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Gary Coleman 911 Call -- 'Blood Everywhere'

6/2/2010 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made when Gary Coleman fell last week at his home in Utah ... and you hear Gary's wife say, "I'm gagging.  I've got blood on myself.  I can't deal."

During the call, Gary's wife Shannon Price tells the dispatcher there's "blood everywhere" and that she doesn't know what happened.

Gary is conscious during the call, but Shannon says he's "like, not with it" -- and tries repeatedly to tell him to put pressure on a cut on the back of his head ... but he's too out of it to follow her instructions.

During the call, Shannon tells the dispatcher she didn't drive Gary to the hospital because she's sick and is afraid she'll have a seizure.

Gary -- who ended up suffering a brain hemorrhage -- passed away on Friday after Shannon decided to take him off life support.

He was 42.


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Sounds like straight up murder! If my husband were to get hurt I would be right there to help no matter what! That women is guilty of something!

1601 days ago


JACKIE TAYLORS "you are probably one of the biggest SINNERS that ever lived!

1601 days ago


She can not help a bleeding disoriented husband because it causes her nausea - can't even be in the same room? Shannon, what comes around goes around!

1601 days ago


I cannot believe the lack of concern that Shannon Price conveys here. This is her HUSBAND that is on the floor with "blood everywhere" and she calls 911 from upstairs instead of by his side? She has a fever and can't deal? WHAT?

He's out of it and there is a lot of blood but "Here Gary .. hold this towel on the back of your head." Don't help him or anything!
Nahh, I'm sorry but there is wayyy more to this story than he was weak and just fell. There's a history of domestic violence between them and lets face it, he's a little guy. Hopefully there will be a full investigation.

R.I.P Gary.

1601 days ago


WOW, So many indications shes lying, the fact that she word from word replayed what was said to him sounds to me shes hiding something, or shes guilty,what kind of excuse sh@@ is that, I can understand her fear of going near him but that need to help should kick in. It doesnt sound like shes worried at all, so the latter doesnt count here.

OMG there is more to this story, poor Gary, he is in a way better place now, with someone who truly loves him.
God Bless you Gary

1601 days ago

I dont think so    

This lady is nuts for sure, but I listened to it a couple of times and I think she is saying "I cant drive because I have seizures and have been unwell" not a fever. ?? Someone else re-listen. In the beginning I think she said she couldn't be around the blood and stress or she would have a seizure.

1601 days ago


Gary didn't need $$$ - he must have had a pretty hefty life insurancce policy that pays double for accidental death and I'll bet the beneficiary was her. Sure, let him bleed to death on the floor while you are complaining to 911 that you can't stand the blood. What a worseless human being she is...he SHOULD have divorced her last year!

1601 days ago


Whatta Ho.

1601 days ago


46. to Jackie Taylors, if you are such a good Christian, then you know God forgives. You "good Christians" think your bashing is ok, but it's not. As for the story, very very suspicious. That wife sounds a little too calm, and fever?? WTH? Investigate.

Posted at 10:04 AM on Jun 2, 2010 by toad

Im a Christian and find that very rude of her to say...those things just dont need to be said..and we dont knw his heart and what he believed in..that is not for us to judge...

and yea i think this woman pulled the plug way to soon...i find it very personal opinion

1601 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Who would you rather have dinner with in a nice steakhouse, Gary Coleman or Michael Jackson? I pose this question to my self when I'm trying to see how much I like somebody. MJ was great, but Gary Coleman would've been a genuine blast to have dinner with. Gary had his issues, no doubt about it, but you just *had* to like that little guy. I really miss him.

1601 days ago


she didn't drive him to the hospital in hopes that he would die slowly, when he didn't and was put on life support she decided to pull the plug. what a bit*h. she must not have loved him and only wanted to the money. thats very tragic but atleast we know he's in heaven.

1601 days ago


Dear Jackie Taylors,
I hope satan sticks his fork up your ass, because you are not going anywhere other than hell for judging people you don't know, and will be sitting next to Shannon Price.

1601 days ago


She didnt seem to concerned for his life. she is more worried about her fever and that she cant drive rather than helping him and holding the towel for him. what kind of wife does that?

1601 days ago


Sick or not, bitch should have helped her husband. But she was sick and did not want to be traumatized....I hope someone checks into this whole thing. Isn't there a law about rendering aid to someone? Can't stop thinking that if she had just gone down there and helped him, things might have turned out different!

1601 days ago


She's gagging because of all the blood but doesn't call an ambulance or drive him to the hospital because she has a fever??? She's too stupid to try to get away with something like this, and I've thought she was involved from day one.

1601 days ago
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