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Lindsay Lohan Can Take Meds for Dental Surgery

6/1/2010 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might seem like bad timing -- that Lindsay Lohan was ordered last week to submit to random drug testing, just days before she had her wisdom teeth pulled ... but we've learned Lindsay got a pass from probation.


Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tells TMZ, "We advised the Probation Department of the dental appointment, which was made well in advance of last week's court hearing."  Chapman says she assured the probation officer she would provide "documentation about any medications that Lindsay would be taking, which would be administered or prescribed as part of the procedure."

So whatever sedative Lindsay got in the oral surgeon's office, and whatever she's taking for the pain ... won't count on the drug test.


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Vicodin, Ambien, ADHD meds. I wonder how many surgeries she's gonna have during this so called "probation". She'll probably find a medical excuse to buy some ganja ;)

1568 days ago


Wouldn't this "planned procedure" interfere with that imaginary photo shoot in Texas with her face bandaged and swollen?

1568 days ago


OK, now she is allowed Ambien, Adderall, and whatever pain meds she can talk her script doctor into for pain of dental surgery. Who needs booze when you are allowed handfuls of pills? Besides, pills don't have calories so win-win.

1568 days ago


Wow, all of the different accusatory comments: her really having plastic surgery for her movie, not oral sx, her not having any surgery at all but needed pills, her having the oral surgery but not really needing it just to get pills, her having this surgery and then get more ONLY to keep getting pills....and I could go on. Now I'm no fan of hers and I do believe she uses drugs way more than recreational/casually so I'm not defending her but seriously people, must EVERYTHING somehow have to do with her getting drugs? Come on now, some things in her life are legit! IF she is having her wisdom teeth out first off her age is fine, actually any age is fine as they are pulled when/if they bother a person. Second, no doc would perform the surgery if not needed. Third, most patients get a prescription for pain meds with this surgery so stop saying YOU didn't so that means that is NORMAL because it's not. I've been in the dental field for more than 20 years and 9 out of 10 docs give the script. Fourth, for KMH2674 who shot down VickiC's comments, yours are wrong honey! Dry sockets can happen anytime so your statement is wrong. I'd like to know how you feel you know the facts because if it's only based on your experience then that is stupid as 1 time does not an expert make but if it's because you are in the dental field then I worry as your facts are off! So VickiC, your post was fine, it doesn't prove you are an enabler nor that you are wrong like KMH insists - how he/she became the know-it-all with such power to TELL you what you are is beyond me! And to all the haters who insist everything LL does is wrong or only to get drugs, grow up and open your eyes. You are the type of people who spread rumors and gossip all day to coworkers, neighbors, friends etc. and who believe everything they hear without thinking about it with an open mind or facts - you jump on the band wagon and follow the common opinion to fit in. Yes, LL has probably done some messed up things to get drugs but not everything - and if you people think she can only get the drugs from a doctor then you are nuts - which is why I'm saying she wouldn't be so stupid as to risk lying about a surgery to get them when she can easily get them without a script or pharmacy. The ONLY reason I'd say she lucked out/planned this surgery for this time is not to get drugs but to have a legit reason for testing positive her 1st test because if she's an addict and regularly takes narcotics then she needs more time to get them out of her system...again, that's the only reason I'd say was shady about it otherwise I wouldn't even think negative about the surgery. So really now, try thinking about things logically and make sure you have facts before you jump online to cut her down for every move she makes, ok? Try it, really try...think about all things before you end up looking stupid - like all of you saying she's trying to get drugs, did you not realize she doesn't need a doctor? Do you really think she'd pull that instead of going thru a dealer? DUH! So she may very well simply be having surgery for legit reasons or I give kudos to the smart people who only gave the one reason of her timing being for her needing to have a legit reason for having her past drugs show up on her 1st test. I love people respecting my opinions/statements because I use common sense and facts when commenting, I just wish the rest of the world would join those of us that do! Now come on haters.....comment about my post, say I'm full of it, call me names, cut me down, make fun of me or my grammar or something, give me heck man!!!! I love the laughs I get reading them and proving my point even more when I get you all riled up by simply speaking THE TRUTH and using my brain!!!

1568 days ago


Oh and another thing about stop ready mag. because she isnt a drug user like everybody says. Well sober people do not get DUI and fall out of clubs every other week and have pictures in side cars so loaded she cant even hold her head up. Are you serious. Its the doctors that are idiots to give known addicts pills and consider it not thier problem since they signed a paper saying thay have never had a problem. Doctors should go to jail for this. What if this takes her over the edge and kills her. Their are people trying to get her sober. Its not like the doctor couldnt have known, its on the news and everything else. Addicts cant help themselves when thier in the disease .why open the doors to a full blown relapse. Oh I know she the one that wanted this done and so its not the doctors fault for handing over drugs that are killing her.Its just bull**** everyone knows she has a problem accept the enablers that want to protect her

1568 days ago


How conveeeeenient. What a joke the courts are out there. Its funny how most times they can see a doc probably within 24 hours to get their scripts renewed, but Lindsy Lohan had to wait weeks to see a Hollywood dentist...please. I guess getting teeth ripped out of your head is worth the script.

