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MJ Fans -- Cemetery Ban Won't Stop Us

6/5/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0406_mj_ex_tmz_01.jpgTMZ has learned tons of Michael Jackson fans are descending upon MJ's tomb on the 1-year anniversary of his death -- even though they've been banned from the mausoleum.

As we previously reported, Forest Lawn Cemetery -- where Jackson is entombed -- claims they've adopted a new policy in which security is instructed to remove anyone hanging out in front of the King of Pop's mausoleum.

But a rep for Justice4MJ -- the fan group organizing the mass pilgrimage -- tells TMZ they are "absolutely" still going to visit the singer's burial place on the big day .. June 25th.

A rep for Forest Lawn tells us they have not yet figured out how they plan to handle the MJ anniversary ... but they will work with the Jackson family and abide by their wishes.

As for the MJ fans, one member of the group tells us, "Nothing will stop us from being with MJ on the 25th!"


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Mimi, when you see Elvis´ grave site, you see where Lisa Marie is coming from thinking that Michael´s tomb is dull.
I don´t think that Michael would have liked that place. Just my opinion - because I don´t like it.

1565 days ago


@Dustin and Trish. Don't you losers feel lonely on this Blog with the MJ lovers? You keep posting here. You spit on the world's greatest entertainer and keep judging him. Just be sure you spit in the right direction and not UP because it will fall in your face. Know what this means? That when you accuse INNOCENT people of doing bad things it can backfire!!!

1565 days ago


Hi Siggisis,
I agree so much with you.
I know it wasn’t possible to bury Michael in Neverland as, firstly, the authorities wouldn’t have allowed to do so and, secondly, you couldn’t have done this to the neighbours. I’ve been to that area last summer, it’s a quiet, peaceful paradise, and a kind of Graceland-circus would change everything for bad there.
But I wish it would have been possible to find a sunlight-flooded gravesite under the wide, free sky for Michael, a tree with whispering leaves above; a place where his fans could visit him in all respect. Michael has always loved and needed to have people around, he was used to this situation from childhood on, and didn’t it just scare him to be alone?
It makes me so sad to know him all alone and lonely in that cold marble-surrounding of Holly Terrace. Being caught in a tomb is nothing what corresponds to his intensive, powerful, energetic life.

1565 days ago


Of course nothing would stop his loving devoted fans, but i just REALLY REALLY hope they wont make it into a party out of respect for the sacred place. Alson, if we want something like elvis fans do each year, we should find another significant place (because a cemetry is too sacred), i wish Neverland was still oppenned, or maybe we can go to Gary! after tahts where everything started.

1565 days ago


Moni, you just perfectly described the place I wish Michael was buried at.

1565 days ago


Elvis fans leave Teddy Bears and flowers along with other items at Elvis's grave.

Posted at 9:34 AM on Jun 5, 2010 by MiMi

I know. I think it looks tacky. (not the flowers, but all the other junk). Sorry. JMO. ;)

I actually think the inside of the mausoleum looks beautiful. I think Michael would have loved being surrounded by the artwork, particularly Da Vinci's last supper. The stained glass window above the sarcophagus seems to let in a beautiful stream of light. I think the place seems very peaceful.

One thing I was glad about was that they didn't bury him beneath the earth. Somehow I think that would have been scary for him. Moni, I understand your feelings about thinking of him alone. I think a lot of people feel that when they leave their loved one's burial site - like they are leaving them alone in the earth. It rained the day my uncle was buried and all I could think of was - we're leaving him alone and cold in the rain. But of course, the reality is that the spirit moves on and is not really there.

I'd like to see a separate memorial site built somewhere for Michael. Not sure where (Neverland doesn't seem appropriate after all that happened), but somewhere that fans can gather and do what they wish. Somewhere that isn't a mausoleum where others are buried.

1565 days ago


What bunch of loser morons. Here's a secret folks, he's dead, gone, the end, period. All the wailing and weeping will not bring him back. He was a talented HUMAN BEING, not a god, who unfortunately had a taste for young boys. Let it go. Concentrate on the living. Better yet, get a life of your own. Leave the grave site to the family. To the people that really knew him. His "fans" only knew him in their fantasies.

1565 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

"I truly hope Mjs kids grow up to be normal, something the Jackson family seems to be uncapable of being but being as they are being raised by Katherine I doubt they will grow up to be normal and it is sad. Hopefully Kathreine has seen all the mistakes she made with her children and is raising MJs kids in a different way. The only normal person in the family is Janet. They got two sons with kids by the same women which is DISGUSTING , the kids are both brothers and cousins.
Posted at 6:45 AM on Jun 5, 2010 by chrissy"

Who the hell are you deciding what's normal? And sthu about Ms. Katherine. You don't know nothing about her. Stop being so judgemental.

1565 days ago


Didn't Lisa Marie Presley complain that Michael's fans weren't visiting his site a few weeks ago?The cemetery's actions should be an explanation why for Presley.And didn't Randy tweet that he was going to work something out that would allow more visitors,just for that day?

1565 days ago


I know what you mean. Of course it’s not really Michael who is there at Holly Terrace, it’s just his remains, and so it’s nothing more than an irrational feeling from my gut that tells me Michael wouldn’t have liked to be locked away the way he is now. His creativity, his mind, his spirit were so much highflying and beyond all limits, and now these tons and tons of cold stone imprisoning him, just like hindering his soul from moving on, as you described it... And so far away from the fans, whose love and presence he has always searched and which has warmed him even in his darkest days... A very irrational feeling, I know, but nevertheless saddening.

1565 days ago


Are you drunk, UnWell? You don´t write very well.

1565 days ago


Michael's resting place in the mausoleum looks like a beautiful peaceful place, as it should. But, something is missing like a personal message, carving or tribute message from his family to give his resting place personal identification, something that we can connect MJ to like, his famous glove, his hat, sunglasses or even a quote of Michael's or even his name engraved on his tomb. His resting place is lacking a personal connection that we can all indentify with, besides he was a mega star, the "King of Pop".

Maybe it's a relgious issue with his family or something. But why not put Michael's name on his resting place? Everyone knows that's Michael's tomb, so it's not a secret anymore. JMO, but I think it's just kinda of strange that his name is not on his tomb.

RIP dearest Michael

1565 days ago


I wonder what happened to the crown that was laid upon his casket by MJ3 at his funeral? I agree that there should be some sort of inscription on his tomb.

It seems so drab and cold in there although I do think the stained glass windows are beautiful.

1565 days ago


Since it took the Jackson family so long to lay MJ to rest, they and Forest Lawn should have planned for this.
I think its disrespectful for fans to demand entry into a secured mausoleum. If they have no respect for the rules how are they going to behave once inside.
MJ is not the only person in there.

1565 days ago


Old news. X17online had this yesterday.

1565 days ago
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