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Lindsay Lohan Lacks Wisdom

6/1/2010 8:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just had her wisdom teeth removed in L.A. -- and all she got to show for it was a giant bandage around her face. 


Talk about a painful month.


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Omg this girl will do anything for drugs! I hope she ends up in jail!

1604 days ago


Who thinks she decided to get her wisdom teeth out now so she could have access to painkillers? Will she be able to milk that until July?

1604 days ago


I have had all my wisdom teeth pulled out and I Never had that white s h i t around my face like she.. this girl wants attention obviously. Look at me! Look at me!

1604 days ago


At least she gets an A++ for creativity in scoring her sh*t!

1604 days ago


Ahhhhh, the rationalization for the positive drug test. She should be toofless by the end of her stint!

1604 days ago


you sure she had teeth pulled?? maybe she had some cosmetic surgery?? Just wondering.... would explain the chin wrap maybe?

1604 days ago


I had my first set of WT taken when I was 21. Yes thats right, I was an old lady by then. They only took them because the buds of the 2nd set were beating the hell out of the roots of the first.

I got a put to sleep with some great meds, and some meds to go home with. Unfortunate in my case, oxy makes me throw up everywhere and being allergic to morphine, I got 10 demerol tabs.

I did NOT have a face wrap though, that would have been just a bit overly melodramatic.

1604 days ago


Um, I had all 4 taken out @ once & didn't hafta have my face all bandaged up. Come to think of it the only pain meds I got was alil tylenol4. Guess we here in NY are alot tougher than sissyfied Cali.....

1604 days ago


And with another TMZ exclusive it is reported that Lindsay also took a dump around 9am this morning. Things went smoothly with little else to report at this time. Oh yeah, she picked her nose around 12noon and about 12:16pm thought about having a drink of something but then thought about the ankle bracelet and decided she better not. Stay tuned for more, we have a feeling here at TMZ she has a belch coming on and may even pick lint from her belly button. We will keep you posted.

1604 days ago


I've had my wisdom teeth out and came home with gauze in my mouth. Leaving the dentist I felt absolutely no pain and I had no swelling at all until the day after. I've also had both jaws surgically broken at the same time. The thing she is wearing is not a chin strap. It is a band that holds two ice packs in place, one on either side of the cheek to help prevent swelling and reduce pain. You can see by her cheeks the band is wider- that is where the ice packs are. It keeps the ice applied so that your hands are free. I lived with one of these things on my face for 2 weeks. Seems pointless to use one leaving a dentist for a simple wisdom tooth surgery. She's a bit of a wimp.

1604 days ago


Hmmm, maybe she took her ********** role alil too seriously & now her jaw hurts reeeeealy bad,thus the need for the chin wrap....?'just sayin'

1604 days ago


Who has their whole freakin head wrapped when their get their teeth pulled. I want to know what kind of work she had done. We all know she looks like crap from all the drugs and drinking she has been doing.

1604 days ago


That is pretty jacked up. i really dont understand this girls problem i understand she hit fame early, and she didnt understand that LA is a party scene, so she messes up, okay but why does she continue to go out why does she take drugs and drink her problems, she needs to realise that she is stronger than her problems, she needs to not be such a wuss about drugs and relise shes letting a substance ruin her life. very messed up girl, i feel truly sorry for her. well i use to not anymore, im sure she reasures herself that she will end up okay because others stars , most famous one being robert downey jr turned his career and life around, but the thing is robert downey had movies that were good, and people never complained about him working. lindsays most famous movies are the parent trap and mean girls. she never had a career she was just someone to stare at

1604 days ago


so now she can get oxy or roxy or norco for the pain

1604 days ago


Now she has a scrip for the good stuff

1604 days ago
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