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Hospital: Coleman's Ex Had Right to Decide His Fate

6/3/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0528_gary_coleman_BN_Getty_03Gary Coleman gave his ex-wife Shannon Price permission to make medical choices for him -- including life or death -- according to the Utah hospital where Gary died.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center released a statement saying Gary had signed an "Advanced Health Care Directive that granted Shannon Price permission to make medical decisions on his behalf if he was unable to do so."

Hospital officials say that document remains in effect, regardless of marital status -- unless the patient changes it.

Price's right to make Gary's medical choices was called into question when it was revealed that they had secretly divorced in 2008.


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She's a bag of dog Poop and I hope the day that she takes a life threatening spill or hits the deck for any reason and there are people there to help her.. THEY JUST STAND AND WATCH HER DIE!

RIP Gary! Haunt the hell out of her!

1566 days ago


This shannon has a mug shot based off of a domestic disturbance charge between her and Gary Coleman. If they were divorced in 2008 what was she doing at his place if not for suspicious reasons. She did it.

1566 days ago


Didn't Gary and this woman get DIVORCED? A few years ago? If so, then why was she at the home with Gary to begin with?

1566 days ago


not so soon!! family and friends should of been notified before letting him go.

1566 days ago


OK, but like seriously, WHO remembers all the do***ents they've signed? Especially if it's one signed in a situation such as an emergency. I mean yea, maybe he had to go to the ER while they were married & after the divorce he forgot about that, I mean think about it, do you ever remember papers you signed 2 years ago w/o someone telling you? And the worst part is, did they confirm this information with him when they brought him that day while he was still aware of what was going on? I want to sue her myself! What trash!

1566 days ago


Exactly Kdidle when was this do***ent first signed?? I think once a divorce is final it should be null & void. I mean if I go and get a life insurance policy naming my spouse as the soul heir to a million dollars in August 2000 then in April 2008 we get divorced and Im killed/murdered (whatever) in May 2008 before I have a chance to change information does that still give them the right to collect that million dollars HELL NO CAUSE WE ARE DIVORCED FOR A DAMN GOOD REASON!!! *People don't get divorced for NOTHING he obviously didn't like/love her or want her in his life otherwise he would never have gotten a DIVORCE!!!* DUH!!!

1566 days ago


If Gary put Price in charge of his choices (life or death) and did not change it, even tho they were not together, then clearly she did nothing wrong. im sure if he was going to recover then pulling him off life support would have never been brought up. but just like any other famous death, the wifes. exes are always to blame. this story is going to go on forever with tones of crap with it...RIP GARY.

1566 days ago


Even if she tried to kill him or Gary fell by accident she had a chance to help him because if you listen to the 911 call the operater is telling her to do things that will help him but she scared of blood, she don't want to drive to the hospital, she gagging. She might as well not have called 911 if she was just going to let him die. This is some real BS! She could have did something beside boss him around while he was in pain. She is the guilty person no matter what.

1566 days ago

latoya amith    

i think the case should be under ivestigation because she had no buisness making his life decisions if they werent married. she didint want to take the responsibility for taking care of him if he was to become disable. she sound dumb saying he would of been like mahammed ali because whatever problem he have, HES STILL ALLIVE.

1566 days ago
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