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Lindsay Lohan Mum On Drug Use

6/2/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan refused to say under oath whether she was under the influence of drugs when she went on a wild chase down Pacific Coast Highway in 2007 ... TMZ has learned.  And we've now obtained the police report from the incident showing Lindsay's urine tested positive for cocaine.


The lawyer for Tracie Rice, a passenger in the car Lindsay was chasing, claims during her deposition last month, LiLo refused to answer questions "regarding her drug use and/or possession on the day of the incident."

In legal papers obtained by TMZ, Rice's lawyer, Paul Hoffman, claims Lindsay invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and refused to answer the question.

As TMZ previously reported, when police pulled Lindsay over they allegedly found traces of cocaine in her pants pocket.  She was booked for possession of cocaine but never charged for that crime. Lindsay eventually pled no contest to two counts of DUI.  She also pled guilty to two counts of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Hoffman claims there's no problem with self-incrimination because the criminal case is over.

In the Santa Monica Police Department report, it shows Lindsay's urine test showed the presence of cocaine.

Hoffman wants a judge to force Lindsay to answer the question.  He also wants the judge to force Lindsay to answer whether she feels remorse over the incident.


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Tired of toxomom    

Of course she doesn't feel remorse...she's a "supah stah"...

1606 days ago


It is one thing to ruin your own life but when it starts to endanger others then it becomes a public issue.

Lock her up and throw away the key!

1606 days ago


SKANK! and Coke freak...

1606 days ago


I think her answer, answers the question for most reasonable people.

1606 days ago


The media is going to drive this poor girl in the ground. A person can only take so much stocking from the media Paperazzi. To bad she cant get a restraining order against these nuts. She cant even step foot out of her house without people taking pictures of her every move. Its crazy.............The president dont even have this kind of coverage

1606 days ago


Is there anyone else with value that you can report on? Reporting on her is really old...heck you can get a better story if you pull over a crack head and talk to them. This is is burned out, she looks way older then her age and she really has nothing going for her but drinking and drugs. She is just pitiful and it is sad to see that the law is allowing such TRASH to walk the streets. SHE IS JUST TRAILOR PARK TRASH.

1606 days ago


So what's the big deal? Her lawyer advised her to answer the questions as she saw fit. Good for her... That's why there are lawyers to handle legal sh*t like this...

The 5th Amendment states you don't have to testify against yourself. There's a reason it's there!

1606 days ago


She's lucky she didn't kill someone that night. Her total disregard for life is sad. I guess she feels like if she kills someone that's not her problem and her lawyer will get her out of it. Sorry Lindsay but no one wants to die because you're coked up and in a bad mood.

1606 days ago


The 5th Amendment is to prevent you from testifying when it might implicate you in a crime. She already pled guilty so the judge will likely order her to answer the question because she can't be charged again.

1606 days ago


TMZ why are you dredging this up from 2007? What the Judge should be asking is how TMZ got hold of confidential information. This is outrageous! Do you want to crucify this girl?

The civil case brought by the 3 guys is laughable! During the so called 'abduction' they were messing with the radio, laughing and at one point got out of the car and then got back in! The guy who said the car ran over his foot was seen two days later running after Tiger Woods at a tournament. Lindsay didn't lie in court, she protected herself. She pleaded guilty. Its laughable 3 guys were abdusted by a 20 year old girl! Purleezeeeeeeeeee.

1606 days ago


I agree this is just seriously crazy the 3 dudes and Lindsays version of the events were wildy different. I think it is obvious how TMZ "obtained" the deposition docs.

1606 days ago



Drugs do me !

They need a new reality show called Train Wrecks. Lindsay and Brittany can be the stars.

1606 days ago

Mr Yuck    

Maybe it's just me, but I don't get what value would be gained out of her answering the question on whether or not she feels remorse. I mean, even if she does or doesn't, what difference does it make at this point?

Her drug test coming back dirty for cocaine should've been enough for her to land jail time, much less the DUI. Three years later, and her downward spiral has continued. It looks more and more everyday that the endgame for her will be death from an overdose.

1606 days ago


Maybe because it was almost 3 years ago she isn't able to recall the events of that day clearly and doesn't know which won't implicate or clear her.

1606 days ago


They are bringing up **** from 2007 because shes back in court now for probation violation stemming from the 2007 incident clearly indicating she has learned nothing, and is still up to her same tricks by trying to blame everybody but herself!

The black kid did it/My passport was stolen,

These arent my pants/I didnt even look around the room they were just fans wanting to take a picture,

Im completely sober even though my piss tests positive for coke/Im not on drugs or alcohol but no I dont want the 30 min. report of all the reasons you have that I am so Ill wear the scram
The list goes on!

Im not a Lilo hater, Im on her side to get well but she just isnt doing it on her own she needs jail and to be forced into rehab. They did it to Paris they can do it for her~
I dont get this blind worship of her. She isn't infallible you know, she is human she does have imperfections and does make mistakes, she is not a god!

1606 days ago
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