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Heidi Montag Attempts to Make a Sad Face

6/2/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With all the drama in her life associated with separating from Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag made a valiant effort to show some somber emotion in her new face while at a park in Malibu on Tuesday.


No word from the manufacturer if Heidi opted for the tears-infused model at time of purchase.


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Wow the Bitzh is cross eyed. Is there a surgeon in Bev Hills that cal straighten that out? Her lower lower lips are a little pudgy and her C Toe is showing

1582 days ago


Right.. this is what everyone who is separating from their spouse does.. goes to the park and does a photo shoot! This is fake 'separation/divorce' storyline. It's all for the publicity, and her new show. Her and Spencer have very twisted minds.

1582 days ago


This is so contrived and ridiculous that I'm actually embarrassed for her. That girls whole life is one big pathetic publicity stunt.

1582 days ago


Definitely staged, beside a pond/pool, reflection in the water, puppy dog face, I'm starting to heave now.....

1582 days ago


i agree with ana....don't you people see that this whole break-up is a publicity stunt??!!

1582 days ago


God she looks disgusting!

1582 days ago


she does look a little werid but with a 6 pack she would look much better..I wouldnt kick her out of bed until I was done with her...looks like she has a lazy eye

1582 days ago


LOL nice frozen face! Way to go Heidi!

1582 days ago


She looks like she needs more fiber in her diet.

1582 days ago


OF COURSE this is all for publicity no doubt in my mind. Why hang out at the park? so paparazzi can see her that is why...soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo obviious!!!!!

1582 days ago


She can't even look truthful in a still photo. Good luck with the acting career.

1582 days ago


it's so sad. she used to be so cute. she used to look so hip and really pretty. now she looks bloated and plastic. it's like not normal looking. looks like she's even wearing a wig. nobody has that color of hair. well maybe Barbie doll/Matel. but her face looks thick her hair looks face, and she sorta looks like she's 40ish. she doesn't at all look so cute/carefee, and pretty as she did HIlls season 1. it's so sad she morfed herself so badly. i suppose in 20 years, if her surgery holds, she'll look spot on for her age. until then, her premature marriage, her premature surgeries, and drama's have all increased her life to make it not so fun. Look at lauren today. saw her in a mag today while at the doc's office. the girl looks awesome. natural, young 20's, fresh, beautiful and NATURAL. exercises to keep her body. she dind't have it done and look so unreal. poor heidi. do you ever thin she wonders - "why did i do this? i can't reverse it."

1582 days ago


"No word from the manufacturer if Heidi opted for the tears-infused model at time of purchase."

That is soooo friggin cold of U guys.
Funny, but heartless none the less.

1582 days ago


Heidi never was beautiful not even pretty like most girls who think they are just because they are thin and some guys are stupid enough to fall for it and think the same thing until some smart man or woman says they are not and explains why. But how can you judge a woman who tried so hard to be the most beautiful woman only to end up looking like a defected reject barbie she definitely is a poster child of "why not to have cosmetic surgery" she'll always be walking being judged by it from everyone and no one will treat her normally unless they have known her all of her life.

1582 days ago

Sexy Time    

She looks horrible. I thought she was hot before the surgery.. but now? Not so much.

1582 days ago
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