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Bruce Beresford-Redman: Please Help Me

6/2/2010 8:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a mass email sent by Bruce Beresford-Redman to friends, asking them to write a letter that could help keep him out of jail.


In the email, Bruce writes, " wife Monica was killed on our recent trip to Mexico, and now unfortunately, the Mexican authorities have decided to charge me with the crime."

Bruce goes on:  "I am innocent and intend to fight in court both here and in Mexico."

Then Bruce makes his pitch:  "As I am likely to be detained in the U.S. while fighting extradition, I am asking you if you are willing to write a letter on my behalf.  Your letters will likely help me secure bail so that I can be home with my children while fighting extradition."

The email then asks friends to send an email to Bruce's lawyer, Richard Hirsch.

And Bruce asks that the following info be included in the emails -- "Who you are.  What you do.  How you know me.  For how long we've known each other ... That I am a responsible person who will appear when requested (not jump bail basically). Anything positive about my character."

TMZ has confirmed the authenticity of Bruce's email.


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Bail? This guy was told NOT to leave Mexico, and not only did he do just that, he left WITHOUT his passport. This guy is the definition of a flight risk.

1570 days ago


Why is it that all these men with their wives murdered, always seem to have girlfriends in the picture? They also don't act like a normal man that just had his spouse and child's mother brutally murdered either.
Why is it that relatives or friends seem to say, I know he killed her or the late spouse told someone she felt like her life was in danger? (could be a man being murdered by a wife too)
Seems like there is a lot of duck **** everywhere, jmo.

1570 days ago


Bruce gets a cell with a guy named Juan, eing in MX and all.

Juan tells him, "I liked your TV programs so much, that you get to choose, husband or wife?"

Bruce thinks a little while and chooses husband, he thinks smartly.

Juan then looks at him and comments smart choice, but now I want you to get over here and suck your wifes d@#k!


Enjoy prison you s***bag woman killer, and remember don't drink the water. !!!

1570 days ago


# 60 You wish you knew who i was but youre going to find out real soon stop using my name are you the hard up cant use your own !! think your real funny we will see how funny you are :) get a life buddy

1570 days ago


I hope this guy is treated like absolute ****. Why are the cops not at his house right now taking him away? Fighting extradition? Seriously? The guy has been charged with MURDERING HIS WIFE! and your letting him sit at home with children?...This is so absurd. If I murdered someone in Mexico and left before they could charge me I would already be sent back there. Why isn't this man in a jail cell in Mexico? This is a pathetic example of people with money getting preferential treatment. WHY ARE THE AUTHORITIES NOT GETTING THIS MURDERING LOSER OFF THE STREETS!!!!? FBI GET ON THIS!!! THERE IS A MURDER ON THE LOOSE AND EVERYONE INCLUDING TMZ KNOWS WHERE HE IS AT ALL TIMES...WHY ISN'T THE FBI PICKING UP THIS MURDERER AT HIS HOME AND FLYING HIS MURDERER ASS BACK TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME. THE MAN MURDERED HIS WIFE AND IT IS PAINFULLY OBVIOUS!!! INSANITY!!!

1570 days ago


Hey,I work in Mexico six months every year.Just behave yourself,and don't kill anyone.

1570 days ago


In all honesty, I have not been following this story that much. BUT...I am really sick and tired of this story TMZ!!! Really.....Who the hell cares? Now it's old news....Sadly, a woman; wife; and mother is dead.....and now the innocent victims' are the kids, that's all anyone should care about.

1570 days ago


Do these letters by trumph conclusive DNA evidence? This man needs to end this drama and keep it low key. He is soon becoming the most hated man in America. What a sick sick narcissistic pig!

1570 days ago


Innocent until proven guilty, is usually a good place to start. However, Mr. Beresford-Redman need to check out his behavior. I believe Monica was in Hawaii when he called her and asked her to come to Mexico to "make-up", the fact that he took out two insurance policies a couple of weeks before she was killed and the fact that he brought the kids back to L.A. from Mexico, flying back and THEN reporting his wife missing. Hmmmmm. what's up doc?!

1570 days ago

Hugh Jass    

the ArizonanPatriot would probably lobby that OJ should be released from the "State of Nevada Guest Residence" because he simply "sought the common law remedy of replevin for what he thought was his own stuff", that his kids' mom is deceased and since Vegas is well-known for gambling, pickpockets, nuclear waste dumps, and all kinds of stuff. I think Bruce is hinting he wants to post bail then skip bail the way his e-mail reads.

1570 days ago


There is no bail concerning extraditiion as the accused would be considered a "flight risk" and not eligible for release until the matter is resolved.
Either Bruce and his lawyer are total idiots or TMZ has some fake email

1570 days ago


ArizonanPatriot , you are crazy.

You Americans trained the guys from AlQaeda, you americans put in power dictador in iran back in the 70s and after his fall , you give manoey and weapons for Saddam fight against the Iran , you Americans create all that mess down there , go back to school learn a some history. now you said the Mexico is a dirty country , look for your problems first , you are not perfect as you think !!!

1570 days ago

my opinion    

He should do what ever it takes to prove his innocence, if he is NOT guilty of this horrible murder hopefully he will prove his innocence soon.

Best of Luck

1570 days ago


lol yeah right, good man, he dont look like a good man! Look hes face, he look like a k*ller!

1570 days ago

Enough AlreDy    

Arizona Patriot ...shut the F up already!!! Your three turns are up! Good nite Bruce

1570 days ago
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