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Al and Tipper Gore Separate

6/1/2010 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Al Gore and his wife of 40 years, Tipper, are separating.


The couple wrote an email that found its way to Politico, saying, "We are announcing today that after a great deal of thought and discussion, we have decided to separate."

The email continues, "This is very much a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration."

The couple has 4 kids.

Roughly one year ago today -- the couple's daughter Kristin Gore filed for divorce from her husband Paul Cusack.


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Connie Cave    

My gosh, they made it through 40 years and now call it quits. I feel safe to say that no one saw this coming! I'm sure many details will be revealed about who did what to who!

1606 days ago


maybe Al had an affair with Manbearpig

1606 days ago

Mike Rowave    

I'm not trying to defend Al, BUT lets not forget that Tipper Gore is the Frigid Snow Queen that started the "Parental Music Resource Center" because she caught her daughters listening to a Prince song. (I suspect that she's been wanting to do Dee Snider for years.)

1606 days ago


I wonder if she wants to go out on a date..???

1606 days ago


"The couple has 4 kids."

"The couple have four children."

Three mistakes in a sentence containing five words. Great journalism, TMZ!

1606 days ago



1606 days ago


I would separate from him too with all his global warming nonsense.

1606 days ago


Tipper is leaving HIM because he is a certifiable greenie weenie nut.

One can only hear about gas so such.

He is an uptight, money scamming, boring POS.

And to think, people wanted this man as a President.

Gore is making coin on the lies of global warming.

Good luck, Tipper. Get you a SANE man.

1606 days ago


Who in hell cares.

1606 days ago


I just don't get've spent 40 years together, had children, etc...what makes you split NOW? What issue have they not dealt with in their 40 years together that is big enough to seperate them now? Not just why, but HOW can you seperate yourselves from one another after having built a life together? (kids, same friends circle, etc)
Its so stupid...I highly doubt they're going to find anyone now who they can have a deeper relationship with than they did with each other. I say just stay together so you have someone to eat dinner with instead of eating alone. They're at the home strech of their marriage/life and give up? Geez. People just get dumber by the minute...

1606 days ago


Whooeee! This is going to be a BIG story if only because its such a shock. Al was long acknowledged to be one of the few truly happily marrieds in D.C. politics. Which one was having an affair??That had to be it. You don't pull the plug after 40years and 4 kids jsut because you're bored or incompatable.

1606 days ago

Glen Beck    

Probably wants to trade the old gal in for a newer model. After all, he's such a sexy fat slob with an ego to go along with it. Can you spell Narcissist ?

1606 days ago


I can't believe the kiss they shared when he won the Demoncratic nomination wasn't real. It looked so genuine and spontaneous.. NOT.

1606 days ago


So sorry to heart this. I wish them both well.

1606 days ago


Did Tipper discover that Al did not "invent the internet?" Or maybe, she forgot to throw an aluminum can in the recycling bin and a polar bear is somewhere dying?

1606 days ago
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