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Monica's Family Points Finger at Bruce

6/1/2010 10:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for the family of Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman just issued a blistering attack on Bruce Beresford-Redman ... but also saying her family is relieved a warrant was issued for Bruce's arrest.


According to the Burgos' lawyer, Monica's family is "elated the [extradition] process has finally begun," adding, "We are hopeful that Monica will finally get the justice she deserves."

The lawyer then goes on to target Bruce, saying, "We do not buy his newly found contrition.  It has been 56 days since Monica was brutally murdered.  At no point during that time, did he or his family reach out to the Burgos family to express their sympathy ..." 

The lawyer complains, "The only thing that Bruce Beresford-Redman has done since the day Monica went missing was request and pay for her immediate cremation."

And then the lawyer says, "If in fact he is innocent then he should have no problem waiving extradition ... if he is guilty, then shame on him for exploiting his children ... he should have considered them before committing this senseless and brutal act of domestic violence upon their mother."


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maybe his wife nagged him so much he had no choice..

1502 days ago


Yes, nagging would do that to me, too. Mexico, beeatch. Let's go to Me-hi-ko.

1502 days ago


This guy will never go back to Mexico... by doing it we all know he is guilty and unfortunatelly... I don't believe they will ever be able to get him... I'm so sorry for the Burgos family... :(... I'm so sorry for those kids... all this is so sad... :(

1502 days ago


they need to put this cabron in jail

1502 days ago


The money train no longer stops at the Burgos Station....

1502 days ago


This is just sad! The kids lost there mom and if this guy is found guilty the dad to! Mexican prison is horriable! No place you want to spend life in!

1502 days ago


Still letting free advertising I see, TMZ. Why is that?

1502 days ago


How could they let him request and get her cremated when the trial hasn't started? The guy is 100 percent obviously guilty of MURDER and your letting him destroy crucial evidence? Between the way he's acted and the comments from witnesses stated they saw them fighting and her being seen bruised up he should be thrown in a Mexican prison without a trial. He can pay his way out of a trial, especially in Mexico. Their legal system is a joke and he could probably represent himself and get off....this case sucks because we'll have another OJ Simpson walking around...ALL OF HOLLYWOOD SHOULD NOT WORK WITH THIS MAN!

1502 days ago


Why the immediate cremation? What is he afraid they'll find? Sure hope they did a full autopsy and checked under her fingernails, since he had scratches on his face.

1502 days ago


I agree completely. Using his kids in this plot to garner sympathy is so sick and twisted. As if going after him would be the same as taking a parent from children and hurting children. Using his kids. Selfish. Quickly cremating his wife. Selfish.
Her family has a right to be pissed off at this weak loser.
The only people on this board sticking up for him are either his work associates or losers who wish they could work on or be in one of his crappy shows.

1502 days ago


This guy shows no emotions for his dead wife or anything that has happened. 100% SOCIOPATH.

1502 days ago


Is there some reason why TMZ is obsessed with this guy?

Really! He's a two-bit producer and she wasn't a celebrity by any means......

If he really killed his wife do you think he would come home?

If it were me I'd be on the run.

The mexican police are charging him because they won't charge one of their own, and he made them look bad by leaving the country.

But then he's a former producer from some hack reality show Survivor. Which again, does not make him a celebrity.

So TMZ lay off following this guy.

1502 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Mexican justice is a dish served cold. By issuing an arrest warrent, they've insured he'll stay out of their country. Getting the government to complete the extradition process will be difficult.

1502 days ago

Alex Wintergerst    

ha ha ha. It's funny how many people say "Mexican jails are horrible," like if they have been to one. Actually, it's the paradise in Latin America, even compared to Brazil's. Prisons in the States, where inmates are raped, have AIDS, use drugs, are also awful, just maybe more difficult to escape, and they face a longer stay. You walk up clean, and you come out with STDs and drug addicted. In the U.S., sometimes they ultimately get killed by lethal injection, which doesn't happen in "inferior" countries. Go to Austria, the jails there are like resorts (not joking). Bruce will be lucky if he goes to a Mex prison because he will come out knowing Spanish, and he will stay not as long as in the U.S. He doesn't even face death penalty or life sentence. He should have taken his wife on a cruise ship. (with a Liberian or Panamenian flag).

1502 days ago

Are you sure?    

I am amazed at some of the posters on here. A mother of small children was murdered by her husband and you write that she nagged her husband and deserved to be killed! That is pathetic! If someone else had murdered his wife he would have reached out to her family and given the body to someone in the states to do further investigation! I am surprised that Mexico doesn't have life sentences or the death penalty! Hopefully the children will be taken from the murder's parents ASAP!

1502 days ago
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