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Armenian Church

Sues Getty

Over 'Magical' Bible

6/2/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Western branch of "the oldest organized Christian Church in the world" is suing the J. Paul Getty Museum in L.A., demanding the return of 7 pages from a "magical" 750-year-old bible that was allegedly stolen during the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1918.


doc_launch_small_200In documents filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, the Western Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America claims The Getty "acted in complete disregard" for the Church's rights in 1994 when it bought "stolen" pages of the Zeyt'un Gospels Bible.  

The Church claims the Zeyt'un Bible was created for Constantine I by "the master illuminator T'oros Roslin" in 1256, and is one of Armenia's most valued national treasures.  The Church believes the book "wielded supernatural powers."

When the Turks invaded Armenia in 1915, the suit claims, descendants of a royal Armenian family fled with the Bible, with whom it was thought to be safe.  Yet, when the Bible was returned to Armenia following WWII, 7 key pages were missing ... pages that turned up at The Getty.

The Church claims it learned the Getty Museum had the pages in 2007, but the Getty has refused to return it.  Now, the Church is asking the court to order the pages returned, and for damages of $35 million.


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people are so dumb, catholic church was established after the christian church. yes, armenians were the first ones to accept Christianity. It is a huge piece of history and does belong to Armenians. It should be recognized and returned back.

1516 days ago


this comment is for Kardashi-Don't

You seem to be a very angry person and prove it by wishing death upon a whole race. I am proud to say that I'm Armenian, but I wouldn't wish death upon the Turkish race because there are many innocent people that aren't responsible for their ancestors poor choices. We(Armenians) are not blaming Turkey and their people for those choices, we are simply asking for the truth. We want recognition and for them to admit to the history that took place on their land and to an act that was committed by Ottoman Empire. If the Armenian Genocide did not exist, then why would a whole country be banned from speaking about it. Is the Turkish government afraid that their own people will stand behind Armenian and speak the truth? You are a very ignorant person and I'm sure that I'm not the first one to inform you of that fact. You are uneducated and instead of building a strong argument behind your uneducated opinion, you go on to pick on someone's spelling. Go to a library, read some books. No, Armenian has ever stood up and said that the Holocaust was made up. Germany wasn't responsible for Hitler's commands, but it has paid their price. Don't misunderstand me, I truly believe that the Holocaust has occurred and respect all the recognition the Jewish have received for it. So, if Germany can be held responsible for it's ancestor's choices, so can Turkey. The audacity humans have to be such hypocrites really disturbs me. I was also born in Azerbaijan and the Azeris did slaughter Armenian men, women and children. Yes, I will say it and stand behind it. I will also bring Azeri people that will stand behind that fact. There are many public schools in this country, go ahead and sign up.

1515 days ago

Bboy Peter Pan    

I have been married to an Armenian woman going 6 years and I was born a Jew. If you are familiar with the good looks of Kim Kardashian then you can understand why I choose an Armenian girl for myself. Most of the HOT ones look just like her. The Armenian people deserve the official "Genocide" acknowledgement from the US Government considering the fact that Raphael Lemkin, the creator of the word "Genocide", coined it as a direct result because of the Armenians, not the Jews. The killings in Darfur will continue until mankind grows up and resolves this once and for all.

1511 days ago


People are so god damn stupid. Armenia was the first nation to accept Christianity as its religion in year 301. That's the first thing, so it was 2 years before the Catholic Church in Rome ever accepted it. Secondly, this is an important artifact that should be showcased for the world to see, but should have been done so gracefully and with class. I'm well sure that the Getty did its research and noticed something shady about the private collector that they purchased the manuscripts from. I hope both opposing parties come to a civilized agreement that will satisfy both sides. Hopefully the Getty will still be able to showcase the beautiful pieces with the Armenian church's approval. Although I am atheist, I always appreciate great historical artifacts and beautiful art.

1507 days ago

Leo K    

What a bunch of f---ing idiots are here.
Armenia accepted Christianity in 301 A.D.(for those morans who has access to the internet). And for those idiots who say those pages belong to Getty, this is not just about religion, it's about the history of the country of Armenia, which was torn apart,whos people were tortured and killed(Armenian Genocide) by ottoman turks just because they were Christians.
Getty should collect their money back from turkey + punitive damages.

1443 days ago


In response to all, especially the idiot "Professor Obvious"... Armenians did not lose a war. Armenians did not have a government or army. They were merely citizens of the Ottoman Empire, along with Turks, Greeks, Kurds, Jews... The area was ruled by a Turkish government. The Armenians were not at war, the Ottomans just entered the 1st World War, with the Germans as their ally. During WWI, the Ottoman TURKS decided that this would be a great opportunity to get "rid of" the all Armenians, Greeks, and Kurds and take all of their said belongings, properities.... and labeled it "casualties of war". However, during the war, the British, French, and German ambassadors to Turkey ALL reported mass caravans of bodies, women being raped and burned, children being thrown in the rivers to drown... and many more dying in the desert of Der Zor (60... Minutes just did a show on the bodies found here). Go read any major newspaper from 1915-1918 and see for yourself

So, you might say Hitler learned a lot from the Turks... Did you know in 1943 Hitler exhumed Talaat Pasha's (Turkey's Hitler) body from Berlin and sent it to Istanbul for proper buriel. He really admired Talaat and his attempt at genocide of the Armenians. So much so that he repeated his actions on the Jewish people...the only difference is Hitler never denied his actions. And so Germany was able to move on and cleanse their awful history.

