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Armenian Church

Sues Getty

Over 'Magical' Bible

6/2/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Western branch of "the oldest organized Christian Church in the world" is suing the J. Paul Getty Museum in L.A., demanding the return of 7 pages from a "magical" 750-year-old bible that was allegedly stolen during the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1918.


doc_launch_small_200In documents filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, the Western Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America claims The Getty "acted in complete disregard" for the Church's rights in 1994 when it bought "stolen" pages of the Zeyt'un Gospels Bible.  

The Church claims the Zeyt'un Bible was created for Constantine I by "the master illuminator T'oros Roslin" in 1256, and is one of Armenia's most valued national treasures.  The Church believes the book "wielded supernatural powers."

When the Turks invaded Armenia in 1915, the suit claims, descendants of a royal Armenian family fled with the Bible, with whom it was thought to be safe.  Yet, when the Bible was returned to Armenia following WWII, 7 key pages were missing ... pages that turned up at The Getty.

The Church claims it learned the Getty Museum had the pages in 2007, but the Getty has refused to return it.  Now, the Church is asking the court to order the pages returned, and for damages of $35 million.


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Shame on the Getty!!!!! Shame on you

1604 days ago


your a ignorant ****...dont talk about history when you dont know ****

1604 days ago


The Museum should return the Bible pages to Armenia since they were stolen by the Turks in committing a genocide. It is just like Germans or Western Museums returning precious paintings stolen from rich Jewish families during the Holocaust. And by the way, official Christianity was adopted by the Kingdom of Armenia in 301 AD. At the time Rome was still persecuting Christians as weirdo heretics.

1604 days ago


Hey Professor Obvious I wonder what nationality you are.... why dont you try to get YOUR FACTS straight. But thanks for YOUR OPINION, no one really cares. WOW what a fact, Cher is Armenian, your so smart...

I hope they get the pages back because it's truly who it belongs to.

1604 days ago


#31 MIKE - yeah, you're so Turkish, i'm sure!
Another Armenian terrorist in sheep's clothing.

1604 days ago


Attention Armenian person who keeps writing "Get your facts straight" and "your so smart" - Looks like YOU are the smart one since you keep using the wrong form of "your" - It's You're, not your.


1604 days ago


Can you imagine if it as something related to the holocaust it would be returned faster than you can blink. The double standard is disgusting. I bet on top of it it's a Jew refusing to return the stolen art. Shame. I would've sued for way more.

1604 days ago


Wow, Armenians taking cheap shots at Jews who died in the holocaust. May God rest their souls. Armenians should be concerned with their poor, starving country instead of wasting their lives away on something that obviously didn't happen.

1604 days ago


The Turks did not 'invade' Armenia in 1915....they invaded Armenia in 1071 A.D. and made it part of Turkey. In 1915, they embarked on a genocidal mission that eliminated 75% of the Armenian population of Turkey, which was the model for Hitler's holocaust. Thousands of ancient churches and monasteries were destroyed, as were libraries and their contents.

1604 days ago



1604 days ago


I'm Armenian and I live in Turkey. I have many Turkish friends and my family has been here for 100 years. We are Christian and we have never, ever had a problem in Turkey! We thank God they treat us with respect and as family. I am so embarrassed about Armenians in Los Angeles because they are the only ones that cause problems for the Armenian people. I wish they would stop, please. The Turkish community has nothing to do with the war because it was with Ottoman Empire- the republic of Turkey came after the fall of the Ottoman Empire when the resistance movement was headed by Ataturk, the founder of Turkey. So the Turkish people are being wrongly accused of 1) being involved and 2) for a "genocide" when plenty of Ottoman Turks died, too. Hundreds of thousands of them.
Please Armenians in Los Angeles and America, stop your anger. Use your talents to bring peace and harmony. Come to Armenia and help with the orphanages and shelters - they are desperate for money. You would make a world of a difference. Thank you.

1604 days ago


Let them have their crappy fictional story pages back. One less thing for them to senselessly bitch about.

Professor Obvious was correct in his initial post. Armenians are just on a mission to cover up their stupidity by trying to get support (and money) from other christian countries (oh, yeah no bias there) It's not working though...

What happened to the jews was a genocide. What the happened to the armenians was self inflicted. What did they expect after being back-stabbers playing at war? The way they constantly compare themselves to the holocaust is revolting. Sore losers. That is all.

1604 days ago

His Prince Michael    

Wow. Thank-you Mr. Levin and TMZ, for expanding hearts and minds,today. Despite, the obligatory differences in perspective,
the actual dialogue, and content, is quite surprising.

Personally? In matters of Religion and/Spirituality, I cringe when the word "magic" or "magical" is inferred. That would be the logical equivalent of saying, a finely exquisite Chocolate,
had Tootsie-Roll qualities.

Holy Scripture, contains truly unfathomable Love, Hope, Wisdom,
Power, and much more. To study The Word of God, in Truth and Spirit, EVERY Bible becomes MIRACULOUS!

Thank-you again, and shalom, Mr. Levin. Peace to ALL!

1604 days ago


During the Genocide the Turks gathered and burned all the bibles and books from the Armenians. It is only because this magical bible was in the hands of royalty who were able to escape the genocide that it survived and now the Getty should return the stolen property with a big fat apology for dragging it out so long. I applaud the Armenian church for not giving up and wish them the best in this battle.

1604 days ago


18. @Comment 12

Either your an idiot or are playing one, or maybe just a typical Turk, Mass deportation ,death marches, killing women and children don't account to a war. Get your facts straight or GTFO!

Agreed. I'm neither Armenian nor a Turk, and I agree 100% that this was genocide to the fullest degree!!! Absolutely tragic and disgusting! Where do you think Hitler got the idea? And even worse that they refuse to acknowledge it. If I understand correctly, US is one of the only nations other than Turkey that has not officially acknowledged this as a genocide, please correct me if I'm wrong.Schools have been teaching in Russia and Eastern Europe for YEARS about the Armenian genocide.Obama is a coward for not officially acknowledging it because he's too afraid to hurt our ties with Turkey. He said it on US soil, but was too chicken when he was in Turkey. I support the Armenians 100% on this.

1604 days ago
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