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Gary Coleman 911 Call -- 'Blood Everywhere'

6/2/2010 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made when Gary Coleman fell last week at his home in Utah ... and you hear Gary's wife say, "I'm gagging.  I've got blood on myself.  I can't deal."

During the call, Gary's wife Shannon Price tells the dispatcher there's "blood everywhere" and that she doesn't know what happened.

Gary is conscious during the call, but Shannon says he's "like, not with it" -- and tries repeatedly to tell him to put pressure on a cut on the back of his head ... but he's too out of it to follow her instructions.

During the call, Shannon tells the dispatcher she didn't drive Gary to the hospital because she's sick and is afraid she'll have a seizure.

Gary -- who ended up suffering a brain hemorrhage -- passed away on Friday after Shannon decided to take him off life support.

He was 42.


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Number 379 from Louisville, I truly hope there is another Taylor on here besides me, because I never said anything about please know to whom you are refering before commenting such ****. FYI it's not your job or mine to judge anyone!!!!!!!! I feel the 911 call was disturbing, she done a terrific job acting, poor Gary was in the background saying "what Happened", and she was talking right over him, listen to the call again.....

1567 days ago


i know you are not suppose to judge people but she sound kinda wacky herself i will be a sad situation if she cause this GOD got her even better HE has Gary may he rest in peace also Blanche

1567 days ago


Murder for sure, she didn't put a towel around his cut head until 4 mins after being on the phone and when the officer suggested to do so.

She then pulled the plug at the hospital because she knew that once he would be ok he would tell them what really happened!

1567 days ago


hi i have a question? about the 911 call. did anyone pick up on shannon kind of pauseing on the question is there anyone else there to help with gary? also if she could not drive. question one did she ride in ambulance? question 2 if not how did she get to hospital did she drive herself or did someone else drive her? question 3 how long did it take for her to get to hospital? does anyone know these answer? thank you

1567 days ago


Plain and simple, she has justified in her mind (completly)
taking his life. How is it that the police are so mislead on this?
This woman is a good representation of what I call this area, SCANDALOUS LOS ANGELES. Na mean? I'm jus sayin.

1567 days ago


listening to this any would say she clearly didn't care enough to help Gary to maintain his consciousness even if it meant getting blood on her after she has money buy more clothes it would not have hurt her. it is up to the relevant authorities to investigate further if not R.I.P Gary

1567 days ago


Yes! I heard it too! It's plain as day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "I did something".

1567 days ago


It took the ambulance more than 5 minutes to get there? Where do the they live, in a city of one way streets?

1567 days ago


Listening to this is sick. Time was going and an ambulance should have been there in that time.
She don't know what happened, yet she is there. she did not help him at all. Shouting at him all the time, telling him to sit down. If he was up he could talk. She hit him over the head.
Is she his wife, ex-wife - they not giving the story right.
That operator is stupid.

1567 days ago


Charges should be pending. Even a child knows to put pressure on a wound that is bleeding. She contributed to his death just as if she had pushed him down the stairs (which may have happened). Gee, I MAY have a siezure so I will just, FOR CERTAIN let him bleed out. AND she gets to plan his funeral! Just another reason to want to move to California.

1566 days ago


These two deserved each other,,

1566 days ago


She killed him, end of conversation. What is wrong with that police department. I she cannot stand the sight of blood, then she is no woman, and she said she wanted to have a child, blood. This woman is a liar who is getting away with murder.

1566 days ago


What a Bitch......Sounds fishy to me. So worried about herself and not him???? WTH???? She sounds like she could careless. Someone needs to check into that!!! If she would have helped him he might still be alive!!! Then she pulled the plug too????

1566 days ago


This needs to be investigated asap. She says "I KNOW the wound is on the back of his head because I looked at the back of his head....I heard a bang and went down there." She gives him a towel. She was downstairs at least twice, by her own admission, but claimed she couldn't go down there. She SAW the wound not saw the blood coming from the back of his head. How did she see the wound?

She couldn't go down there because she had a fever, might seize,was sick,couldn't deal with the blood. Which is it? Couldn't drive HER CAR because she has seizures. She couldn't open the door because of the blood which most likely was in the opposite direction. He was in the kitchen not by the door. Every excuse to distance herself from him. Why? He was not a healthy man and they did have fights. I'm sure that was not the first time she saw blood. She could not even give one reason for pulling the plug. It was "he would have died anyway....he would have been like Muhammand Ali....even if they took a chunk of his head out....his heart would have gave out, he was gone anyway, he would not have survived surgery." Either he was gone or he wasn't. She just didn't want to be bothered.

How does someone fall on a flat smooth surface and gash their head? The police officer did not find an object or sharp edge that he could have struck in the area. If she went down there when she heard the bang how could blood be everywhere that fast? She said "there was blood everywhere". If he hit his head wouldn't there be a trickle of blood that would form a pool of blood? Not "blood everywhere" unless the was a blow that splattered blood. There's blood everywhere but she ask him "if he is ok". Does that make sense? But the killer is when she says "I can't be near/here, the blood, I have my dog........... I'm not saying she deliberately tried to kill him but her story doesn't wash.

1566 days ago


LOL at all of you guys. She said she's not driving him because she has seizures and if she gets stressed out, she will seize. Nothing about a fever. With that being said, she's still a dumbass and I do agree.... I think she thought she was going to get some money from him. I pray she doesn't. Bless his body, may he finally have some peace from this crazy world he lived in.

1566 days ago
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