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'Celeb Rehab' Postponed -- We Got No Big Drunks

6/1/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0516_celebrity_rehab_logo_EXIt should be easier than finding oil in the Gulf ... but "Celebrity Rehab" has been put on ice because they just can't find a big star with a big problem.

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ producers of "Celeb Rehab" can't fill the roster for the new season, which was supposed to start shooting today.

As we first reported, Tila Tequila and Jason Wahler signed on, but there are still holes in the roster.  Most important ... we're told there isn't a big headliner.

Our sources say producers offered Lindsay Lohan $1 million and her own show, but LiLo turned them down.  We're thinking a good move on Lindsay's part.

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This is so stupid. Celebrity Rehab never had any stars. They were all d-listers and washed-up celebrities. I can't believe they actually thought they would get Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, and Heather Locklear. If they continued asking d-listers they would have had a show.

1573 days ago


celebrities, misbehaving, is slow this quarter... maybe that's why TMZ showed highlights from last month, for their memorial day show, and pulled out some story about some NASCAR driver, that no one has ever heard of, and made fun of Robert Plants' looks... come on TMZ... give us some dirt !!! that office is looking too crowded, on the show... those employees are getting more interested in being on tv, than digging up stories, that their supposed to report...

1573 days ago


a show to help people kick drug addiction is put on hold because they cant find a big star?? i think that tells us that dr. drew and the others can care less about helping anyone period.

1573 days ago


I mean who wouldn't want to be on a show with the charming, intelligent, ravishing and classy Tila Tequila?

That is the question! Surely someone can feign a problem with illicit substances just for this honour?

1573 days ago


Question here... What happens to the ones that wanted the treatment? Are they now left out in the cold to continue with their addiction. This sounds really helpful..

1573 days ago



1573 days ago


Real classy TMZ an oil in the The Gulf of Mexico joke yeah I guess an ecosystem being destroyed is funny. TMZ you're nothing but low brow "reporters" who have no talent. I hope another earthqauke hits L.A. soon and wipes your little office off the planet,or maybe an oil tanker can crash off the coast.You wouldn't be making a joke out of it then know would you,but then again you probaly would.

1573 days ago


The worst part is that idiot Tila Tequila got her name in the press again for doing squat, and she didn't even have to string a bunch of lies together this time. TMZ Please stop reporting on her!

1573 days ago


ok soo now they are paying celebs to go to rehab, i mean does that defeat the purpose, if they dont WANT to go but they get paid to go how is rehab suppose to help someone who doesnt wanna be helped? does that mean every other celeb on here were just really faking there recovery or even addiction?

1573 days ago


Any celebrity that is serious about Rehab is not going to do it on this circus show. Rehab is serious comitment and is needed to seek help for people who are outa control, it's not dumb ass thing to do for a reality show. They can't cancel this fast enough, if they want to do a show on rehab visit some real facilities and interview everyday addicts trying to cope, then people may get a true idea of seriousness of the problems addicts face.

1573 days ago


they also turned down ted koppells son who drank himself to death the other day...its been said he always wanted to be a banker,

1573 days ago


What percentage of celebrities are clean/sober one year after treatment at Celebrity Rehab? What percentage after two years? I don't care how big or how small the celebrity is if the treatment works for them. I watch and wish them all well.

1573 days ago


Andrew Koppel missed out.

1573 days ago


This show is useless anyway. It was stupid that the pay addicts to be filmed and show their drama. I would classify this program as one big enabler.

1573 days ago


Celebrity Rehab is a far better career movie for Lindsay then doing that Linda Loveless movie. I read the other day that the movie is going to include some hardcore porn ****. Like the ****ing dog scene! I wonder if they cast the roll for the dog yet.

1573 days ago
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