Unless you're a brainwashed Turk, or paid by the Turkish government to spread more hate and ignorance, then you would know this like the rest of the world already does. The only reason the USA doesn't take a firm stance against Turkey's denial is ONLY because the USA is in 2 wars and is an ally of Turkey near the middle east.. which makes this issue all the more complicated... but not impossible to resolve. Enlighten yourself, ignorance is not bliss.

1441 days ago


This goes out to all the folks in America who don't have the "pleasure" of living around a bunch of Armenian welfare cheating, loud mouth, rude peasants who rob the US government through medicare fraud, food stamp/welfare fraud, and immigration fraud. These Armenians live in section 8 housing while driving $40,000 cars and running cash businesses... such as unlicensed home improvement companies. Armenians are very much like Gypsies who are Christian. The culture approves and encourages institutionalized fraud. Believe me, no one likes them here in LA and they will never win any law suit against the Getty for a few pages from an ancient bible. They want 6 pages? How moronic.

By the way, here's the best example that epitomizes the Armenian in LA. Go to any Starbucks near an Armenian neighborhood, and you will find a bunch of cigar smoking, backgammon playing, unemployed, welfare cheating Armenians taking up each and every outside seat. About 20% are paying customers, and the rest are drinking free water. That says it all.

1342 days ago


It is funny how Armos claim everything as theirs and it is funny how they use the fake Hitler quote, yet at the same time, they blame Crypto Jews for the so called Armo Genocide and these Armos go rambling on hate sites like Stormfront about how Hitler was great, how Hitler was going to attack Turkey and kill Muslims in Turkey, and how the Armeniche legion helped Hitler to hunt down Jews in Nazi Germany. Type in the Nazi connection with Andranik Ozanyan or Drasamat Kanayan and you will get lots of results. Also look up some of the stuff Armenian users on Stormfront post. That proves how the Hitler quote was a forgery and also how Armenians cannot use the "Shoah card" or the "Fake Hitler Quote" when people ask for the Historical Commision or a due verdict for the 1915-1923 events. Probably the reason Israel ignores Armo crybabies is because of how they sided with Hitler in WW2. Also, the reason why people believe the Armo genocide myth is because of their billion dollar lobbies that are powerful and control/manipulate many powers of nations and they are only using them for the benefit of Armenia, not the countries they live in. There are many prominent Armenia-firsters in Congress like Royce, Pallone, Menendez, Radanovich and so forth. Also, you Armos viciously attack Kobe Bryant for signing deals with Turkish airlines. You guys claim oh Turkish Airlines is controlled by the Turkish government. That is ridiculous as saying all international students from Turkey are spies for the Turkish government or all Turkish restaurants operate as spy rings for the Turkish government. Also, it is funny how Genocide peddlers compare to Ataturk, and even Taner Akcam, a Turkish scholar who agrees with the genocide thesis of 1915-1923 events, stated that Ataturk reffered to people who were involved in the Turkish army doing foul play as a "Shameful Act." So that means Ataturk punished people who were involved in foul play. Also, it is funny how you guys cry about Article 301 yet at the same time you guys try to supress free speech about debating about the facts about 1915-1923. It is funny you guys think you guys came to a conculsion stating that "genocide" is the legal terminology for the events of 1915-1923, when you guys have not dealt with a due verdict/or Nurembergs style trial, or a historical commision. Fact is, 1915-1923 consists as a civil war, rather than a genocide, because the term "genocide" phases out the fact that many unarmed innocent Muslims were massacred by Greek and Armenian bandits just as how Muslim soldiers did the same, so both sides are guilty and no one is innocent. So don't try to call us denialists, when you guys are the ones denying the fact that you guys attacked unarmed innocent Muslims and vilify everything Turkish. Also, it is funny how you rely on the Communist EU, when it is a bankrupt empire that is on the verge of collapsing, due to it's imperialist policies just like the Soviet Union and the Nazi Germany. Also, I hear lots of stories about how Armenians viciously demonize/terrorizes Turkish events. Read Appo Jabarian's racist column about a Turkish festival in Southern California, or the Topalian affidavits on the ATAA website from people like Husamettin Ovunc, Erdal Atrek, the USC Turkish Student Association president, Sema Karaoglu and others, or how the Young Turks Cultural Aid Society was formed because of how Greeks and Armenians attacked people at the Turkish day parade frequently a lot. Or read Garen Yegparians article attacking Turkish cooking classes on OC Weekly. This is just proofs how Armenian supremacists act hysterical when it comes to genocide peddling and how they act like they own the world and do w/e they want. If you (supremacist) Armenians keep up like this, as well as commiting Medicare Fraud Schemes (like the 150 million dollar one), as well as Armenia giving guns to *****e Militants via the Iranian govt to kill US Soldiers, people will wake up to the evils of Armenian Supremacists. No offense to Non-Supremacist Armenians like Edward Tashji, Artin Penik, Archbishop Mesrob Mutafyan, Boghos Nubar Pasha, and a guy i know named Edwin Hartooni, but you Dashnaks are really crazy. If you try to attack/demonize/vilify anything Turkish, i will state my points and I will state it with facts. Plus I even have evidence to back up each and every one of my statements in real life too. So I have a problem with Armenian Supremacists, but not all Armenians. Btw guys don't hesitate to post this comments or else it will go against the ideals of democracy, free speech and human rights. Btw I am not using hate speech but I am stating the facts about Armenian supremacists and I am not attacking all Armenians but only fanatical ones.

1067 days ago
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