of their friends would smoke Megan Fox in a bikini contest on any given day of the week.

You guys don't know what a real woman is supposed to look like - you look at too much porn and the Victoria's Secret catalog girls are too skinny....real women are NOT size 0 or less. Maybe size 4 or 6, but not 0.

1608 days ago


ALL of you are obviously haters and its sad that society has come that low where everyone is always pointing their fingers at others, pointing out their faults when they have their own to work on! You want to sit here and diss her like you know her, wow thats really low. Her body is fine...when someone is fat you judge, when someone is thin you judge. Stop being haters!! Her tats are a way to express herself, get over it. Most of you are too much of PUS*IES to put up with the pain that a tattoo involves so STFU! She is a gorgeous girl, yes she speaks without thinking, dont we all sometimes make that mistake??? You all hide behind a computer and rant about irrelevant BS... obviously you need to re-evuluate yourselves and see why you are so bitter and angry about a girl you dont even know..this in psychology is what refers to YOU BEING INSECURE. Megan is as good as any other young actresses out there...even jennifer aniston isnt great, so why arent you hating on her??? You are hating on Megan because guys love her and you girls are jealous! Guys who hate on her... are also jealous because you know she would never take a second glance at you! Back off, shut up and if you have nothing nice to say about someone, stfu for christ sake!!

1608 days ago


she is ****able...

1607 days ago

sskiles looks like she's wearing those new denim Pampers.

1607 days ago


Would whoever stole Megan's ass please return it ASAP. She looks very average without it. Throw in the disgusting ink and she's not even good enough for closing time.

1607 days ago


S. Lapuke ruins every movie-I almost get ill just thinking of sitting through one of his movies-Good job Megan!

1607 days ago


What? delicious curves ... pleeeeeezzzzz ... nothing but bones and that is not delish!!

1605 days ago


Fake lips, fake nose, fake tits, learn how to act, stop trying so hard and be yourself then maybe ppl will like you!

1604 days ago


lol #137 I am 100% w/you these girls on here for pathetically A. Taking time to even look @ these pictures and comment in the 1st place and B. MAJOR insecurity and jealousy!! Get over it dumb bi&%es, & if ur guys ur just gay.. really gay

1601 days ago

what? her boyfriend has a better body then she does.
and im not gay. she's finished.

^^ this

I can find both cuter AND hotter girls just walking down the street on any day. I'm not even nit-picking beauty or anything; she's a dog.

1599 days ago
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