1568 days ago


I'm all for occasionally reading tmz and commenting on the ridiculous, albiet famous, people tmz posts about. But some comments on this site about Lindsey Lohan are just crazy These people post as if they actually know this girl, her emotional state, addiction "status", etc. How any of you know this girl well enough to hate her is beyond me.

She had wisdon pulled. End of story.

1568 days ago


Hey Post-It?

Google is your friend. Dry sockets form in the days following extractions, period. Fact. Blah blah blah.

And next time, throw in some paragraph breaks along with your drivel, mmmk? Thanks!

Oh and P.S. "know-it-all"?? What are you, 8? Well fine then, I'll stoop to your level: Takes one to know one.

Have a nice night sweetie.

1568 days ago


Linda and others who cried privacy rule, it's HIPAA and the person gave no personal, identifiable information about her so she didn't break any laws, she simply explained what was on her face, something you already see and know she has BUT in all honesty why would you even believe this person was really there? OMG, the person has no clue and is deliberately making it up and only saying these things to rile you up and then watch how many idiots believe her and comment negative crap back at her! Seriously, this person only commented to prove how gullible people are and sure enough, you come spewing out your comments!! Jeez, please try to be smart when making and reading comments people! You really look pathetic when you fall for such obvious bull, especially when the person is doing it on purpose just to prove people will fall for it! Even the name used was SHAM!! Plus, looking dumb while trying to make someone else look dumb just doesn't make sense! And come on, you even made a second post responding to her saying LL is not a druggy - like anyone would really believe that? Wow, that was a double whammy you fell for! Please people, stop your addiction to these message boards - I love to go to message boards now and then to read/comment and discuss but you people live on this site and pounce the second any story is published (the idiots with FIRST)- you believe everything and you respond to other comments as if someone important is writing it - it's another message board addict like you! You all fight back and forth about celebs and their lives do you see that? Do you see how sad that is? You are worse than the celebs! OMG, all of you take every stupid comment to heart and either believe bull or argue other bull! Very few of you know the truth but act like you do...most don't even make sense, they simply agree with the majority! Is this all you people do everyday with your life? Seriously, this many pages and only a few decent posts - scary! Enjoy living in celeb world!

1568 days ago


See KMH, I thank you sweetie! :) Proving my point was just too easy, sweetie. I knew you would are not the type to let it go, sweetie!

Google can be your friend but experience is better, sweetie! Not everything that pops up under Google is truth, sweetie! Your FACT is BULL, period. Blah, blah, blah, sweetie.

Notice my new paragraphs sweetie? Do you really think I don't know what they are or when they are to be used, sweetie? Did you NOT get the point of my post....mmmk? The errors that were purposely made, the style I wrote in, you know, so all can understand it sweetie?! I tried to make it easy for the majority, I forgot you know it all though, sweetie!

I didn't realize know-it-all was only a term 8 year olds use sweetie! Funny, I hear it in the "grown up world" quite often, sweetie! Nah, just joshin ya know us 8 year olds mmmk??!!!! But thanks for playing with me sweetie ;)

I will have a nice night sweetie, thank you so much for caring enough! You do the same sweetie, you deserve it after such excellent posting!

Oh, love the flattery of the use of names on here....we can all be Post It if you want :)

1568 days ago


Ok post it if your not a gossip and hate people that do then why are you reading TMZ because its a gossip site. People that post here like posting their opinion it doesnt mean its right, wrong or the truth. You might be happier if you dont take it so serious. I dont know Lindsay but I do know how addiction kills people everyday. My brother died in 2006 from a drug overdose, so I know this could kill her and it sad to watch it everyday on TV, TMZ the news somebody going down that path. There are people trying to save her life. I hope she can get into recovery before its to late. This is the last time IM posting about her. All thats left is to pray for her.

1568 days ago


She also has a note from her shaman saying she can take acid, shrooms, peyote, mescaline, and DMT.

1568 days ago


All painkillers are tested for years before they are available to doctors to prescribe. The characteristics of how they metabolize and the rates are well known. The lab can tell how much you took, how much is left in your system and can project when the amount found will be below the threshold. Usually someone given painkillers is tested twice in a 72 hour period. All painkillers have a trace signature on the test graph and many have a second trace drug added to insure the accuracy of the test evaluation. The test measures in billionths of a gram and can tell if someone is hiding illegal drugs with the prescription drugs. It is possible to tell how many of the illegal drugs were made; cocaine is often made by dissolving the leaves in gasoline and the petroleum residue is visible on the graph. The same is true of opium derivatives.
Only a complete moron would think that someone would have teeth removed to get a painkiller.
A doctor can usually tell the signs of withdraw by a lot of signs none of which are proof but together they tell a story. I doubt she is more than a recreational user and not “hooked” as all the haters on this site seem to think.

1568 days ago


The dentist probably used cocaine hydrochloride as a local anesthetic, so she'll be doing lines tonight

1568 days ago


Using dentists as dope dealers

1568 days ago
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