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Megan Fox --The Writings on the Pelvic Bone

6/1/2010 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On day 2 of Megan Fox bikini watch in Hawaii this weekend, Megan emerged from the ocean showing off her delicious curves, abs and her boyfriend Brian Austin Green's Hancock tatted on her bikini line.

This is her signature look.


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TMZ obviously loves boney chicks. It really is a mystery to me. Some skinny chicks are actually attractive, like Audrina Hills, for example. But this here is just skin and bone. As for Mr. Green, maybe it makes him feel more manly or something.

1602 days ago


SkeleWhore is considered curvy? Anorexic's rule the world!

1602 days ago


Curves what are you talking about. I don't know any man that would say she has a sexy body. She has no ass, no hips, and chest where, she has the body of a baby seal

1602 days ago


Miss. Scott, most people are commenting on the fact that the TMZ writers chose the word "curves" to describe her body. She is not curvaceous at all and someone who is underweight is in just as much danger as a "fat" person as you call it. Your comments are rude. Stop taking life so seriously. If people think it's dumb to get your boyfriend's name tattoo'd on your body they can comment on it if they want. Of course she has the right to express herself and so do we.

1602 days ago


If Brian really loved her he'd buy her dinner, this girl needs to eat something already. ick. ick. ick.

1602 days ago


EAT!! She USED to have curves. EAT!! MANGA MANGA!

1602 days ago


According to the abs she has obviously been going through some sort of hardcore workout routine. And when you workout, you lose weight (no way!) Some bodies can lose more weight faster than others. The average stats of a VS Model is Bust34- Waist24- Hips34. But, people praise them for having curves. A good camera and lighting can give a popsicle stick curves.
And curves are in, skinny chicks are out? haha sounds like something an overweight person would say.

1602 days ago


Miss Scott, WTF are you doing here judging us? You're just as bad as we are. So take your self righteous sh*t somewhere else.

1602 days ago



Didn't she used to have some curves?
She is way to skinny now. Even her boobs look

1602 days ago


she does not have curves..she needs to eat more and geta real curve. She may have a curve when she wears clothes but not a curve in a bikini.

1602 days ago


@miss scott being skinny/thin is one thing as long as you maintain a healthy weight. However, it doesn't look like she is doing that. When you can see her upper ribs bones it's not healthy. She doens't have enough body fat and indicates poor nutrition. Her breast are hanging down like an old lady's which at her age should not be like that and there's no curve to her butt--giving her a flat butt. Sorry, something is not right. As for her being dropped from the movie perhaps she just wasn't good enough for the role so they dropped her.

1602 days ago


The most overrated woman EVER. Not that hot, not that talented.

1602 days ago


i am pretty sure thats an old tat! Also She is super skinny, sorry to say but there is a line between sexy skinny and unattractive, i think she is in the latter!

1602 days ago


Like most starlets, she thinks she is going to be with
her current boyfriend forever.

Well, hopefully she will be, but the odds are very much
against it.

Hope the tat removal won't be too painful.

1602 days ago


Where were her abs on Saturday? Anyone else find it strange that they appeared overnight?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, compare the photo from the 31st to the one posted today. Creepy how fast a person can change.

1602 days ago
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